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Miss California -- No Gay Talk This Time

5/26/2009 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanThere was a time when Miss CA USA Carrie Prejean wouldn't shut up about her stance on gay marriage -- but it seems those days are in the past.

Miss "biblically correct" was quieter than a church mouse after California's Supreme Court upheld Prop 8 today -- which makes only "opposite marriages" legal, for now.

When asked for a comment on the issue, Carrie's reps issued the following statement: "No comment."


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Trump gave her the 15 minutes of fame. Be gone with her. There must be other news than her again.

1977 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Can she get rewarded with a better pic, then?

1977 days ago



the media replaying the same clip over and over and over and over and over doesn't mean SHE won't shut up about the gay marriage thing.

She has an opinion shared by millions of people ... other people have a different opinion. too bad so sad, get over it.

Also, stop harping on the "Opposite" marriage thing.

Same sex marriage is called that because it consists of two people of the SAME sex.

If a man and a woman are getting married, they're of the Opposite Sex... thus Opposite sex is not incorrect. God you people are duches.

1977 days ago

Glass Houses    

It's amazing how vicious you chode lickers can be when someone exerts their protected right of free speech..Suck it TMZ.

1977 days ago


This woman is Biblically correct? - i don't think so.

1977 days ago


I forgot I was at TMZ for a minute. I thought I was on Perez Hiltons site due to all the crying by the TMZ crybaby that keeps bringing this up. She had an opinion backed by the voters of California and now by the supreme court. Why aren't you plastering their pics all over your site. how come your not hanging Obama out to dry, he shares the same opinion. Get over and move on..

1977 days ago


I'm so sick of people acting like this woman makes policy or holds any power whatsoever over anyone. She's just one American with one opinion. SO WHAT? Because you don't agree with her means you need to harass and belittle her? Pathetic.

1977 days ago


It appears TMZ is the one that won't shut up about her. Leave it alone, leave her alone...move on.

1977 days ago


good too see this bitch finally learned how to keep her damn mouth full of hate shut.
now all she needs to do is learn how to keep her clothes on, and she wont be a filthy whore

1977 days ago


Well, it's about time she decided not to comment about this topic.....

1977 days ago


TMZ ran story after story after story after story on Prejean, yet SHE'S the one who won't shut up about it? Good Lord, TMZ. You guys were hardly professional to begin with, but now you're about as pathetically hypocritical as a "news" organization can get. TMZ's whine about Prejean "not shutting up" = EPIC FAIL

1977 days ago


good too see this bitch finally learned how to keep her damn mouth full of hate shut.
now all she needs to do is learn how to keep her clothes on, and she wont be a filthy whore

Posted at 9:22PM on May 26th 2009 by rick

When are you going to learn to keep your damn mouth full of hate shut? When your boyfriend jams something in it as usual?

1977 days ago


Since it "came out" what a hypocrite this chick is, nobody wants to hear from her at all.

1977 days ago


I'm wondering why this woman has received so much ridicule because of her personal beliefs? She is an American citizen, with as much right to believe as she does, as the next person. So what, she doesn't believe gays and lesbians should have the right to marry?! She is entitled to believe that! Gays/lesbians want rights to live as they choose, love whomever they choose, so on....but everyone else be damned? Um...there's a word for that! It's called hypocrisy!

1977 days ago


I think it's funny that this girl is being slandered for speaking her beliefs when the constitution was based on free speach. If she had gotten up and praised same sex marriage, this girl would have been held in the utmost honor, but because she spoke how she truly felt and what her religion believes to be true, she has been crucified. When will people stop beating a dead horse when it comes to prop 8? I'm so sick of protestors and people complaining that they can't get married here. If you want to get married so bad, MOVE SOMEWHERE WHERE IT'S LEGAL!!!!!

1977 days ago
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