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Piven Plays the Obama Card

3/25/2009 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one believed him before, so now Jeremy Piven is dragging Barack Obama into his war over the "mercury poisoning" excuse he used to get out of a Broadway play a few months ago.

With today's announcement that there will be an arbitration hearing over the matter in June, Piven's peeps just released a statement saying:

"Mr. Piven is looking forward to testifying in Arbitration along with his doctors so that the truth comes out about the very serious health risks caused by Mercury exposure, which the Obama administration has recently described as the world's gravest chemical problem."

Well, if Obama thinks it's a problem -- people have no choice but to believe him now, right?


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the sea    

Piven wants everyone to believe he has hair too, even though we remember he was BALD on The Larry Sanders Show back in the '90's.

2046 days ago


He seems to be very well informed about mercury poisoning now. So what was he thinking when he poisoned himself by eating tuna sushi every day for ten years? Information about high mercury levels in tuna was out there for anyone to find. I am sympathetic to anyone who suffers from mercury poisoning, but hey, take a little responsibility, dude.

2046 days ago

Dr. ANDY    

Make That PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA... nothing less wll do

2046 days ago


a- mercury poisoning can be caused by fillings in your teeth before something like 1986, and at the time supported by the US government. Mercury has since been classified as highly toxic and the processing of removing this substance from your teeth can very easily re-expose you. Not to mention the innumerable number of us who played with broken thermometers as a kid because ooooo mercury is so cool. So, regardless of opinions, mercury is now classified as a highly toxic substance.

b- Jeremy Piven actually is sick, he lives in my neighborhood

and c- if you can't believe in Obama, well.... good luck to you.

2045 days ago

Carrys F.    

fred, your edits make sense. That dumb cluck who insulted the IQ of the readers did NOT. I read it slowly, fast, and otherwise. Still, no sense.

2045 days ago

Trivia Kid    

And of course Piven is just a few degrees removed from Obama as he plays Ari Gold on TV, who is based on the real-life Hollywood agent Ari Emmanuel, older brother to Rahm Emmanuel .. Obama's White House Chief of Staff !! So he could have said his character's kid brother can vouch for the President personally .. LOL

Piven rocks

2045 days ago


All hail Obama. Now that his base, Actors, are being affected I think this requires another trillion dollars of debt to China. China's asking we quit spending so much of their money, since we're heading towards inflation with this irresponsible bill passing and printing of extra money. But if Entourage would be affected, by all means, tax our unborn great-grand children and add a few extra natural substances to the list of poisonous substances.

All hail Obama. Although if this is indeed still a democracy I'd have to say I'm beginning to find his performance lacking.

2045 days ago



2045 days ago

Michael Madsen    

He's a human root canal - mercury poisoning...? oh yah... that feeling you get watching him on screen... now I get it.
I agree... get Obama on this... deport this bum back to Moronvia.

2045 days ago


I gotta admit Piven is hellaciously fun to watch, he's hysterical in Entourage and was great in that movie Smokin Aces.

He comes across as a freakazoid in the real world, but hey who in HollyWierd doesn't?

2045 days ago


None of us know if Jeremy Piven left the play because of a medical condition or not. However I do remember that two famous British actors walked off stage in the middle of the production without warning. Daniel Day-Lewis playing Hamlet left the stage (literally) after claiming that he had seen a real ghost! Stephen Fry walked out of the London production of "Cell Mates" in 1995, saying that he had stage fright.

As far as I can remember they were not accused of lying or sued by the producers.

2045 days ago


I think he's a phony with a phony excuse, but I can confirm that mercury is highly dangerous. I had mercury fillings in my molars and a couple of years ago read that some countries were banning them from dental use because they release poison into the body (but in tiny amounts and very gradually, so I doubt Piven's claims are true). Had them all changed into porcelain fillings. Just in case. And I found other, more credible excuses to get out of things I didn't want to do!

2045 days ago

Mrs. Brown    

While I don't know whether Mr. Piven suffered from mercury poisoning or not, my husband did, and it left him with debilitating joint and muscle pain and swelling and painful muscle cramps and spasms. The treatment took place over the course of several months . . . and he did not receive instant relief of his symptoms. If Mr. Piven truly suffered from mercury poisoning to the point that he had to pull out of a play, those around him would have witnessed his suffering.

2045 days ago


RAther than just comment how about some facts??? I quit getting flu shots due to the amount of mercury in the shots. Parents have been wanting this large amount of mercury taken out of immunizations for their children.

There has been a crisis for some time on mercury content just people on these boards are children.

2045 days ago


Funny Piven would use the worst administration this nation has ever seen as his defense. This is coming from the same side of the fence that debated UFO's during the Democrat primaries for crying out loud. How would Oflaba even know what he thinks anyway? His teleprompter is his brain. Besides, he's been too busy with more pressing matters like going on countless vacations, having parties every night at the White House, bowling, filling out NCAA brackets on ESPN, going on the late night comedy shows and past their prime "serious" interview shows like 60 Minutes.

2045 days ago
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