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OctoMom Gets Her MAC On

2/18/2009 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It just keeps getting better. OctoMom just left the MAC cosmetic counter at a Nordstrom department store.


She was at the Brea Mall near L.A. this afternoon. She bought stuff, though we don't know exactly what. But here's what we do know. Eye shadow costs around 15 bucks a pop.

She may soon not have a place to live but she'll sure look good.

UPDATE: OctoMom blew some of her hard earned handout money on one tube of clear lip gloss -- which ran the food stamp user a cool $14.50 plus tax. In comparison, a 48-pack of Pampers usually runs around $16.99.


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DKP it really necessary to follow this woman everywhere? She bought some lip gloss. BIG DEAL!!!!

2074 days ago


This has got to be the most disgusting woman in the entire country. She needs a new home? So do alot of people who work hard to support THEMSELVES.

She needs to do what is right and place all 14 of those children into foster care until she is able to find a way to support (not exploit) them. It's bad enough that taxpayers will have to support the children, but there is no reason she can't support at least herself. Each of those children deserves to grow up in a healthy happy home. If the octomom won't do what's right for them, then California needs to step in and take the children.

Any organization that is involved in giving this nasty woman a house is contributing to her sickness, and is contributing to the exploitation of those poor children. That is NOT what charity is for.

2074 days ago


I am no fan of this woman...and I don't think it is a good idea to have 14 kids. However, I am absoutely amazed at the amound of hate and anger others are venting via postings on this site. Mellow out folks.....

2074 days ago


I'd like to marry her

2074 days ago


I would love to see a salesperson ask her why she is buying herself stuff instead of being at the hospital with her litter! She just breeds them..then gives them to others to raise.

2074 days ago


I think she might be micheal jackson's soon to be twin.

2074 days ago



2074 days ago


I think this just illustrates how disturbed this woman is. I only have 3 kids and my husband makes over 100k but I'd never blow 15 bucks on a lip gloss because things like college funds and family vacations are our priorities. I had to laugh when she said she wouldn't do a reality show because it would exploit her darling babies. Ha!! I give it 2 months till the show is on the air... Which by the way, I don't understand the fascination with shows like John & Kate plus 8. If I wanted to watch a bunch of crying, whining little kids run around and stress out their parents, I'd have or adopt another 5 myself. What is the fascination???

2074 days ago


Ok her mother is losing her house and this lady has obviously gotten paid for her interviews she has given yet she can't pay to keep the house she lives in with her brood of children?! She seems to have a awful lot of time to go shopping and get her nails done and money for fast food. I don't know how she manages...I have 3 children and am not on any sort of assistance and I very rarely get a actual day out alone. It's a treat when I do. And if I do I don't have money to afford mac makeup, nails done ect...Maybe she should get her priority's straight like be at home with her children there, then spend time with her new babies and maybe just maybe think that it would be a good idea to use some of her publicity made money to get a decent home that will accommodate her and her children. She has proven herself to be a freeloader off her parents, off the government and now asking for donations to help raise her children that she knowingly got herself knocked up with! One thing that really makes me go hmmm is how can someone who is on government assistance and food stamps afford ivf treatment in the first place?

2074 days ago

eyes glued opened    

#96 so.....YO GO LOL haha haha.. you got that right!

2074 days ago

Coli Fenty    

Just want to know how she does it with "eight", or is 14, 15??? I can hardly handle shopping with one!

2074 days ago


to all you people wondering if we really want TMZ following her around the answer is yes. Those children are not going to be safe until somebody acts. The world needs to see that this woman is a 100% wack job. the sooner so many complaints come in to CPS they will act. Now if anything happens to those kids CPS will be on the hook. If CPS was smart they would hurry and act. the more info they get and the more they delay exposes the good people of CA to a lawsuit via CPS.

2074 days ago

tuna marie    

this "thing" knows how to work the system. now she needs to work a job.

2074 days ago


Heres the thing. You dont by MAC unless you are somewhat A. Into make up, B. Have EXTRA CASH to skip the drug store. I dont spend my money on MAC and I have 0 kids and I love make up. That is the point, thats is expensive sh*t and shes is a student and if I recall...with aaah, 14 kids!

2074 days ago

Connor Banks    

DAMN! I am so honored to buy this piece-of-crap-whorebag-sponge make-up at MAC no less! Hand it over, bitch! That lip gloss is mine!

2074 days ago
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