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Rihanna Pics -- A FRAUD!

2/11/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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I agree with #9. I'm SURE that people would be shocked to see what she really looked like (the next day). PLEASE Rihanna LEAVE HIM!!
I know that you THINK you love him but this is NOT love. My closest girlfriend was strangled and put into a full bathtub to her death at the age of 26. That was 25 yrs. ago and I, to this day, love and miss her. I can't imagine what her family (and I) went through during the trial.

2080 days ago


I think the photo with her beaten up is the real one, and the one where she looks normal is the fake one. Clearly, she hired photoshop experts to paint over her bruises.

The picture on the left is the real one people. Don't be fooled.

2080 days ago


The person who did this should have put them bumps on her head. I would have been more realistic .

2080 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

MissBlaze this has nothing to with whether or not Rihanna is a liar. All the information that has been leaked so far has been leaked by LAW ENFORCEMENT SOURCES who had FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE with the case! They saw the damage with their own eyes and they were horrified!

MissBlaze you need to understand that for most people, domestic violence is not normal. If you grew up with it then I'm sorry for you. But it's NOT NORMAL. You can't start running around saying that it's acceptable for a man to literally pummel the sh1t out of his girlfriend's face and then run away, leaving her in the street in the middle of the night! Are you insane? That's not right, no matter what she did. I realize arguments can get out of control, maybe she did hit him, maybe she didn't. But a REAL man walks away. IT'S NOT NORMAL TO BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND LEAVE HER ALONE IN THE STREET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, no matter WHAT she did. It may be normal in YOUR family but that doesn't make it right!

2080 days ago


People really should stop jumping to conclusions. You havent heard Chris side of the story yet. && Everyone makes mistakes. I support CB now && always!

2080 days ago


No, they aren't fake.

2080 days ago


After hearing how the police report described her injuries, she wishes her face was only this bad!

2080 days ago

OH Nasty Tina    

From how they were describing her injuries, those (fake) pictures do her an injustice. I expected far worse. I guess in time someone will leak them out. The real pics. They always do. Get well Rihanna! Go home to Barbados and get stronger. Karma is kicking Chris' azz right about now! He'll be in McDonald's serving up those nasty burgers soon enough!!!

2080 days ago


Yeah lets wait to hear chris's side, there must a good reason he beat her people are idiots! theres no good reason to physically harm ANYONE. If she was being a bitch he should have secretly made a sex tape with her where he blasts her in the face! Oh wait, that would jumpstart her lame career to stardom!

2080 days ago


You can tell it's fake anyways cause her hair different & she's dyed it black

2080 days ago


I am sure she looks MUCH worse than that photoshopped BS! I am VERY happy to hear that radio stations have dumped him off their playlists. And all of you saying she could have done something to desrve this are mental and you need some serious help! You must have some serious mental issues about relationship or something to think a woman would deserve this. While I support Rihanna and any woman, or man for that matter, who has been abused, Chris IN THE FAR FUTURE, will also need support IF AND ONLY IF he seeks the help he desperately needs and starts a shelter/charity for abused women and apologized profusely to the little darling we all love, Rihanna. Then we should all think about supporting him, when he's shown remorse and deserves support.

2080 days ago


Angelita, there is never an excuse for a man beating on a woman, what if Rihanna was your sister or mother or you best friend, I am appalled that you would even suggest that he had a right to do what he did. Chris has some serious issues, his stepfather used to beat on his mom, did she deserve it too? He needs to get help before he enters into another relationship. Was his life threatened? I think not, he is a lot bigger and stronger than she is, one of the newspapers even reported that he takes martial arts. The fact is that Chris learned from his male role model (his stepfather) that the way you deal with a heated argument with your woman is to hit her and show her who is boss. He has no business being in a relationship until he tames that monster inside of him, he needs professional help!

2080 days ago

Akrin Azeera    

I am interested in hearing Brown's side of the story. I don't think it'll be all that redeeming, but I don't want to make up my mind before I get more information.

2080 days ago


And why would I care?

2080 days ago


I think it's worse than that... I heard she could barely open her eyes for the pics for the police. We'll see soon enough and I think it's going to be worse than any of us imagined. Chris Brown's career is over beause he's a spineless woman beater. I hate woman beaters.

2080 days ago
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