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Carrie Prejean -- So Now Who's the Boob?

5/11/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean was over 18 when she took those topless photos, so the story she was a minor isn't true -- at least according to a pageant official.

We got hold of an email from one of Prejean's former sponsors (we were asked not to use his name). He says Carrie took the pics after she had breast enlargement surgery -- the surgery was January 6, 2009. The sponsor says after the surgery, Carrie actually sent him one of the pics and asked "if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA pageant." Carrie turns 22 in a week.

We've seen 4 topless pics of Carrie. She signed several contracts with the pageant saying she never had semi-nude pics taken. She could be de-crowned because she lied. But don't count on that. Donald Trump will make that decision tomorrow and the buzz is ... Carrie is staying put.

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No Avatar


Carrie is a standup girl who is strong enough to say what she believes and not what others want to hear.
Marriage is between a man and a woman.

1993 days ago


Where is the women's lib movement? Afterall, all she did was speak her mind and give her opinion. But liberals only support other liberals i guess. HYPOCRITES.......

1993 days ago

Señor Excremento    

She deserves to be cast out because she lied about these Christian photos of her. Trump will keep her because even he knows that even bad press is good press especially for his airhead pageant. She's lied about so much so far and she's a bigot. Wouldn't she have been a better state representative for Oklahoma or Alabama?

1993 days ago


Oh give me a break! 95% believe what she says? What rock are you under? Oh yeah! The psedo-Christian one. The girl is slime.

1993 days ago


She's beautiful and young. She sees herself as a piece of meat and she is out to cash in on all that can get her. She hasn't long to make the money as her replacement is barking at her heels. She has a beautiful pair of surgically augmented Christian breasts. Apparently Christ didn't get it right the first time, but He did give the skill to compensate for His neglectfullness to a plastic surgeon and the money to someone to pay for it. The joke is actually on us. Someone asked her a question and bothered to listen to what she said. She signed papers, literacy is a good thing, on which she lied, but is there any reason to believe that she understands the concept of veracity at least as it applies to her? Have we come so far along the road toward the female self-determination and independence that we cannot remember, and enjoy for als times sake, a female simply as an object of lacivious desire? .

1993 days ago

Dont really care about this . .. but    

To KevstarDanewir: if I was a political consultant advising right-wing and conservatives, I'd tell them to stick to a straightforward message like what both of you articulated. You made your point succinctly and, IMHO, in a way that doesn't turn off middle-of-the-road political moderates. I think it's fine to say "I'm for Carrie and for marriage between man-and-woman" -- but leave it at that. Where right-wing and many conservatives go wrong is that, after saying "I'm for Carrie and for marriage between man-and-woman" many then say and "I hate or don't like gays and lesbians and their agenda." See, I believe people in the center WANT to hear what you like or believe in, but they DONT give a wit about what angers you. Now, I am for letting gays and lesbians marry, so we clearly differ in that regard. But, I am also for political discourse that is free of anger and prejudice, and I think most middle-of-the-road-politically-independent Americans yearn for that, too. That's why the Republicans are shrinking, because they done too much fire and brimstone hate-like speech in the recent past.

1993 days ago


the only person that should be decrowned in this spectacle is perez hilton. that queen ought not only be decrowned but denounced then deloused so his parasite laden self never infects the media ever again.

1993 days ago

gregg kordelski    

Who cares what Mario jr thinks(Perez Hilton's given!) I agree with the hard truth...That girl is a Doll! Any normal
guy would be proud to have her arm anytime! I'm here and I'm NOT Queer! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to ascertain
that two male plugs DO NOT work! A male plug in a female socket is the ONLY CORRECT method! Perhaps micheal musto
and mario jr would do well to acknowledge that FACT! Deviants have been around since the dawn of time and NO SOCIETY has ever been sucessful and accepting of Deviacy as a"lifestyle". Miss California is not only pretty,but well spoken
too! Although I know her not,in the Biblical sense(I should be so I can guarantee that girl has no footprints on
her behind from being pushed out of bed. I don't know about the QUEERS as my parents taught us that some questions
were best left unasked.....nuff said!

1993 days ago


I don't think you right-wing nut jobs know what freedom of speech is. yes, you are free to speak your (limited) minds, but you seem to think that others have no right to disagree with you!!! freedom of speech is not a one way act of expression. if you say something offensive, racist, bigotted or rediculous, as often you do, be prepared to defend yourselves. other people have the right to say what they think of you, too!

1993 days ago


People who live in glass houses shouldn't f*cking throw stones!!!! How can a flamboyant homosexual such as perez hilton have the AUDACITY to bash anyone elses beliefs??? How in the hell can that fatass even be qualified to judge the Ms USA pagent?? This guy has no morals at all. He calls a lot of really hot girls fat and criticizes every little flaw that everyone else has, while overlooking his own. He is the epidemy of a "bitch". That question shouldn't have even been allowed in the pagent because it's a conflict of interest. Now his puppies are out to crucify Carrie. Fetch, TMZ staff, fetch, because you're all a bunch of Perez's sheep.

1993 days ago


Anyone who has plastic surgery has to have pictures taken. All of the Miss USA girls boobs look enhanced. The only reason people are pointng at her is becasue she stoop up for what she believes in. I am on her side.

1993 days ago


Mr. Hilton did nothing wrong, except call her the C word after the fact. The question was approved by the commtee. She just did not bother to answer it, only gave her "belief". Dumb is dumb, fake is fake. She wins this! And then the lies, oh my.

1993 days ago


Although Barack Obama has said that he supports civil unions, he is against gay marriage. In an interview with the Chicago Daily Tribune, Obama said, "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman." A beauty contestant winner is neither a policy maker, or breaker. The woman was giving her opinion. period. An opinion shared by our president. As for her scandalous pictures...anybody ever seen an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog?!!!...straining at gnats...

1993 days ago


In my opinion, the judge asked her "OPINION", not what America WANTS to hear. So I don't understand how she could possibly have answered incorrectly. Maybe the judge asked the question incorrectly and should be criticized for being a "MORON".

I believe the young lady is beautiful and if she did pose for these pictures - If you've got it, flaunt it!! I don't believe she did it for any reason other than to further her career.


1993 days ago


The real issue was that she was put on the spot by Perez 'the real BITCH' Hilton's question. He knew her answer would cause controversy. Thats why he asked it. He didn't like what she had to say so now he's whining about it. Why is she a 'Bitch' for expressing her beliefs?

1993 days ago
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