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Hulk Hogan Claims Linda Blows Alimony on Drugs

6/15/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan and Linda HoganHulk Hogan's legal team had a slew of witnesses attack Linda Hogan's character today -- because Hulk claims she's been wasting a lot of her 40k a month in temporary alimony on drugs.

A hairdresser named Tracy Morgan testified in Florida court this morning that Linda came into her salon and asked to have some checks cashed -- all because Linda needed some greenbacks in order to buy drugs. The hairdresser claimed Linda's favorite drug combo was pot and a painkiller called roxycodon.

Also, a truck driver testified he saw Linda snort blow on a boat -- and a postal worker claimed Linda wanted to buy a car from him without Hulk's attorneys finding out.

Hulk's legal team wants these witnesses to show Linda doesn't deserve the 40k a month.


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okay if she's using drung have the court take an in house drug test(in court house) if it comes out negative well damn leave her alone as for hulk get with thw program brother thats your kids mom the past is the past okay we all know you still love her so get counsiling n get back together if not go u way she goes her's n linda ur such a slut u cheated not him so take it b it's your fault as for the kids his daughter is a..... i'll keep that to my self but soon she'll be working that pool for real if she keeps going in her direction n the bro well i think being in jail staighten him out a bit but i cant say much he's still a lil kid, but damn y so much drama you know hulk is still hitting that a&^ lol lol lol

1919 days ago

Bubba Army Bubba Army    

Linda snorted oxycodone off of Nedley Mandingo III Crank as Ned gave her boy toy a two finger culdesac in he bum

1913 days ago


I don't care what nobody says. Hulk is the man. I'd give anything to have someone like him in my life. For as Linda goes. Let her go. And leave the kids out of it!

1913 days ago


Well from the way she looks I would think this story is true but everything will come out in the wash eventually.
Mother and daughter look like whores, they have a looser son and the dad needs to just go away.

1935 days ago


not gonna lie, if i was given 40k a month from my ex husband i would blow it on blow, weed, and pills myself. but i'm not an ugly skanky cradle robber like Linda. gross.

1935 days ago


Never heard of Roxycodone so I looked it up:
"roxycodone is oxycodone. it is the name brand given to 5mg oxycontin."
I've never heard anything good coming from using the drug. Yikes if this is true.

1935 days ago


I think the boyfriends name is Alimony and he meant she is blowing Alimony for dope.

1935 days ago

HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!    


1935 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

By looking at her face,I think it be true,she looks like a weed head,smoking with her young boytoy,some people never grow up

1935 days ago


YEAH! Something on TMZ without their 'bed-buddies' Speidi on it!

1935 days ago


Mr Steroids abuser wants his paid lairs to help him get Linda. What a sick SOB.

1935 days ago



1935 days ago

E. Martinez    

Hey Hulk, you just need to get over the fact that Linda DOESN'T WANT YOU ANYMORE!!!! You got jealous when she started dating a much younger man (good for you Linda, if men can do it, then why can't women??), of course, you got pissed when she left your nasty looking ass and now you're just trying to pay her back. Gee, what did he do. Did he put of an ad asking people if they ever saw Linda doing drugs? Just asking because I would like to know how or why these people came out of the wood work??? And even if this is true, does that mean that she's NOT ENTITLED to her spousal support??? Just like it's only HIS BUSINESS if he's using ROGANE, it's also just Linda's business if she's using drugs or not!! LOL about the Rogane and by the way, doesn't look like either he's using it and if he is, doesn't look like it's working!! Oh, poor Hulk...LOL I agree with one poster.... This family is jacked up. Mom and daughter both look like ho's and one's acting like it (Brooke) and the sons a poor excuse of a human being and Hulk, he just needs to GROW UP, get over it cause it's not making him look good. Here's an idea Hulk. Why don't YOU & DANNY BONA-DOUCHE BAG get together,have a few lap dances and then have a few drinks and CRY YOURSELVES A FREAKIN RIVER!!!!! Peace ;)

1935 days ago


I'd be shocked if anyone in the zoo they call a family isn't on drugs. I mean just look at them. You have to be high or out of your mind to want to do anything with these D-bags.

1935 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

I love Hulk. You have to listen to him sometime on Bubba. The guy is a really smart, decent and he happened to marry a money grubbing whore. But he's OK, really. I hope he bounces back from this hell his crazy soon to be ex wife is putting him through.

1935 days ago
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