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Samuel L -- Every Black On Team Barack

1/19/2009 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel L. Jackson can't imagine an African American who didn't vote for Barack Obama. Apparently, S.L.J. wasn't thinking of the dude down the street ... Clarence Thomas.

Samuel L. Jackson: Click to watch


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oj did'nt vote for obama..........

2082 days ago


What do you call a well-groomed, well-spoken, Harvard educated, African-American lawyer sitting behind the desk of the Oval Office of the White House in the capital of the United States of America?

How you answered this question bears initially on the first response that came to mind. Your first thought is YOUR true answer. How did you measure up? Be honest.

Crosspost this everywhere you can to allows others to reflect upon themselves during this historic moment in U.S. history.

2082 days ago


And if McCain would of won, and the white people said "Every white on Team McCain" then all white people would of been considered rasist. How come it doesn't work the same in reverse? Kinda a racist remark don't you think?..... and I thought this election wasn't about race!!!

2082 days ago


Hey #4 .......A MISTAKE ......THERE IS YOUR ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2082 days ago


A mistake? Nah. He won by a landslide. A mistake was the 2000 elections.

2082 days ago


Hahaha So True. The only racists when it comes to Barack, are the ones that voted for him. All they do is talk about how he is black and that it is MLK day.

2082 days ago


I hope obama does good but The funny part is that even if Obama messes up as a president no one will say anything or make a big fuss about it because he is black and will get a free pass. During the campaign he talked about change now that he won he says it might not happen or it will take a long time thats not what he was saying during the campaign hmmm

2082 days ago


Samuel L. Jackson---RACIST and anyone else who voted for Obama because he is black--not because they beleive he can do the job.

2082 days ago


So it wasn't about race huh? This is such a joke. The messiah has come. Why not just freaking crown the guy and call him King.

2082 days ago


Obama made big promises that he cant follow thru with. We all knew that he couldnt, thats why we didnt vote for him.
Then you have the celebs....who are strange anyways. They vote for him. And they are gonna be shocked.
They voted for him under pressure. Of course, we didnt want the old fart, but who wants a black president, honestly, come on. Was this just some sort of bet?

2082 days ago


It is so hard to fathom how whites for years have been criticized for sticking together and not allowing blacks the same rights. Now we have almost the entire black population (97% I believe) voting for Obama because he has black heritage. You don't hear an outcry from the MSM. Does anyone really believe that because of a person's racial makeup they are better suited to be president? What a stupid reason to vote for a president. This time around we needed real leadership and a person with experience in many areas. This is not what we got!

2082 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

If he messes up, it will because of all the white people. We all know that's coming.

2082 days ago

She is hot    

I will give Samuel some credit,,,,,,At least he spoke the truth of why people voted for him!!!! So I guess, on his theory, the white people that voted for Mr. Obama, voted for his white half!!! ALL HAIL King Obama!!

2082 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

There are a LOT of people of color who didn't vote for Obama beside Clarence Thomas, Condi RIce whould be one, and Thomas Sowell would be another, and my neighbor across the street. People who vote because of the color of a person's skin are short sighted.

2082 days ago


Uh-oh, you are so right! I am still trying to figure out why the media has gone so liberal? Is it because the parent companies are owned by foreign interests?

2082 days ago
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