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Jack Nicholson Smells Betrayal -- Verbally Attacks

3/27/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be 71, but Jack Nicholson still runs the streets of L.A. -- and last night he proved it, accusing some guy of the ultimate double cross.

Jack Nicholson: Click to watch
When Jack started getting frustrated with the paparazzi attention he was getting outside of Madeo, he took out his anger on one particular autograph seeker -- and point blank accused the guy of selling out his location to the snappers.

But when the guy denied the charge, Jack shot back with the following awesomeness: "I know the street as well as they do, you brought 'em."

There's more, it's pretty awesome.


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first ? probably not.

2036 days ago

I'm hungry    


2036 days ago


i heard he likes little boys

2036 days ago

northern gypsy    

well..well...well...tell it J.N. !!!
you right...he is pretty street savvy...

2036 days ago

I'm hungry    

I heard MSD likes little boys .....

2036 days ago


he's a douche - he lives in paparazzi-land and frequents restaurants covered by paps. He makes his millions off the money his fans pay to see his movies. Get over yourself, you old fart.

2036 days ago


i heard he likes it when his little boys suk on his huge effeminate man-boobs while he's porking them

2036 days ago


#6 says it best. He goes to pap hot spots and then complains. Meanwhile, fans and pap attention are what pay for fancy dinners, expensive cars with drivers, and too-young women who want a piece of the lifestyle not his shriveled old self. Eww.

2036 days ago

su.san smith    

Leave Jack alone. Geez, he is a great fellow. Just leave him alone please!

2036 days ago


When the "stars " begin their careers in the biz they hire people to get attention /work for themselves ,and their projects,(movies) and, books, or what ever. Then once they achieve stardom the people that buy their work(s) are annoying? I do not mean stalkers (they are dangerous nut cases). I mean ,just plain fans that want to meet ,or ,get an autograph for a few seconds of their time.If they had no fans ,how would they afford the lavish lifestyles they live? Fans and papps need to show respect,but, the stars do also.i...t's a two way street.

2036 days ago


Nicholson doesn't know anything beyond playing himself in movies, snorting coke and over eating.

2036 days ago

Donald Ray    

Man, it's fkn' UNBELIEVABLE, the questions these fkn' MORONS ask the celebs. How JN had the patience to TOLERATE that IDIOT is a MIRACLE. One of these days, something bad (?) is gonna' happen to these idiots that follow people around like a pack of WILD DOGS, asking STUPID questions and making STUPID comments. To mention what someone else did or ate at a resturant is COMPLETELY ASININE. Where do they GET these people? A third grader could ask more INTELLIGENT questions than this. It's hard to believe TMZ actually PAYS people to do this, really. Oh yeah, there was another "FIRST' fool on here again.

2036 days ago

Triple Play    

OLD Jack is pretty much done. He was great Back in the Day, bit the Day has passed him by.Let's try to remember as the cool Jack not the cranky old A Hole trhat he has become

2036 days ago


Jack's THE MAN! Just don't piss him off, stooge.

2036 days ago

Triple Play    

Jack really thinks that he is a tough guy. The problem is time has passed him by a long time ago. Stop thinking that you are a bad ass before someone gives you a Shug Knight beat down old timer

2036 days ago
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