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Stoned Cold Fox? Megan Hopes to Legalize Weed

6/9/2009 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan FoxMegan Fox desperately wants to buy some weed -- but only if she can get it legally.

In a seriously blunt conversation with GQ, the 23-year-old swore that if the U.S. Gub'ment legalized the sticky stuff, she'd be the "first person in line to buy a pack of joints."

Fox then added, "I can't tell you how much bulls**t I've been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed."

"People look at it like it's this crazy, hippy, f**ked up thing to do. And it's not. I hope they legalize it."

Fox then grabbed a bongo, some Funyuns and a hacky sack and took off for the nearest drum circle.


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It certainly couldn't make her any more stupid.

1899 days ago


Weed is okay...However I know someone that smoke daily and he gets confused as to what people say or do or their motivation. He misinterprets things in his relationships. It is a hinderence. Very much so.

1899 days ago

Brian Peppers    

I can't believe you people are so butt hurt that she smokes pot! So what?? This country is supposed to be about freedom, freedom of speech and the freedom to put into your body what you want! All you haters can go to hell, you're just jealous because you can never have a woman as hot as her and you have to go home and sleep with your ugly wives while thinking of being with her. Smoking pot is great, smoking pot with a gorgeous woman-priceless!

1899 days ago


I have hated everyhing about this girl... until today! If she thinks she is going to be the first in line, she must already be high!

1899 days ago

Bessie Lou    

If thats what she wants to be it. I'll be right behind her in line. To each his or her own. If them damn cancer sticks called cigarettes can be legal then why the hell cant weed?

1899 days ago


You know that guy at the football games who flip out, swearing with no concern about the people around him, and gets in a argument with another fan and threatens violence is on ............weed?..............alcohol? Yeah alcohol is a drug.

Alcohol is more dangerous, causing more disease, accidents, and violence and ruins families is legal. Regulated by the government.
Weed gives you the munchies.... And has medicinal benefits for people suffering from Glaucoma, Chronic Pain, anxiety.....
We've been brainwashed. It's the "gateway" drug. Oh please......the government won't budge. Just like a parent who can never admit they made a mistake, and will never apologise to their child. Just Because.

1899 days ago


What are we waiting for ? The gov't can tax it - issue growers permits - etc.
but NOOOO instead lets be in hock to china, india, etc & piss away our kids
future b/c oh no it's a gateway drug - Bull -
after 70 some odd years of prohibition ---- **** Legalize it **** -

1899 days ago


tranny likes weed.

1899 days ago


She was starting to totally annoy me but now she's back in my good graces! I agree with legalizing, although it will cost me more money, but the benefits are numerous. If everyone in the US got a wee bit HIGH - we'd all get along soooo much better and just chill!

1899 days ago

Give me a break    

Some of you people need to get over it, I smoke pot she smokes pot a lot of people smoke pot, big deal.

1899 days ago


I just lost some respect for her. I will be doing a lot more with my life than any pothead will ever do. By the way, making money by acting and singing doesn't count, because it doesn't require a lot of neurons to do that.

1899 days ago


She's Dumb.

1899 days ago

Michelle CJ    

I love the addition at the end. Ha. That's the only part that really mattered. The part that wasn't true. (:

1898 days ago

todd lissner anti adult activist    

thats cool of her,people alwayz take much flack 4 standing up 4 wats right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEGALIZE IT!!!!!cant she get 1 of those legal medical weed cardz though from a doctor???i bet its easier if your famous!!

1892 days ago


She can do whatever she wants because she's hot as hell. I'm not going to say if I smoke weed or not on the internet with all these dirty pigs trying to catch everyone that smokes weed rather than worrying about more important stuff like meth and hardcore drugs like that. But I'm totally down for legalizing marijuana. People need to start realizing that it doesn't lead to other drugs. I knew this guy who smoked almost everyday and every hour of his life and he never was pressured into any other kinds of drugs. He was the niced guy in the world. He never killed anyone. He was very polite. People who think this are just dumb asses. There are so many benifits of legalizing marijuana people we need to just start being dumb and vote yes to legalize weed. There are worse things, start realizing it, and quit being scared of it. Alcohol is far worse than weed. Let's just face the facts that it will soon be legal in the U.S. VOTE YES!!!!

1885 days ago
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