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Tone Loc -- I Was On Fire!

5/29/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tone LocSometimes Tone Loc is too hot for his own good -- 'cause that's exactly what the rapper claims caused him to pass out at a live concert early this morning.

Sources extremely close to the rapper say Tone "dropped from the heat -- no other factors involved. He was exhausted from travel (over 8 hours of layovers) and the club was humid and about 85 degrees ... really bad scene."

There are reports Tone suffered a seizure, but according to our source, those claims are completely unfounded.

Loc was treated and released from a nearby hospital. He'll be back to performing songs he wrote 20 years ago in due time.


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Glad to hear.... Tone is a LEGEND for those of us old enough to appreciate him. WHAT A VOICE!

1952 days ago


How many songs has the staff at TMZ EVER wrote. He may have been a somebody,but you guys will always be NOBODYS!!!! It must reall suck to be the kids no one wanted to hang with.

1952 days ago


What a wimp. 85 degrees? that is acold front here in Houston!!

1952 days ago

Parents learn to entertain your own kids.    

I wouldn't call him a wimp...but it is like a cold front here in houston...Lawd I wish it will cool down some here. Oh well school, out for the summer! Yeah Babe.

oh yeah back to Ton--take it easy bro we getting old, can't push it to much unless you doing the WILD THANG!

1952 days ago


Well first of all..... Tone Loc did a show in Los Angeles on Thursday with MC Hammer, Coolio and Slick Rick....then another show on Friday and on Saturday with L L Cool J And then another show on Sunday in Arkansas...and back to Los Angeles... and out gain on Thurday morning...Los Angeles to Florida.... I'm exhausted just thinking about it... However, with humidity...and those hot lights beeming on you for a hour.... different strokes for different folks... I know I would have passed out too... Gob Bless you Tone.... You always put on a great show...seen you in Vegas last month... Take Care....

1952 days ago


I was at this concert last night. He got through about 6 songs and hit the floor. It was crazy. But you should know that his manager reproted to the pensacola news journal that it took him 12 hours to get to Pensacola, so there is no way possible that he had 8 hours of layovers. it's not a 4 hour flight to Pcola. It takes 4 hours from Houston to Vegas. So you do the math. And I also think that "oh it's hot and humid" is BS. They said it was only 85 degrees last night with 85% humidity. That equal to about 95 degrees in Cali weather. Oh and P.S., Capt'n Fun's Beach Club is exactly that- on the beach with the wind blowing. There is something more to this story. He was pouring sweat before he even started performing.

1952 days ago

Igor Loves Green Cheese    

It looks like he had a case of the "Funky Cold Medina!"

1952 days ago


I was standing right there too. He did have a seizure, he was shaking and twitching like jello. When he came to he was combative with the cops and emts.

1952 days ago

Pensacola Beach Florida resident    

The concert was held at Captain Funs Beach Club on Pensacola Beach Florida. I was attending the concert and i can confirm that Tone Loc did have seizures on stage.

1952 days ago


I was on the same flight with him fron Atlanta last night. I was right behind him checking in at the gate and heard him chatting with one of the pilots about playing in Pensacola later. When we arrived at baggage claim about 8pm I got my bag off of the carosel and turned to see him on the floor. Within a minute or so several cops were around him as well as his friend who was traveling with him. The cops seemed more concerned than his friend. This must be a regular occurence. There was an ambulance pulling up as I got in my car to leave the terminal. Hope he's OK.

1951 days ago


That 85 degrees & FLORIDA's humidity ---- makes it feels like 95 degrees.
and if u don't believe me, please visit us now & stay in a home without A/C.
you wouldn't last the day.

Florida --- the rules are different here .

1951 days ago


glad tone loc is fine and well, Im from p'cola and live in south florida now and had the privelage of no a/c for 2 weeks and it was not fun. to all you others who dont get it ,yeah 85 may not be much but its florida hello humidity and capt fun it gets hot/humid in that place so I can understand!! I know people who work at the hospital and I know they are hell bent on protecting his records and punishing anyone trying to take a looksy. funky cold medina, yea boy

1948 days ago


Tone-Loc is the greatest. I know him personally and love his music. I hope everything is well with him.

1908 days ago

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