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Tear Down That Shoe!

1/30/2009 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A giant shoe erected in honor of the Iraqi reporter who hurled footwear at former President George W. Bush went up yesterday ... and was promptly taken down today.

President George W. Bush
The huge sculpture, made of fiberglass and copper, was erected at an orphanage in the Iraqi city of Tikrit -- Saddam Hussein's hometown. The head of the orphanage says the Provincial Joint Coordination Centre told her to take the structure down immediately.

The statue was built by an Iraqi sculptor with the help of the kids of the orphanage. Child labor at its finest.

No word on exactly how many U.S. soldiers protected said sculptor and kids from harm during their arts and crafts session.


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LMAO, love it!!!

bye bye mr.bush.

2100 days ago


more great celebrity gossip. TMZ dont try to be something you are not. Neither your organisation, nor your audience simply does not have the intelligence.

2100 days ago


Yeah, harm that was brought on by BUSH!!

2100 days ago


too bad it waz'ent invented yet....he'd would have nail'd him for sure!!!let the war crime'z begin!!!

2100 days ago



2100 days ago


cheer up iraqi sculptor. the best of artists are often censored at first.

2100 days ago

Walter Reed    

How can a "bronze" statue be made of fiberglass and copper? Hmmmm.

2100 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Cuz theyyy don't have anything esle better to do with orphan children. sheesh! what's up with that head mistress lady? She condoned that? Don't get me wrong, I think Bushy is a numbskull too and I thought the show throwing incident was hilarious, but I don't like the idea of the artist using children in his political stunt. yuck!

2100 days ago


I would like to know what would have happened to that reporter if he had of tried that crap before George Bush eraticated Saddam from Iraq. I understand Bush made mistakes. But c'mon get for real. It was George Bush and the Brave Men and Women of the United States Military that gave him the freedom to throw that shoe without fear of being beheaded on the spot. I am so glad to see our soldiers can die for them to have freedom and this is the appreciation they give in return. As for the reporter being labled a hero? If he was so heroic why didn't he try that crap when Saddam was ruthlessly killing men, women and children of Iraq. If they had any real heros over there we wouldn't have to be there in the first place.

2100 days ago


Dallas, you are pathetic not to mention a FRAUD! Damn, you can't even spell the slang for "b!tches" correctly.

These bafoons don't have a clue what all we (usa) have done for them not to mention the sacrifices we have made! Let them have their sorry ass country. Time for us to pack up and come home!

Let's see how long it takes Barry to get us out of there!

2100 days ago


I'm not a gigantic fan of George W. Bush, nor of the war in Iraq (or ANY war for that matter), but having 5 cousins (all siblings nonetheless) in the military who have each been to Iraq for at least 1 tour, not to mention all our honorable men & women in arms paying the ultimate price, I can honestly say I am shocked & appalled that these people would have the audacity to do this!!! I am completely outraged. Clearly these people do not possess the intelligence nor the desire to live in any way other than 3rd world barbarism. This would be like European Jews & Catholics spitting on American's for getting involved in WWII. They bring complete shame unto themselves & to those who follow Islam. Pitiful, ignorant, spiteful people!

2100 days ago


yes, our soldiers over there are heros. and, yes, it's a shame the guy's shoe missed!! bush deserves it!!!!!!!!!

2100 days ago


Those Iraqis are ungrateful! after Bush saved them from that evil Sadam...this is how they repay him

But go ahead and laugh all of you Obama followers....he will be ungrateful to you too later on

2100 days ago


Looks like freedom of speech lost this battle.

2100 days ago


Why exactly are we in this piss hole of a country?

2100 days ago
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