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Mancow Asks Killer Questions

3/28/2009 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So memba' Drew Peterson -- the guy whose multiple wives mysteriously died on him? Radio host Mancow had one of the best segues ever ... disarming Peterson with questions about the heat before squarely applying it.


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I saw his BIL or step-brother on some show recently who claims he knows he did it--he killed his wife. something about him helping him to move a huge blue can that was heavy. He said he knows now that Drews wife was in it--didn't anybody see that show??? It may have been Montel or dateline or some show. I guess the police are either covering it up cause he is a cop, or they cannot really prove it-----it is a shame but he will get his someday. Can you O j. Simpson. It was a long time coming and plus he got to enjoy 14 years of his life a free man, but still he is now in jail.

2042 days ago


he killed them all i dont believe a word that piece of sh** says!!!! no one should believe him he need to be locked up for the rest of his life!!!!!

2042 days ago

Lin Wo    

ok, that was actually hilarious.
thanks for the good hearty laugh. :)

2042 days ago


This guy is just plain gross!! She's clearly young enough to be his daughter. He can't relate to women his own age-or at least a little closer????? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something isn't right here! I mean, how many people have something happen to two other spouses that they've had??? What are the chances, unless something wierd is going on??!! And his latest girlfriend is just real naive. You wait until the "honeymoon" is over and reality sets in: the guy can't do things he used to do (that too), arthritis, tired and she's so energetic, and the list goes on. But they don't think of those things right now. Unless this guy has some major assets, this will never last long. It's just a matter of time. . . .either they will break up, or she will end up missing too! Hmmm

2042 days ago


Dirty civil servant coppers...

get away with murder every day.

So what else is new.

2042 days ago


Only good thing is that most people know his face and will see him for a murderer even if not convicted, i'm from the other side of the world from where he's from and if i saw him i would recognise him, he can't go anywhere now and not have people know his face, but he will get his coming to him like OJ Did .i hope anyway

2041 days ago


Classic, just classic. He blames the new girlfriend for breaking the heart of his family. HUH!?

Wow, still this man is pure narsistic. HE didn't need to go out and find some new love, a very young and dumb new love to boot. I'm glad this girl wised up before she had issues. He has guilt written all over him. His actions prove that.

Drew, you are the only one who is to blame for every bit of heart ache your mulitple children go through daily. I feel sorry for evryone of your family members to have to endure this because of YOU!

They will get him in the end, he humiliated his fellow officers, and they won't soon forget about that.

2041 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Cops cover for cops. It's a gang. F*ck the police.

2041 days ago


This guy is the worst DJ Chicago EVER had! He is extremely late to the party on this one. Steve Dahl interviewed Drew months and months ago. Nice try ManBlow!

2041 days ago



2036 days ago


Please don't judge all cops by Drew Peterson's actions. He is a sociopathic killer. He is a waste of a human sperm. He shouldn't be allowed to breathe the same air good people breathe, Believe me ....ALL the cops I work with and know would love to see him hauled off to jail. He gives good cops who go out there and risk their lives everyday a bad name.

2011 days ago
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