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Larry King Not Missin' Miss Cali

5/17/2009 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss California missed his show because she partied too hard the night before -- but Larry King ain't having it.

Larry King: Click to watch
We got the oft-suspendered talk show host in Beverly Hills yesterday, where someone was a little bitter about the "biblically correct" beauty queen pulling out.


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1963 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Are you kidding me? Carrie was smart to avoid this puppet of the liberals. Larry King is a talking head, and he would of done anything within his power to help destroy this girl. There is nothing impartial about this has been and Carrie served herself well to steer clear of him. Why even try to talk to liberal dems. There is an old saying, "you can't teach a pig to sing, you just waste your time and you annoy the pig". She really doesn't need to annoy Larry, does she?

1963 days ago


Is he an alien? That dude does not look human.

1963 days ago


To "Democrats are evil" poster:
You must not watch the Larry King Show. Larry never tries to "destroy" anyone as you say, and no one really knows if Larry is a democrat or a republican. He has guests from both sides and from all walks of life and he is always respectful and just brings out the best in people and finds out what they have to say. I don't see where your comment is coming from at all.

1963 days ago


See ya later Larry. That SOB deserves to be stood up. The last time that happened to King was the plastic Surgeon Dr. Adams. Then Adams showed up on another date. Big mistake.
Hey TMZ is Dr. Adams still operating?

1963 days ago


I wish I could visit your site just once without seeing some type of news story about dis "biblically correct" ho!! If i didn't know better, i would think this was perez hilton's blog.

follow me:

1963 days ago


Jesus, what is wrong with that interviewer? He can barely string a sentence together! TMZ why do you employ such dim-wits?

1963 days ago



1963 days ago

Linda Mott    

I know if she would have done the interview it would have been a problem. She should have not agreed to go on the show. She left him holding the bag. I think at this point she should just step down and go on the road. I hate to commit to anything, but if I do, I stand by my word. Someone advised her to break the date with Larry. She did herself more damage by cancelling.

1963 days ago


Wow u just always have to put that little "biblically correct" word in there don't u? & u want us to stop saying "That's so gay"? Ha now I'm gnna say it even more. F u TMZ

1963 days ago


So you can't quit Christian bashing. Why don't you try some good old fashioned Islamic bashing?? I am ALL FOR TMZ going to the mat with a good old fashioned Jihad from the Islamic groups. Lets see if they like your gay posture and your gay entitlement agenda?? By the way, what is so "gay" about being a homosexual?? Are YOU really so gay??

1963 days ago


Good for Carrie for standing up to you bullies in the media!

1963 days ago

Illinois person    

Demos are evil: Really, avoid Larry King Live? You mean she again didn't want to be put on the spot, don't you? After all, she wouldn't have had the support of her boss a la last week's press conference, would she? Then there's the matter of those live incoming calls. We know all to well she doesn't hold up under pressure especially when being asked a question, don't we? Here's another saying for you: A horse is a horse, of course of course, unless of course the horse of course is the lying, two-faced Miss Cali! Just look at Cali parading herself around like she's the actual winner of Miss USA. Some true Christian she is all while pushing the real winner out of the way to push her own personal agenda. Guess her grandfather taught her that too. If she really cared, she would only agree to do any and all talk shows so long as the actual winner can be invited on too. It's doubtful that the PIG (whom you've gone on about) is willing to do this, is she?

Helen: I quite agree with your comments about Larry King. He allows people to have their say whatever it is. Case in point: He just had those awful Anthony's on his show and he's more than once had O.J. Simpson on his show. This is just the tip of the iceberg on whom he'll allow on his show. Not only this, unlike those morning shows whereby you have about all of 3 minutes to have your say, King's show allows you a full hour (less commercial time) to say what you want. You're right on the mark. She's said no 'cause she again would have come off like the fool she is.

And by the way to all Cali supporters, she's keeping her Cali crown and we know her stance on gay marriage and we also know she DID NOT WIN THE MISS USA TITLE. Therefore, what could she possibly have to say now? Not much it seems.

1963 days ago


""Posted at 9:57AM on May 17th 2009 by Illinois person""


1963 days ago

Bring it on    

Larry King is a dried up old man who is so out there it isn't even funny- an original thought would probably kill him off- Why are the liberals on here so defensive of Larry King? Could it be that they don't like one of their "kind" being called to the matt for being biased and hateful- Someone needs to tell Larry that his 15 minutes were up 30 years ago- either that or have his 75th wife dust him off, prop him up in a better outfit and feed him some original ideas- he is boring, trite, spiteful and yes my friends, BIASED- if he doesn't like your opinion on any matter be it gay marraige, abortion, gun rights he will try and embarass you and his screeners only allow callers to ask "soft" questions or questions that put the interviewee on the defensive- jeez, his screeners and callers sound alot like the White House Obama handlers and the liberal media asking Obama questions- Good God- media in this country is dead- go read a good classic novel and forget the near dead Larry King- he won't be around much longer anyway!

1963 days ago
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