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Woody Harrelson Attacks Another TMZ Photog - REDIRECT

4/9/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Mike Hunt    

Good for you Woody. TMZ photogs are thee most annoying little fruitballs on earth..

2021 days ago


That guy so deserved it. He obvioiusly didn't want to be bothered! He was harrassed and the camara guy should be sued!!!

2021 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Yah, Archangel, you and three hundred million other Americans - coward suing each other to make money... pathetic

2021 days ago


Way to go Woody. Those paps are incredibly rude.

2021 days ago


I think the TMZ guy was asking for it specially the way he was yelling his name WOODY WOODY WOODY!! What an Fen HOMO. the photog guy cant be any gayer than he sounds. I think he deserved it! ASS HOLE!

2021 days ago


haha mind my own business? Why dont you do the same winter...go talk to harvey im sure he would like another douche to video tape celebs and ask dumb would be perfect for the job. TMZ photogs are idiots and deserve to get the crap kicked out of em.

2021 days ago


Are you kidding me? Just because someone went into show business doesn't mean they have to give up their rights to live some portion of their life privately. Personally, if I was having a bad day and your paparazzi was in my face, they would get knocked out completely. Take your pictures and move on with your day. Don't stand in someone's face prodding them for a slip of the tongue, and STOP TAKING UPSKIRT SHOTS!!! Get some class back into this and you won't have problems like this.

2021 days ago


TMZ, you need to back off and big time.

2021 days ago


Oh my! What would Sam, Cliff and Norm think of this behavior?

2021 days ago

the truth    

Papz should all die KILL them ALL

2021 days ago


This guy is a has-been and should be glad to get his picture taken at all. I am so sick of these violent celebrities thinking they can assault paps and STEAL from them. I hope TMZ presses charges on his @ss..

If you do NOT want to be photographed, then do NOT become a movie star... it is as simple as that. These clowns want attention - that's why they want to be famous, then they get ticked when they're photographed. I am so sick of these arrogant and self-involved celebrites (like Woody and Billy Bob Thorton).

Like someone else posted - his father is a convicted murdered.. I see the rage and violent tendencies are hereditary..


2021 days ago


Hey....didn't the photog invade Woddy's space by walking in front of him? Woody should beat the crap out of him for just asking stupid questions anyway.

2021 days ago


I am not defending Woody's actions at all, but when someone is apparently pissed off that he is being photographed back the *@$& off!!! It's common sense. Don't keep following him, telling him "That's assault" and just making the situation worse! Idiot!

2021 days ago


assault? you mean like when you constantly stalk, harass, and endanger the lives of the celebrities you take pics of without permission and then make money off of them??? until you stop your assaulting, tmz, no one should have any sympathy when you get it right back.

2021 days ago


Granted I have met a few TMZ photogs around town and most are real arrogant sh*t heads but seriously, one of them needs to step up and beat the crap out of Woody. I mean beat his a** down hard. These guys think they are above the law and need to be taken down a notch. They forget that this is the career they chose and a cushy one it is.

2021 days ago
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