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Ron Paul Still Bitter About That Election Thing

5/6/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We asked two Congressmen about the love affair the press has with President Barack Obama -- one told us it "won't last forever, his policies are so bad." The other called him "the greatest, just like Mohammad Ali."

Ron Paul: Click to watch
Take a wild guess which quote came from Congressman Steve Cohen (D, TN) and which came from Presidential wannabeen Ron Paul (R, TX).


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HAHAHA! Are you seriously implying that Ron Paul critisizes Obama's horrible policies because he's jealous?!

The 'Bushes' and the 'Obamas' alike are destorying America with their endless addiction to an overbearing big brother nanny state.

Get a grip TMZ, or just go back to covering irrellevant Hollywood garbage for vapid, useless people.

1995 days ago


Ron Paul bitter? Naw. He is too mature for such pettiness. I am the bitter one. While you all promote the madness in DC and the pumpin' up of Obama, the country is going down the drain hole. Get a ife. Read. Study. Give me real can keep the "change."

1995 days ago

Chris in Miami    


1995 days ago


Ron Paul for Freedom !
It is time for the American people to find out who really is Dr. Ron Paul !

1995 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Shame Lenin wasn't a smooth talking, hip, young, Bolshevick Hottie,
We'd all be gnoshing potato pancakes now...


Potato pancakes...

1995 days ago

TMZ sucks now    

wow tmz. pleas stick to the petty cr@p you do know. stay far away from politcs please. if americans were smart, wise, or actually read and stayed FAR away from the main stream media.. that amazing man known as Ron Paul would be our president. now go back to following druggies and hookers around,.

1995 days ago


Obama's policies ARE bad, and whoever wrote this piece is extremely ignorant.

1995 days ago


"Bitter"? You must have him confused with someone who wants to rule the country. He'd rather be free.

Anyone who has seen Dr. Paul's face light up when holding a baby (he has delivered over 4,000 of them), knows why he's in Congress: to improve the lives of those babies and their families by defending their right to be free.

1995 days ago


Dr. Paul is not being bitter. He simply believes that Obama's economic and foreign policies are unsustainable.

1995 days ago


Is this a joke? Oh man, this is really bad journalism. Stick with the celebrity stuff TMZ, covering Washington is not your thing unless it involves adultery or prostitution.

1995 days ago


What a stupid title for an equally stupid and useless video. Another poster said you guys should stick to celebrity BS, they were right.

You guys have no clue. Ron Paul knows how to fix this country. Obama doesn't. Steve Cohen is an idiot.

1995 days ago


Bitter? He looked like he was on his way to fight for freedom. He sounded worried about the direction this nation is heading and concernd. Unlike the other guy who only cared about getting a cheap pop from the crowd for barry. Ron Paul is a statesman and a gentleman.

1995 days ago


Ron Paul is the only person who has the answers to the problems we face right now. It's ashame that most of America is asleep at the wheel. One good example of that is this site. Our money is being devalued and our seniors can't afford to live but at least we know what color Britney's panties are. Such a shame.

1995 days ago


And another thing. Ron Paul will always be looked down on and spit on. He will always be ridiculed. Not because he's wrong. Its because hes right. Thats what is scaring me about the direction this nation is heading.
As the Doctor/Veteran/Statesman said,"Truth is treason in an empire of lies."

1995 days ago


Why would anyone say anything bad about the good doctor. Just when you thought TMZ couldn't go any lower........look out below.

1995 days ago
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