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OctoMom -- Howdy Neighbors!

3/13/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad omen: OctoMom Nadya Suleman hasn't even moved in yet and someone TP'd her new house. But hey, with 14 kids, she could probably use some free toilet paper -- just not like this.



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Sue Wong    

Americans are EVIL>Remember, let he who is without sin cast the first stone and judge not lest ye be judged for it will be three times over. You're all ten times worse than this woman. Shame on you!!!!!!!
Yes, I just judged you three times over!!! Karma's a bitch!!!!!!

2052 days ago

idaho potato    

First came the media with the address of the children's new home, then came the media with the pushing, yelling, cursing, and blocking people from entering the house, then the TPing (What? no paps camped outside saw who did it?). Next WILL be graffiti, then possibly two of the little kids followed to the bus stop and knocked down by the stalking herd, then a bottle thrown at the mother as she leaves Target or perhaps a traffic accident as the paps continue to chase her, and then... It will escalate until the media stops pushing this story.


Knowing the situation is what it is; what IS the answer? Foster care for the eight or all 14? The government makes a worse parent and the foster care system is a failure. Adoption? And who would take all eight? And if someone did take all eight, they too would need assistance, donations, charity, and help from the community. Do we separate the eight or all 14 and divide them up to separate families who can and may move to different areas of the country? It is possible the most precious thing the children will ever have is each other. Let's not take them away from them.

We all know what is done to the mother is done to the children.

How about WE think of them as our children, birthed by a woman named Nadia. We will hear of them for the rest of our lives. The story will not end, but I hope the hate and the intrusive media does end. I'm not asking those who can't get past the immature action Nadia displayed in the past to change their minds. I'm just asking people to leave her (her being the children) alone. Let the best that can happen happen.

(Just to avoid someone from saying she went to the media first. WRONG!!! The media hunted out and searched for the unknown mother who had 8 children with one pregnancy and didn't stop until her name and location was public knowledge.)

This is sorta like the media (paps) dropping matches in a wooded area and then filming and reporting the story of a wildfire they initiated with shock. "Wow, who would do such a thing!? Psst... hand me my lighter and get the camera ready."

Whatever neighborhood the children's new home is in, I hope the police start making extra patrols to stop the craziness.

Last, I think all of Nadia's children will be fine. They appear to be loved, fed, dressed, educated, and well adjusted. We definitely know they were all wanted and not a 'mistake.' I hope for the best. God bless Nadia's children.

2052 days ago


I think the pranks like this only gain more sympathizers for Nadya and believe me, she knows it.
Would surprise me not that she even craves more of the same.
Maybe it's a better idea to report her to IRS, given she's been gifted with money, goods and now real estate.
And much of the thanks for that goes to that blowhard media whore, Phil McGraw who really could care a ratzass about her fourteen innocent children.

2052 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if TMZ paid kids to do this like they egged on the woman who started yelling at Nadya at the gas station.

2052 days ago


I do not like this woman but I feel bad for the kids. THEY WILL SUFFER ENOUGH AND UNFAIRLY. The kids do not need to see this. I can see wanting to lash out at her but the kids do not need any more emotional stress and see this at their new house. Thank god the kids didn't see it. DONT PUNISH AND TORTURE THE KIDS HEADS WITH THIS KIND OF ACTION, THE KIDS ARE AND WILL BE GOING THREW ENOUGH. It is not the kids fault. I cant stand this woman but they are god's kids and so are we. The person who did this should be ashamed of their self for this. If the kids had seen this do you know what it would have mentally done to them? It could have made the oldeer ones who are looing for a new start to feel bad about their new house and unwelcome. . This could emotionally add pain to their feelings. I CAN"T STAND HER BUT THIS WAS UN CALLED FOR. You let her bring you to her level with that action.

2052 days ago


UMMMMMMM with all the Pappers out there how was it no one got a picture of who did it?

2052 days ago


Damned Mad Neighbor from the other daay on the Man hits wife article on TMZ must have changed his mind about the Donut and Coffee stand in his drive way. . LMAO Just kidding that was a cool guy who lives on the same street or next door to her.

2052 days ago

Rachel lopez    

Just stop she has kids ,This is going to far get over it and get on with your lifes

2052 days ago


That's just wrong...

2052 days ago

Sue Wong    

Drive by shooting at Octomom's house, Nadia and two of her children shot OR Arson suspected in fire that destroyed Octomom's house. Is that a headline you idiots would like to see? Continue on this angry and disruptive path and it may well be. They're alot of crazies in this world. I pray for those innocent children and yes, the mother too.

2052 days ago


59. Americans are EVIL>Remember, let he who is without sin cast the first stone and judge not lest ye be judged for it will be three times over. You're all ten times worse than this woman. Shame on you!!!!!!!
Yes, I just judged you three times over!!! Karma's a bitch!!!!!!

Posted at 12:15PM on Mar 13th 2009 by non-american
Hey, who said anything about 3 times over??? I've never read that anywhere...BUT, since you're judging people, I suppose it'll come back to you three times over right? I mean, that's how it works isn't it?? LOL Shame on YOU!!!!!!

2052 days ago


In the 30's - during the Depression - the world had the Dionne quintuplets to ogle. Read about those children, about what happened TO them, and who might have been responsible. Now - on the edge of another depression - we have another set of multiples and ogle them we will. Before you decide you know what SHOULD be done now, just read about the Canadian quints. I won't be around to follow this story for the later chapters, but hopefully it will be better than that of the Dionnes.

2052 days ago


They did what???

2052 days ago


Bunch of hating A-Holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2052 days ago


FRIDAY THE 13TH. Don't upset the kids and make them feel unwelcome and hurt their self esteem they are suffering enough. They are looking for a new start in a new house. The 6 kids are going threw and will be going threw enough. Don't do that to the kids. They have enough mental stress. I do not like this womaan but please don't ause stress to the kids.

2052 days ago
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