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Mario Batali -- Crockin' and Rollin'

5/11/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We had one minute with chef Mario Batali before he and his hideous orange Crocs jumped onto a moped and took off -- but that was enough time for him to give us a tasty recipe that even the cooking-challenged could master.

Mario Batali: Click to watch


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1990 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Somebody forgot to tell him he's in La-La Land NOT back home in ROME where orange plastic shoes, white socks and a Vispa scooter might be in fashion. You can't wear that in Hollyweird.

1990 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

plastic dust and all`kichen rule`s#1 I rule no other rules.Grease SPOON foot wear for sale att

1990 days ago


I don't think he wears crocs, I think they're clogs or something. He always wore those orange things even back in 2000, probably way before crocs even came out.

1990 days ago


oh that's awesome. he seems totally cool!
and those do look like clogs, with wooden bottoms.

1990 days ago

Big Dee    

I finally agree with TMZ on something. Those shoes are hideous, whatever they are. And he wears them with the white socks and shorts everywhere. He is revolting.

1990 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

At all movie theaters SOON very soon by porducer X staring PUKE star as his.her self and side kick 2 fast 4 u as drip pan.

1990 days ago


He is cool but has also been enjoying the culinary arts far too much. He's gotten unhealthily obese over the last few's got to be hard though, around all that great food and how does one resist? I sympathize.

1990 days ago


An orangy-albino fat slob wearing orange crocs does not an attractive man make.....

1990 days ago


A vile, hate spewing moron does not a decent human being make.
Why are people so rotten for no apparent reason?
I think he actually looks like he lost a bit of weight. He was much heavier a year ago. He lso seems genuinely nice.

1990 days ago

Anal bike guy    

Repeat after me - mopeds can only carry one person, scooters can carry two - there, that wasn't too hard was it?

1990 days ago


He and G. Paltrow went on a food tour awhile back for some network. I thought the same thing, he looks like he's lost a bit of weight. The shorts and organge clogs/crocs have been his signature trademark for years and years now. Most famous chefs have some type of famous trademark they're known for in addition to their cuisine.

1990 days ago


A moped is basically a bicycle with a motor--mopeds always have pedals. A scooter is basically a motorcycle on which you sit upright, with your feet in front of you, rather than straddle. Mopeds have very low top speeds, whereas there are scooters with top speeds equivalent to those of the fastest motorcycles. I'm just sayin.'

1990 days ago


he needs to give jenny craig a call.

1990 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Fruity CROcks fly N phats on fire yell N and scoot scoot sliding-#1 rule never ride nude OR you die lets play red light green light OH OH it`s yellow MY fave song wHAM DOA

1990 days ago
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