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Guy from Bold & Beautiful -- Sued & Repossessed

4/2/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Winsor HarmonIt's got all the drama of a really good soap opera: a hunk in distress (Winsor Harmon), a financial ultimatum ($35,129.24), and public humiliation (the repossession of an $80,000 Mercedes Benz) -- except this story isn't playing out on daytime TV.

Winsor Harmon, the dude who's played square-jawed Thorne Forrester on the "Bold and the Beautiful" for the past 13 years, is in the middle of a legal war over a car he leased through his company.

According to a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Harmon's 2006 Mercedes Benz was repossessed last year because he allegedly skipped out on lease payments. Now, Daimler Chrysler Financial Services says he still owes more than $30k in costs for the car -- plus some serious interest.

Cue to music swell ... and fade to black...

Calls to Harmon's reps have not been returned.


No Avatar


People should NOT buy things they cant pay for!!
Also, why waste so much $$$$ on a car?!?!

2009 days ago


This isn't as bad as the cancellation of Guiding Light.

2009 days ago


Hasselhoff look-a-like.

2009 days ago

tbaum fo shizzo    

Windsor should have bought a skateboard
Then he would have been as cool as the new apple store game
SK8 Halfpipe.

Gameboy2009 out

2009 days ago


THANK YOU for FINALLY showing something about a 'soap' star- how do these people keep getting overlooked by the paps when they are SO visable to people everyday on TV- I for one would love more tidbits like this about the soap 'stars' - is there a website dedicated to gossip about soap stars-- something like this site perhaps I don't know about?

2009 days ago

LA LA    

He should have bought a smart car!

2009 days ago

I hate k fed    

TMZ! Harmon is GORGEOUS! Why show such a crud pic of him? Shoulda shown him shirtless. What a fantastic looking man. ps Everybody knows car dealers rip you any way they can.

2009 days ago


Why lease a $80 grand car when you are broke, take the bus, loser!

2009 days ago

You guys are idiots!    

Y'know...if you've been working, ok, play-acting, for 13 years (and no doubt making ridiculous money), and now find yourself having vehicles repo''re a conplete idiot. Other than the inevitable taxes, I wouldn't owe a dime to anyone! It's called a SAVINGS account...look into it.

2008 days ago

Television Spy    

Wow he could probably have afforded to just buy it then lease it.

2008 days ago

arte help    

Hey TMZ, where's the story about Joe Bidens crackhead daughter?? oh that's right, that would actually be newsworthy, I don't want to see real news here instead of boring garbage.

2008 days ago

Mr. Ed    

Do soaps pay that badly? I don't understand people making so much money and not being able to pay their bills when the rest of us everyday Joes can get buy making piddly *hit and still manage to have decent lives. Unfortunately, when people make that kind of money they feel invincible and they don't realize they need to stash some of it away for a rainy day. Why don't they figure out that they are just mortals like the rest of us instead of thinking they're so much more.

2008 days ago


He can buy that barsool!!!!

2008 days ago


I remember him from All My Children...Del Henry - Dixie's half oh man has this guy aged and not in a good way!

2008 days ago


That's a horrible pic of him, He is actually very good looking. The thing about soap actors is that they get paid according to how many episodes they appear in. He isn't a huge character on the show, so he doesn't appear in alot of them. Depending on the storyline, you may not see him for months at a time. I'm sure they receive some kind of base salary to be available and there are times when certain characters have big storyllines and appear alot. He has had some of those. However, if you aren't in a current storyline, you don't get paid as much. It's a weird business for soap actors. It isn't like if you are on a regular TV series where you appear in an episode every week.

2008 days ago
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