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1/15/2009 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chesley B. Sullenberger III -- the pilot of flight 1549.

Career highlights
-- Flew F-4s for the U.S. Air Force from 1973 to 1980. Flight Leader and Training Officer with experience in Europe, Pacific and at Nellis AFB, serving as Blue Force Mission Commander in Red Flag Exercises.

Sullenberger spent years as an Air Line Pilots Association Local Air Safety Chairman, national technical committee member and accident investigator -- where he participated in several NTSB investigations of major aircraft accidents.

It only gets more impressive -- check out his unbelievable resume HERE.


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Ya Think post 148

I wasn't slamming the President Elect you D-BAG. I was making the comment that this guy deserves to take the top news stories away from Barack for a while. This is the ONLY ID I post with and I didn't vote this year so put the bong down, stop being paranoid and have your mom get a contractor to clean the mold in your basement bedroom. Its clearly making you wacky.

2105 days ago


'Hero' is putting it mildly!

He not only saved the lives of all the people on that plane, but he saved the thousands of people in NYC/New Jersey who could have been killed if he hadn't been able to get the plane down on the river.

I'm flying U.S. Airways from now on!

2105 days ago


Good thing this pilot wasn't forced to retire early like some of the Airlines were trying to make their pilots do, his experience was the factor that saved all these lives.

2105 days ago


Certainly glad everyone survived and kudos to the flight crew and the passengers who did everything to give this story a good ending………. But come on. A 5lb bird knocked a 700k pound plane out of the air? ( Like in a Looney Tunes episode.) A 700k lb plane was disabled because a few birds flew into it. Geez and we spend how much on Stinger Missiles? (Note to Al Qaeda: you cannot train birds. ) I’m not an aerospace engineer but maybe the airliners could put some wire mesh covering over the engines. I bet there is a geese farmer in need of alternative income, who could help with this!

2105 days ago


Who would think a teaspoon of sugar could mess up an automobile's entire engine system.

2105 days ago


Why would the passengers sue the pilot? He didn't harm them in any way, he saved them for pete's sake! If anything you think they would sue the airlines, not the pilot. That's stupid to even think.

2104 days ago


A teaspoon of sugar would do nothing to a car. Sugar wouldn't disolve in gasoline. There is a strainer on the fuel tube that draws the gas from the tank, and then there is a fuel filter. A few cups of sugar could be added to a tank and since it doesn't dissolve, it would settle to the bottom of the tank. Mixing in some Diesel would do the trick though! Neither of which is a predictable vulnerability while driving along the highway. Getting back to the topic; 5 lb birds are positively a known hazard to aircraft. The point was there should be something in place to lower the risk the birds pose to aircraft. 5000 incidents of plane vs bird last year alone.

2104 days ago


Praise should be given to God.

2104 days ago


Live in NYC and... thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ! CAPTAIN SULLENBERGER and CO-PILOT too!

2104 days ago


Steve is an idiot. If he has a worthwhile comment to contribute, perhaps he should learn to spell PLANE, perhaps do some remedial school work?

2104 days ago


Finally, some good news in this crazy world! This amazing man saved not only the lives of the people on the plane, but also the lives of countless other people by landing in the water instead of on land. After watching all the terrible things on the news, it is so great to hear such an incredibly heartwarming story. This man and his crew are true heroes! May God bless you and your family, Mr. Sullenberger!

2103 days ago


Impessive inded.

2101 days ago
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