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5/29/2009 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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You tell em eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1787 days ago


Could someone teach this dumb bitch how to spell?

1787 days ago


Yess He's A Monster...Typical Black Guy!!!

1787 days ago


it's YOU'RE NOT YOUR!!!!! Chris Brown may be a beater but Eve sure knows how to beat the English dictionary

1787 days ago


Twitterless Eve: Not Tweeting About Chris Brown!
Today 3:25 PM PDT by Marc Malkin

Don't believe tabloid claims that Eve has taken to her Twitter page to bash Chris Brown.

Reports surfaced earlier today that the rapper-actress has been blasting the alleged Rihanna-beater with some emotionally charged and strongly worded tweets.

"He's guilty until proven innocent and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman," one of the tweets says. "I'm so sick of people kissin' his ass."

Problem is Eve isn't a member of Twitter Nation.

"Eve doesn't Twitter—ever!" her rep tells me. "It is not her who tweeted about Chris Brown."

Eve's camp is currently working on trying to get the fake Twitter page taken down.

1787 days ago

hate her    

People are just trying to fan the flames because Rihanna is being made to testify and everybody will figure out how guilty she was in all of this.

Despite what you might feel about Rihanna, she is just as wrong in all of this as Chris is. It is not o.k. for girls to hit boys either. People should not excuse her just because she is a girl. I know that a man has greater upper body strength, but we really, truly just don't know what happened, that's just the truth. I've even heard people say that she squeezed his testicles, now you know that is painful.

Yes, she was injured, but we don't know how it happened and that part really does matter. If she did something to cause great bodily pain to him (like squeeze his testicles for example) then what in the world was he supposed to do. If a person is holding on and won't let go, you are going to get them off of you in any way that you can. That's just a snenario, but the truth is that we don't know, and she really was not injured that bad.

1787 days ago


For one whoever made the comment of typical black guy u need to stop with the racist stuff for real. There are plenty of males in different races that raise their hands on a woman don't u do say nothing like that. To be honest u are just as brown is probably young and immature. It doesn't matter we will never know what happen and to be honest it's none of our damn business anyways. As Eve said a man should never raise his hand on a woman regardless of what happened they should walk away any respectable man know that. (Period)

1787 days ago

Noemi A    

HAHAHAHA!! You go Eve! Im sick of celebritys being friendly with him like he did nothing wrong. I hope you carreer only falls from now on. I wish Chris would read this so he can see how stupid he is for messing up his carreer by doing what only a monster would. Dumb ass boy.

1787 days ago


Never paid much attention to this girl, but I like what she said. Why is Chris Brown getting off so easy (in the press, that is, and from his fans). I bet if this were Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson or Will Smith, Tom Cruise or, to be equal opportunity, Reese Witherspoon their careers would flatline so fast they wouldn't know what hit them!

1787 days ago


woot woot finally a celebrity with gotta love honesty

1787 days ago

hate her    

The celebrities who are in the in-crowd, ( EVE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THAT BUNCH) know what really happened in that car. It's not that they are so forgiving, it's that they know the truth.

Just taking a look at her writing skills, I see why her 6 month long TV show was such a flop. She must have done all of the writing and the editing.

The truth ts that Rihanna attacked Chris while he was driving and everybody knows it. That's why people are supporting Chris. Trust me, I know. She's really not worthy of your worship.

1787 days ago


Speaking as someone who's been in Chris Browns shows but never prosecuted, because I grew-up & started dealing with things like a Man & not a Man-child, I saw his video and sadly see that he hasn't learned a thing, Calling people who point out the obvious haters, etc., tells me therapy for him is useless until he's ready to get real & with the problem for what it is. Get rid of the dishonest ass-kissers he has around him, & maybe he can fix the problems he has.

1787 days ago


You people criticizing her 'spelling' are naive and ignorant. Regardless of whether it's the real Eve or not, Twitter has limited characters in the messages you're allowed to send out so most people try to shorten as much as possible. Perhaps you should search for said logic yourself before looking stupid.

1787 days ago

Carrys F.    

She could use a grammar refresher. Even with the shortcuts, her grammar is TERRIBLE. That's pathetic.

1787 days ago


Eve's publicist already released a statement saying that Eve doesn't even have a twitter account....

1787 days ago
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