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High Times Mag.

Puff, Puff,

Pass to Megan Fox

6/10/2009 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Megan Fox speaks, men listen -- even if they're stoned.

Megan Fox
The folks over at High Times magazine got their pot prayers answered when Megan Fox told GQ she'd like to see marijuana legalized. Emerging from a cloud of smoke, the editors of HT have decided they need Megan in the mag -- STAT!!!

Senior Editor David Bienenstock tells us he's reached out to Megan's people about doing an interview -- and possibly even a cover. There's no denying it: The idea of Megan posing half naked with an assortment of pot paraphernalia is enough to turn anyone into a stoner.


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Whether it is legal or not people will continue to use the product. The amount of money that could be made is astounding if it were legal. Right now the cost is extremely high but if it were legal than farms would produce it in large quantities and possibly be as cheap as 3-6$ a pack. I've seen reports that we could expect around 75 billion $$$ a year in tax revenue not to mention the number of jobs to produce, manufacture, and distribute the product. Also the amount of money we spend per year in the police field to fight this "drug" problem could be used for other more dangerous drugs. I don't think we should stop the drug or even the anti weed programs in school, it will still do the children some good. Also, I won't argue that it's not a drug, no different than any other drug in that sense. Alcohol and caffeine are no different as they produce and effect and an addiction. I've seen people quite smoking weed faster and easier than trying to stop drinking soda.

People who like to argue that people who are high are more likely to kill people driving, I must say you are correct but ignorant as well. Like any drug, legal or illegal, using any motor vehicle should be prohibited, whether it be alcohol, weed, or a prescription. The effects of good outweigh the effects of bad in my overall opinion of the drug. To the people who assume that I must smoke weed to defend it you are wrong. That is something I don't do but I honestly can't argue that alcohol be legal and weed not. So either we legalize weed or we ban alcohol; but I'm sure you know what happened last time we did this.

1959 days ago



I didn't even LIKE Megan before, now I DO!!!

Viva La Mota y Viva Fox, La Maldita!

pero, that being said...High Times is a tool for the government! They set it up for the purpose of getting inside the counter culture to spy on, control, and arrest fellow Americans. Boo, high times stooges!

heh....actually, I don't really know this for a fact, but I suspect it. For some reason I get a little paranoid once in a while...usually right before Family Guy comes on...and then I get a little hungry.

and si, I worship FLOON the party god who created beautiful crystaline BUDS!

Yours with love,


1959 days ago

hell with them all    

#5 your and ass it is not dangerous only if you play with guns. #15 your right cigarettes and boozes not to say money will ruin a marrage. I never wanted to do any harder drug while ENJOYING my high. Never had a clouded head or wanted to get higher. All in how you handel your life.

1959 days ago


who in gods name are you .to tell anyone what to do grow up .

if you dont have anything nice to say keep your concervative boring behind at home.
You know nothing about this subject .

we smokers will win in the end.
it did not kill the Dutchman ..

while it may save the american way assho;le

it may halp even you.

1959 days ago


Megan Fox...good looking on the outside...ugly on the inside.

Something to think about for all those that want to "do" her is to put some thought into "You will be having sex with everyone that she has slept with" and that is a frightning thought.

At least you'll know why your "ball and chain" rotted and fell off.

1959 days ago


Well, it's official, Megan Fox is the SEXIST woman alive!! She is a hot bisexual pothead, she just knocked out Kate Beckinsale as my dream girl!
Now to address the legalization issue, LEGALIZE IT!!!! Granted yes pot is considered a drug and therefore must be bad, but you have to remember one thing, who classifies something as a drug? The government, and they gave pot a class 1 rating while cigarettes are a class 2 and alcohol a class 3, but yet those are legal! The only reason pot is still illegal is because the people fighting against won't open their minds enough to way the pros and cons, because if they did this would not be an issue. The government has been testing the affects of pot on the body since the 50's and guess what, they are still trying to prove it hurts you, and they can't! In these economic times everyone needs to get over themselves realize that legalizing pot could really help the economy! So lets try and get our President to take another look at legalizing it, and maybe this time he can do it with a more serious and objective view instead of just laughing at the majority who voted him into office!

1959 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

#5 is a complete Douche bag!!!

1959 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Megan Box has the best sticky!

1959 days ago

Brian Peppers    

I'd love to get high with Megan! Love you girl!

1959 days ago

Responsible Tax Payer    

Legalize it. Treat it like alcohol plain and simple. End black market and violence.

I’m so sick of the Gateway Drug Argument. Alcohol is the ULTIMATE GATEWAY DRUG. It’s probably 90% of people’s first buzz. And if they like it, the want more. None of my successful friends that smoke got into heavy drugs like coke.

It's a shame that the people who get addicted and kill themselves with crack & cocaine get wrapped in the same category as an adult that want to smoke a joint on a Friday night..... What a weird world.

Once it’s legal it will be exciting for the first 3 months. After that, the people who smoke now, will probably smoke the same amount. And the people who won’t, simply won’t. Not much will change.

And if treated like alcohol. Kids will have as much access to it as a 6 pack of beer. In otherwords, if regulated, kids can’t get it.

So legalize it. And to the folks that say NO and that have never done it, what right do they have to judge it?

1959 days ago


Okay, TMZ, we get it - you think Megan Fox is hot. Enough already!

1959 days ago


This girl has a giant size chip on her shoulder. She is the most negative person in virtually all of her comments. Legalizing pot - what a noble cause.

1959 days ago

Sue Wong    

I agree with the argument that alcohol and prescription drugs are worse. Though I'm not a pothead, I think they should consider legalizing it. I work with youth whose mothers drank too much while pregnant. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome it's called. They have cognitive problems and learning disabilities. Some are practically brain damaged. The gangs initiate them because they do what they're told. They have trouble functioning in society and on their own. I've seen alcohol destroy good lives. This is the first intoxicant teens are likely to use. Some prescription drugs are more toxic and dangerous than narcotics. The US government probably won't legalize in this life time though. They spent too much time preaching against weed to back track. It may be possible in the future. Who knows.

1959 days ago


#5 your and ass it is not dangerous only if you play with guns. #15 your right cigarettes and boozes not to say money will ruin a marrage. I never wanted to do any harder drug while ENJOYING my high. Never had a clouded head or wanted to get higher. All in how you handel your life.

This is why I don't want it legalized. We don't need more stupid, illiterate idiots in the US.

1959 days ago


to all of the Einstein community who practically reside on TMZ - you SMOKE marijuana, any SMOKE inhaled into your lungs is NOT GOOD. end of story... gang up on #5 all you want, but this little fact comes from someone who enjoys pot everyday. i'm just not in denial about the effects...get real. light up, but KNOW it's not good for your lungs, bitches.

1959 days ago
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