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7/5/2009 3:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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R.I.P. Michael

1933 days ago


You recommend the nachos???

ARGH! that's all I can say! Get a grip you idiots, this is unbelievable..

Great society we live in...

1933 days ago

buddah 1000    

How can you celebrate a paedophile dieing. I say goodriddens.and I hope he rots in hell

1933 days ago


I think this whol thin is a complete farce.
Whatever anyone thinks of Michael Jackson love him or loathe him, the man was a musical genius and has hundreds/thousands fans world wide.
Here in UK we are reading that the family are split over this whole funeral thing. His brothers want a proper funeral posession where fans can throw their flowers as the herse passes and say their goodbye's, the service then burial(private)
The girls and mother who are supposedly deeply religious are going along with the current arrangement,. There is nothing respectful never mind religious about this whole thing, An 'entertainment center' for a memorial service? oh please.
I think his brothers have the right idea, it's how it should be done. As for the showbiz hype memorial service, they can still be done, afterwards. They could go ahead with the plans for a world wide tour or whatever. After the funeral.
Like I said, whatever people thought of him, he deserves better than this, The guy is dead now, if people really cared about him as we hear some say now, then maybe he would still be alive and we could enjoy his music for many more years.
RIP Michaelx

1933 days ago


I think it's appropriate for the best and greatest entertainer of the world to hold a service as it is programmed and go with a big bang. It's the only way to control the crowd. I'll be watching it on TV, crying my eyes out and wishing him peace. R.I.P. my sweet King of Music!!!

1933 days ago


What did I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Freaks. Go get some nachos and suk up your snotty noses

1933 days ago


I'll take a order of Nacho Supreme, hold the olives I would like a quart of bud light and extra hot sauce

1933 days ago

vile comments    


Shady ebayers who list memorial tickets are:

330342417920 (US $ 2,000)

390064869095 (starting at US $ 999,95)



Scroll down on the item page. There you find "Other option" (bold). Below there's a link "report this item".

Edit/Delete Message

1933 days ago


Come on down to the Staples Arena, and if you don't have a ticket , and wrist band, learn how to say this ...TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK, there
will be no place for you to park, so bring your electronic gear so you can watch the Memorial live from the comfort of your stuck car, breathing exhaust fumes and looking at tailpipes.

1933 days ago

Mary Uhlik    

Give the Family there wishes Ca. To bury Michael at Neverland. Look Steve Irwin was buried at his zoo. Others have been buried outside of the Cemetery. I think this another problem that Ca. wants to to hurt Michael one more time. Even Michael wishes that he wrote in his will should be Granted. No one Should contests it. Give the Man and his family Their wishes.

1933 days ago


I enjoy his music very much. It is wonderful. God bless Michael Jackson in the heaven.

It’s said that he had a personal account at the millionaire & celebrity dating club__ __. His fans are praying for him and talking about his music there. let’s join them and recall his life.

1933 days ago


I encourage EVERYBODY reading these posts to VOICE YOUR DISGUST to e-bay for not monitoring these ticket sells on e-bay. Craigslist has blocked people who are capitalizing on Jackson's death so why can't e-bay? You can bet they MUST have a monitoring system or anybody could post anything on their site (drugs, sex, etc.) so WHY AREN'T THEY STOPPING THIS SICK PROCESS going on in their website? I have already complained to e-bay and will file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center as well. Contact the L.A. attorney general, contact the LAPD, complain to the Federal Trade Commission - they have on-line complaint forms and you WILL BE HEARD.
I am not a Michael Jackson die-hard fan, though I am deeply saddened by this tragic loss to the world. I am simply speaking up for HUMAN DECENCY.

1932 days ago

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