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Barkley's DUI Means He's MIA From TNT

1/9/2009 6:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles BarkleyIt was only a matter of time until Charles Barkley's DUI arrest had serious repercussions for the NBA star.

Barkley will take a leave of absence from TNT for a minimum of several weeks with no return date set, a source told the AP. David Levy, president of TNT Sports, released a statement that reads in part, "When I spoke with Charles, he was apologetic for the events that transpired and it was obvious he understands the significance of the situation. This is an important time for Charles as he deals with the legal and personal issues that confront him. Charles is a valued part of the Turner Sports organization and we are concerned for his well-being."

It was revealed today Barkley had a blood alcohol level of .149 -- nearly twice the legal limit in Arizona.

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I totally agree with TNT. THis guy needs to take the time to get his life together. It's fine if he doesn't want to be a role model, but this guy needs to reset his boundries.

2081 days ago


Thank goodness!! I've missed some good games on TNT because I couldn't stand to listen to him.

2081 days ago


tnt is concerned for his well being?why is that its not like he's suicidal he wasnt in a car accidenthe's just a horny drunk that likes too gamble and who is most likely out of a job after his dui no one cares if he wants too gamble his nba savings away be a drunk and pickup hookers bc his wfe cant do the job or if hes not happy with his wife so be it oh well let him i really hope tnt doesnt bring charles back

2081 days ago


LOL....Ive said b4 on this blog he speaks about things he knows not. And he plays a clown in the worst way. I also agree with the statements posted about Marv albert and lets not forget Bill O Horney uh I mean O Reilly....He he he

2081 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

He'll be back to work after the All Star Game. All will be forgiven and he'll continue to make millions making stupid comments. I know if I got busted drinking and driving recklessly while looking for hookers in the middle of the night, my job would probably fire me. People are going to be quick to forgive him because he's a silly fat guy who makes them laugh. Oh well. That's they way it goes when you are a celebrity.

2081 days ago


The modern day Step N Fetch It for the Masses....the real Step N Fetch It was a millionaire back in the 1930's, but died a lonely man, wishing not for the millions and riches and attention, but rather an acceptance as a man. Something Sir Charles needs much work on.

The guy is the Tears of a Clown too----laughing in the public, degrading women as sexual objects, yet a lonely desperate failure as a husband and father.

May God Help him as he continues to enrich himself with dollars based on stepping and fetching whatever the masses tell him to.

2081 days ago


I believe Sir Charles is staging a publicity stunt to get our attention.
The reason will be known soon.

2081 days ago

hatin' on this big-lipped american foreigner    

george wallace-your commentary was too nice for such a jackass as charles barkely-he is a waste of space-yuck-forgive me if i spelled his name wrong-it is not worth the energy to seek the correct spelling-yawn!

2081 days ago


waste of air

2081 days ago



"You just got F'd in the A!" (Eric Cartman)

2081 days ago


Barkley is the biggest jackass that ever lived, and like one person wrote... i too missed ALOT of good games because
i can't stand to look or listen to fat ass, bigmouth , needs to to shut the hell up charles barkley.

2080 days ago


In Arizona for a first time DUI offense the common folks are required to do mandatory jail time, It will be fascinating to see how Barkley gets out of his "Mandatory" jail time sentence. Now if he would have kept is mouth shut, claimed his soverenignty, his 4th and 5th Amendment rights, refused every request by the public servant he my have had his case dismissed. I always claim my sovereignty, and my 4th and 5th Amendment rights during traffic stops, my cases are dismissed. The Government hates this, but it's our sovereignty that is at stake here.

you have to remember that the police "Public Servants" are constantly against us"the private citizens". A public servant is an instrument used against a private citizen by a "Government' designed to take our freedoms away and separate us from our money based on "Legal Fiction" fantasy Land Make Believe in regards to traffic bylaws and statutes.

Have you ever been stopped for speeding? And you knew you were not speeding? That's the very fraudulent act of a Public Servant using make believe fantasy to "create" revenue off of private citizens.

In Barkleys case, he rolled through a stop making a right hand turn, the limo driver also rolled through the stop... nobody was harmed, or hurt. So it's all make believe.

Barkley did not remain silent, and everything he said and did is being used against him in a court of law.

2080 days ago


I'm interested to know why my above post is magically being removed??

2080 days ago


Also I might ad, were the police profiling vehicles that night? In the video you see the Limo and driver casually roll through the stop, right? then you see Barkley's vehicle casually roll through the stop, right? So why did the police magically avoid stopping the limo driver? Are limos a much nicer vehicle that carries with it immunity? It's a given that the Limo ad alcohol in too.

But the SUV Barkley was driving (a private citizen) is somehow more important of a stop by police then the limo wihich is alos rolling through the stop and has all the "ALCOHOL" in it.... this is the magical make believe by the police it's selective it's called "Legal Fiction"

Enjoy my wisdom and knowledge,

2080 days ago


Correction: "Had" and "Also" Sorry about that ... But Barkley is a good private citizen being profiled by public servants. We the people should be very protective of each other from our Government and the police.

The Limo driver is just as guilty if we "presume" everyone is automatically driving around drunk because of the time of night.
We should all be very concerned about the police profiling everyone. I've been stopped many times for simply driving down the highway at night and profiled for some make believe Fantasy DUI and let go... it's absurd. The police got lucky with Barkley, like grabbing at straws.

2080 days ago
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