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TMZ's Show Us Your Dark Side -- Final 5!

6/1/2009 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lord of the dark army must be chosen -- so that he or she may finally enjoy the perks of gloom and doom -- a $250 prize and goth gifts from Marilyn Manson! Choose wisely!!!

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Goth is stupid. Boring white kids think that can't be part of a group think they are deep because they seem depressed. Get a clue. Jog, hit the gym, eat some red meat, get a decent haircut, buy some clothes that someone did not throw away. If you are a fat girl being goth does not make you look skinny, it just reinforces the fact that you do not care about yourself. If you are a skinny pale white boy, you would do a lot better if you just got some sun and maybe bought a decent car.

1933 days ago

F*CK Mayweather!!    

OMG!! the one with the dilated pupil "goth" is not a goth. she is a wanna be. Goth and emo is different!! fraken guy is cool but I doubt that its his everyday looks like that everyday. if anybody is real its the naked guy and the green girl.


1933 days ago


Come on, Abbie nr° 15 is the best one,who baths every day in blood and through her make-up her skin has never seen the sun! So she has no other way, than drinking also blood to get vitamin D! ^^

1933 days ago


seems "grottesca" entered pics of herself at least twice. first the runner-up "dilated pupil pic" and she is also in at photo # 48/208. looks more like a european hair model magazine lay-out, than goth/emo/idjit and so NOT very original at all.

i won't vote for any of them, they all look ridiculous and really i think, people are sick and tired of this out-dated non-conformist look, there are so many of you geeks walking/sulking about, that its not even original anymore, so you all ended up looking the same after all and not like the individual "rebel"/"anarchist" wannabes that you pretend/wish to be. LMAO!

1933 days ago


I'm not voting on any of these. There were much better pictures in there than these 5

1933 days ago


Ok I'm kinda bummed cuz i don't agree these are the best "Dark side" pics. Green and Angel should not have made it in my opinion and Franken and Angel both look too costume. Look at #93. That guy is the freakiest darkest one of the lot. Also, Can't you randomize the cover photo somehow? They always seem to win. It was fun though, kept my attention. Manson was wise to advertise like this. Who did Marilyn think is the winner? If he put another ad/opinion on here explaining his feeling on the contestants, It would be good marketing and interesting reading for us.

1933 days ago


Ok the creepy girl in the corn should have made it lol...Every week the top pics stink...TMZ...who picks these?

1933 days ago


The dilated pupil goth isn't even a goth and the pic looks photoshopped in a big way. I don't think that naked PERVERT deserves to win, he just looks like he needs to be arrested before he molests a kid or something. The Franken Goth is covering his face, that shouldn't count. Plus he looks like he's in the middle of some sick human-sacrifice ceremony. The only two real contenders here IMO should be GREEN GOTH AND ANGEL GOTH. And at least they don't look like serial killers.

1933 days ago


ok, the final 5 for this contest are NOT goth in ANY way....what the hell? There were better contestants for sure....this contest would be fair if Manson himself picked the final 5, BUT, the final 5 TMZ selected....they are the furthest thing from goth....why not take Dolly Parton & put a black wig on her & call it's the same sorta thing as these final 5 pics...lame on top of lame....I guess it's the most you could expect from TMZ, what do they even know about Goth? In all honesty, Marilyn Manson isn't even a "real" goth in my opinion...he has elements of goth but Manson is more glam than goth...he stole from Bowie, Alice Cooper & KISS for crying out loud!!!!!

1933 days ago


Only the Green Goth and Angel Goth look real. The rest of them just look like satanists, or, in the case of the dilated pupil goth, photoshopped wannabe's. Plus she's just plain ripping off Marilyn Manson's look. I really don't like that naked d-bag. If he would send in a picture like that, he can't be right in the head. God knows what he'd be capable of. I really don't want to see him or grotesca win. Here's my order of best to worst: 1. Angel 2. Green 3. Franken 4. Pupil 5. Naked..............

The two guys look like serial killers. They would probably eat your child. NO THANKS! Vote for one of the other girls!!! And please don't let that ridiculous Manson wannabe win!!!!

1933 days ago


Could you imagine being the mother to either of those 2 guys? One hangs out in his bathroom naked, in bondage gear. Nice. And the other, "Mom, what's there to eat? I gotta go, I'm gonna be late for the human sacrifice."

1933 days ago


If any of my kids came home looking like either of those two guys, I'd have them carted off to the mental institution faster than you can say Marilyn Manson.

1933 days ago


The more I think about it, I think the Green Goth is the only one that looks like an actual Goth here. Doesn't the one with the eyes look photoshopped? That isn't really fair, is it????

1933 days ago


5. Interesting 5. It's hard to choose because there are so many different sub-styles for 'goths'. Though I'd have to say Grottesca seems to be the only one who has a truly interesting look. Slytherin girl looks like hot topic threw up on her, the naked dude is.. creepy, the franken goth looks like it's pretty much a halloween gig or something, and the fairy girl.. well I'll be damned if there isn't a million carbon copies of THAT.

P.S. Comment above me, I think you need a small lesson in grammar. The usage you're looking for is 'you're', not 'your'. You're not speaking of possession. And it's funny that you're hating on Grottesca because I don't think she alone can pull in 67% of some 4,000 votes. :)

Posted at 2:57PM on Jun 1st 2009 by serial thriller


Sorry Serial Killer, but I think you need a lesson in grammar here. The proper grammar here would be "if there AREN'T (not isn't) a million copies of that"

1933 days ago


Hmm...I really like the idea behind the fallen angel girl's picture.

I think it makes for an interesting justaposition of good vs. evil, since she looks very dark and provacative, while she has fallen into the most innocent of places; a child's treehouse. She definately has my vote...and probably Marilyn Manson's, too, since he is interested in combining opposites.

Grottesca, to me, looks very much like a "Mansonite"...a wannabe who tries to look EXACTLY like Marilyn Manson; right down to the colored contact lenses. The Harry Potter girl seems a lot more "scene" than "goth"...I don't think it really works for this. I think that the frankenstein/zombie guy kind of missed the point...that's not goth, it's just weird. The naked guy is...interesting, to say the least, but not really what I'd call goth. The fallen angel girl seems the most gothic to me, and I think that she can pull off the look without seeming "costume" she has my vote.

1933 days ago
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