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Jackson's Maid -- He Binged On Drugs

7/14/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonOne of Michael Jackson's former housekeepers told law enforcement the singer was often in such bad shape from drugs, his eyes would roll back in his head.

We've obtained documents from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department's 1993 investigation into allegations of child molestation. Kristina Fournier told deputies back then ... she saw syringes while she was employed at Neverland. Deputies asked her if she ever saw Jackson inject himself with a hypodermic needle -- she said no.

Fournier told deputies she was aware Jackson was under the influence of drugs and "under a doctor's care." Fournier said she saw doctors "come and go" at Neverland.

And Fournier said, on the subject of Jackson's drug addiction, "I think he had good periods and bad periods, and when he had a bad period, he had a bad period. Then he would get off (referring to drugs) and then it would start again."

Fournier said it was "well-known" among the Neverland staff that Jackson had a drug problem -- "Yes, and people would say, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head and he wouldn't know what he was talking about."

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This housekeeper is talkind about 1993..FFS...its 2009

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I love your site and I love hearing news about Michael and the family however stuff like this is ancient history (from 1993!!!)
and very very negative, don't you think?

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neo-I'm a recovering drug addict, I don't have a lot of money. Drugs don't care about your celebrity status. Drug addiction is not about status and celebrity. addiction is a disease. He may have been able to buy better drugs, but it's a disease. They could have tried to intervene, but it's ultimately up to the individual. He wasn't a shell. he was still a person. You along with everyone else are still making assumptions based on things that happened several years ago. Not one of these people have reported drug use in the last year or month. The only person who has mentioned any possible use of any drug was the nurse who said he asked her for diprivan and for her to administer it because he was afraid of needles, then Doctor Klein said he was self injecting demorol. So these two stories contradict themselves. How can one be afraid of needles and self inject? Whatever. Anyway, my point being is addiction is not about drugs, it's about addiction. whatever that addition may be, and he needed help. The people around him were enablers, plain and simple.. Which is sad.

1891 days ago

Joe Jackson    

Why has Jermaine Jackson have 8 kids with four different women?
Why does Joe Jackson have a love child?
Is there a pattern here?
Is it strange that MJ was not the biological father to his kids (if you were using a surrogate wouldn't it be normal to be the biological father/) and why are his kids white ? (wouldnt you want them to be the same race?)
I am really confused

1891 days ago


Working in the medical field myself, I know that it is possible for a human body to get accustomed to medications, thus prompting the need to increase the amount for it to work until you reach a point where no matter how much you take won't make a bit of difference as a body eventually growns immune to it. The one thing about all these allegations of multiple and excessive drug use/abuse that Michael "supposedly" had and the "huge amounts of prescription drugs" that he was "supposedly ingesting" should have killed him Long Ago medically. And let's not forget the fact that many drugs CANNOT be combined with others due to adverse side effects and even death. So all this stuff about him taking all these diffrent drugs together and religiously seems just a bit far fetched IMHO.

I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since he first started with the Jackson 5 (I'm 2 years younger than him) and all thru his Solo career and up to now and always will be. And although inner and emotional pain can cause you to do a lot of things you never thought you would do, but anthing is possible, just medically questionable/impossible.

If you want to have an unbiased read of Michael Jackson, look him up on Wikipedia. They state just the facts, good and bad. RIP Michael, your extrodinary talent and generosity will be missed.

1891 days ago


i want a life with michael in the grave. do you mind?

1891 days ago


Wow, what a sick society. It was normal until recently that the whole family slept in one bed. In some societies it is still like that. I did it with my family. It is very good for you and gives you lot of energy. He only did that. And our sick society turned and twisted everything. I am not astonished he became a drug addict with those people around him. And this man that did this movie "Living with Michael Jackson" did the final killing of him. When i think about the innocence he talked about the children in his house, and what they did with this information, i cry. I cry and hope, he is in a better place now.

1891 days ago

lisa lee    

He was very talented; however, he had a drug addition; this explains alot like sunglasses ALL THE TIME! I think if the family and even Michael had truly admitted it - the probing into his lifestyle would have died by now, however, the family as well as his friends are trying to deny it and that's driving everyone crazy. He' no different from Jimmy Hendrix, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, all great entertainers however, drug addicts. Instead of the Jackson family denying anything they could truly turn this around as positive - speaking out against drugs etc. It's like everyone wants to "NOT ADDRESS HIS ADDICTION" - which is not right - the media said that he was an "ICON" however, I do not want my child to grow up like him nor be like him - I want her to RUN FAR AWAY FROM DRUGS AND THE "SO CALLED" FRIENDS that are trying to expose her to this type of lifestyle - 'THANKS BUT NO THANKS - ULTIMATELY It was Michael Jackson that decided to take drugs, use friends/employees' to get the drugs - paying doctors over the top money to get his hands on the drugs - let's get real if you had someone paying you top dollar for something that is illegal - how many would truly say "NO"
Everyone wants to paint Michael Jackson as the victim - no he used his fame and fortune to get the things that he wanted included drugs - so who's really the victim? I truly love his music / however, as a community we can no longer turn a deaf ear to drugs and what happens when you are an addict which includes Michae Jackson - NOT HATING JUST KEEPING IT REAL. STOP ENABLING THE SITUATION - AND BE REAL - HE WAS AN ADDICTED - NOW CAN YOU TRULY SAY THAT HE'S AN ICON?

1891 days ago

truthfully yours    

And to think this junkie was raising 3 kids, that weren't even his. Where was the child welfare during the time when he was under investigation? Did they examine the children? Have they been tested accidemically? He was home schooling them??? How could he? I'm tired of hearing that he was murdered, or that all these people enabled him...If he had not been asking for the stuff, he wouldn't have had it. He could have been another musical genius, not a dead junkie. Plenty of celebrities have terrible upbringings, and still become "normal" adults...Hopefully those kids can begin to emerge from the crazy upbringing. With the Jacksons or Rowe raising them, it doesn't look good, though.

1891 days ago


TO MJ 4FOREVER - I don't trust anything Wikipedia says

1891 days ago


I get that you want to reveal info before everyone else. But as I recall in 1993 he admitted to having a problem and when to rehab. He postpone the remaining of his Dangerous Tour to go to Rehab. What surprise me is why after discovering all of these stuff, an investigation wasn't started into all these doctors? Did had to wait until a person like Anna Nicole Smith or Michael Jackson dies to understand that prescription drugs are dangerous and that there should be a computerized monitoring systems.

Yes, Michael Jackson was an adult and should be responsible for his actions, but according to the rumors he was also an addict. Addicts usually do anything they can to get drugs and as long as the people around them keeps enabling them, they will continue to do so. All, these people who knew then and now. Where were they?

My only wish, is that people would let the guy die and be buried. This digging into his past does not do any good for him or for anyone else. Give the guy the dignity you refused to give him in life.

1891 days ago


Let's see... MJ, the wonder dad was either wasted or 'sleeping'.....

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1891 days ago
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