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Obama's Brother -- Gone to Pot

1/31/2009 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Obama's BrotherThe half brother of President Barack Obama has been busted for possession of marijuana ... in Kenya, and the circumstances sound weird.

Cops busted George Obama Saturday at his home. We don't know why cops went there in the first place, but he was taken into custody for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

George -- who shares the same father with the Prez -- told CNN, "They took me from my home ... I don't know why they are charging me."

He had a grand total of one joint on him.

Barack and George have met, but barely know each other.


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For a little bit of WEEEED???

2059 days ago


Damn he looks dumb!
Probably chases down lizards for lunch.

2059 days ago


So what, slow newsday?

2059 days ago

Jeff Parker    

They both look baked!

2059 days ago

arte help    

Hey TMZ, how about talking about this terrific stimulus package that my children and their children will be paying for til 2100. This story is boring and so is the "Chosen One"

2059 days ago


The "half-brother", "half-sister" phrase is so ignorant. It's either your brother/sister or not. The same goes for adopted brother/sister...that always sounds so stupid.

2059 days ago


I like the milk chocolate version better.

2059 days ago

the great she bear    

gee, can you spell neo-con ? obviously the republican losers are looking to slam obama any way they can . . . thanks for running this, TMZ, tho from the previous comments, the info appears to go over the heads of your average readers.

2059 days ago


one joint? - half the population or more should be arrested if that's the case!

2059 days ago


From the look of his eyes, one joint is probably all he had left.

2059 days ago


Well why is anyone surprised about the low quantiy leading to this arrest. They are Muslims and this in some of their country's can lead to a death sentence. In the Muslim world in which the Anointed One Barak is from, his brother, like him, are considered just 2 more low lifes

2059 days ago


Marijuana is illegal in Kenya? I thought they ate that stuff for lunch over there.

2059 days ago


Why isn't Barack's brother a US citizen? I know his mother didn't raise him but I wasn't aware she was a globe trodder.

2059 days ago


Oh Please TMZ, if your gonna steal someone elses story... steal the whole story

From David McKenzie
NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- George Obama, the half brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, has been arrested by Kenyan police on a charge of possession of marijuana, police said Saturday.
Inspector Augustine Mutembei, the officer in charge, said Obama was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis, known in Kenya as Bhang, and resisting arrest. He is scheduled to appear in court Monday, Mutembei said.
He is being held at Huruma police post in the capital of Nairobi.
CNN Correspondent David McKenzie talked with George Obama at the jail where he is being held. Speaking from behind bars, Obama denied the allegations.
"They took me from my home," he said, "I don't know why they are charging me."
George Obama and the president barely know each other, though they have met before. George Obama was one of the president's few close relatives who did not go to the inauguration in Washington last week.
In his memoir, "Dreams from My Father," Barack Obama describes meeting George as a "painful affair." Barack Obama's trip to Kenya meant meeting family he had never known.
McKenzie tracked down George Obama in August 2008 and found him at a small house in Huruma, a Nairobi slum, where he lives with his mother's extended family. His birth certificate shows he is Barack Obama's half brother.
The two men share the same Kenyan father. In the memoir, Barack Obama struggles to reconcile with his father after he left him and his mother when he was just a child.
Barack Obama Sr. died in a car accident when George was just 6 months old. Like his half brother, George hardly knew his father.
George was his father's last child and had not been aware of his famous half brother until he rose to prominence in the Democratic primaries last year.
Unlike his grandmother in Kogela, in western Kenya, George Obama had received little attention from the media until reports about him surfaced in August 2008.
The reports sprung from an Italian Vanity Fair article saying George Obama lived in a shack and was "earning less than a dollar a day." Those reports left George Obama angry.
"I was brought up well. I live well even now," he said. "The magazines, they have exaggerated everything.
"I think I kind of like it here. There are some challenges, but maybe it is just like where you come from, there are the same challenges," Obama said.
Obama, who is in his mid-20s, said at the time that he was learning to become a mechanic and was active in youth groups in Huruma. He said he tried to help the community as much as he can.

Heres the orginal story on the guy & how poor he is and how our GREAT ONE President hasnt even offered to help him have a better life. Amazing how someone can talk about how much they want to help this nation and wont help their own family

2059 days ago

Just a Bill    

Hey brother, dont bogart the joint my friend!

2059 days ago
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