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White House Sleeper Gets Serious Wake Up Call

4/24/2009 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sleepy economic advisor Larry Summers may have been able to rest easy during yesterday's meeting with credit card officials -- but according to congressmen Emanuel Cleaver (D, MO) and Charles Rangel (D, NY), it's time to ring the alarm!

Emanuel & Charles: Click to watch


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Isn't Pelosi blocking the investigation into Charlie Rangle and his lack of reporting all his taxable income? You know..the guy who actually writes the tax code? Just like she's done with Jefferson and the 90K found in his freezer after which she promoted him to a Financial!!! committee? Who are these two jerks to talk about anybody else?

1944 days ago


This is why we need young people working these kind of jobs. These old people can't hang. The way they sit there and look so bored just shows how grateful and interested they really are in having their job.

1944 days ago


The racist punks are out in full force again today. You haters need to get out of your parents basement more often.

1944 days ago


Seeing how the last dipstick "the shrub" was asleep his entire 8 years haters need to relax, its gonna take awhile to fix things.

1944 days ago


just curious,
what grade did this flunky camera guy drop out of school???

dumb ass questions!! speak proper english or don't talk! just hold the camera

1944 days ago


Wake up that idiot who needs to be FIRED............

1944 days ago


These are the typical people working in this lame a@@ Obama administration.

1944 days ago


Those of you who say give this president time well in 3 months he has put our country into a trillion dollars in debt and that is just the beggining just think how much we will be in debt in 4 years. STOP THE SPENDING- STOP THE PRINTING
signed voter remorse

1944 days ago

Donald Ray    

Good LORD, can you believe he asked, "what do you think he was dreaming about"? How fkn WEAK is THAT question?

1943 days ago


He had time to sleep, It was all just a show for the little people.
The credit card company's don't handle the money just the transaction so Obama was really puffin up for the banks, Yawn what ever... tired of the stage plays here too

1943 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The question is Not the interrogation methods that was used by the CIA (which was Approved by the Democrats,like pelosi, in 2002) , the question is Why they were volunteerly released to the world when they did Not have to be.
Outrage and Anti-USA Rage was displayed throughout the world when the interrogations memos were made public by hard line Democrats (according to News reports). The release of the memos was ,apparently, an attempt to demonize the Bush administration , but might of 'back fired' because the Democrats (like Pelosi) knew and approved of these same techniques.
There is an apparent pattern of Victims association the hard left Democrats had over the years. First 9/11 was thought of as an event that 'america had coming' or 9/11 was a government conspiracy by the Bush administration or Israel , according to far left democrats and media/hollywood associates. Now , they seem to be engaged in a 'Al-Qaeda terrorists Victim rights' appeal to the public. According to a DHS Report right wing extremist is defined as people who believe in states rights and Al-Qaeda' are 'man made disater makers'. Maybe the ideal is people who believe in individual liberties (note: Republican Abe Lincoln advanced individual liberties) are to be contained or dissolved and people who believe in Collectivism are not responsible for there actions because they are guided by a collective public good.
What ever the case may be with some of the new Collective DNC Party and there motivation for eliminating Victims that do not advance there Ideals (example Victims of 9/11,Castro, Chavez, & even Darfur) , on friday they have constructed the first ever 'Socialized' health care plan in the USA and plan on 'raming' it through in a matter of days.

1943 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Now that We Just Had Democrat Congressman(s) Bobby Rush and Bill Delahunt Meet with Violent Dictator (Fidel Castro) and a Violent Dictator and Fascist (Hugo Chavez) , maybe we Can See that thesecongressman Support the worse kind of Torture (CHAVEZ & CASTRO Perform unspeakable acts of TORTURE Against their foes).

1943 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The Democrats are GUILTY for the Economic Crisis due to coerced Mortgage Policies with Government Backed Fanny Mae & Freddy Mack, which the DEMOCRATS BLOCKED REFORM of in 2006 & 2007. The Economic CRISIS is , Also, Due to Central Bankers (Central Planners or Socialists here & Abroad) who mis-managed large funds. To blame free markets for this Crisis (by the Socialists who Caused it in the first place) is a ‘Big Lie’. In a free market systems if one takes a risk a reward or loss is given. In this Crisis the losers were tax payers because of Cental Planners Ideology (collectivism) which evolved into central bankers ‘gambling’ tax payers dollars (they claim it was just for the ‘public good’ and Lost the money) , therefore, SOCIALISTS are GUILTY of the CRISIS.
Note: Last Friday a hand full of democrats are ’steamrolling’ a Socialized Health Care plan through and plan on passing it in a day or so.

1942 days ago
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