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Items Seized in Michael Jackson Case

7/23/2009 8:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayWe now have a copy of the law enforcement document listing the items seized yesterday at Dr. Conrad Murray's medical office in Houston.

The items include 1 vial of Phentermine (weight loss drug), 1 vial of Clonazepam (a muscle relaxer), a photocopy picture of Dr. Murray, Rolodex cards, public storage receipts, bio info on Dr. Murray, emails from Stacey Howie (we do not know who that person is), and a Rolodex card with Fed Ex information.


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I agree with your post Deb, that LAPD has screwed up. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they let MJ's house be compromised. It makes absolutely no sense. And it bugs the sh*t out of me, because perhaps now we will never really and truly know what happened to MJ in his final hours.

1919 days ago


Hey Chico! Yeah, we talked about that the other night and I looked it up, very interesting. The only thing that makes me doubt that theory as far as MJ is because there have been several people (Dr. Klein and the nurse among them) who have stated that MJ used it for insomnia, and that he used to travel with an anesthesiologist who administered it to him. Plus, if recent reports are correct, they found massive amounts of Demerol in him, too. Why would he want to use propofol to detox if he had just taken a bunch of Demerol? Propofol only puts him to sleep, he would need Narcan to reverse the Demerol????

1919 days ago


to hottopics. You are absolutely right. They are showing to the whole world what they really made of.

1919 days ago

Tray Bowie, MD    

Is it just me? But everytime I see Dr. Murray's photo, I think of Candyman.

1919 days ago


I haven't heard anymore about it lately but the family was waiting for the death certificate to be signed so they could get a burial permit. The final death certificate hasn't been signed yet because you know the press would be all over that! Maybe that is what they are waiting for, and these reports of fighting over where to bury him are irrelevant? Maybe they can't bury him yet??? I dunno, just wondering that myself.

1919 days ago

The Truth    

I feel so sorry for this guy ..all he was trying to do was give michael what he wanted..He did nothing wrong..

1919 days ago


LMAO! Tray.....

1919 days ago


1.Murray" rented the unit April 1, according to Lyon, and while he never visited it personally, others from his clinic did six times - the last time the morning of Jackson's death."

2.Phentermine - known in medical books not to be given to drug addicts..... and the world knew michael was one...

Megastar Micheal Jackson abruptly canceled his "Dangerous" worldwide tour and went into seclusion after admitting on an audiotape that pain from a burn injury in 1984 as well as allegations of sexual abuse have caused him to become addicted to painkillers.

Jackson said in the tape that he began using painkillers reconstructive surgery for the burn he suffered in 1984 while filming a PepsiCola commercial.

"As I left on this tour, I had been the target of an extortion attempt, and shortly thereafter was accused of horrifying and outrageous conduct," Jackson said.

"I was humiliated, embarrassed, hurt and suffering great pain in my heart. The pressure resulting from these false allegations coupled with the incredible energy necessary for me to perform caused so much distress that it left me physically and emotionally exhausted. I became increasingly more dependent to the painkillers to get mo through the days of the tour," he said. "My friends and doctors advised me to seek professional guidance immediately in order to eliminate what has become and addiction. It is time for me to acknowledge my need for treatment in order to regain my health. I realize that completing the tour is no longer possible and I must cancel the remaining dates. I know I can overcome the problem and will be stronger from the experience."

3.Clonazepam may be prescribed for

* Epilepsy[6][7]
* Anxiety disorders
* Panic disorder[8]
* Initial treatment of mania, together with firstline drugs such as lithium, haloperidol or risperidone
* Hyperekplexia
* Bruxism
* Restless legs syndrome[9]
* Rapid eye movement behavior disorder[10]
* Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder[11]
* The treatment of acute and chronic akathisia[1][2]
* Use as a muscle relaxant (Off Label Use)
* Use as a sedative for sleep (Off Label Use). Its long half-life sometimes makes it useful for treating middle-of-the-night insomnia (waking up too early), but may also lead to next-day effects. Clonazepam can also be used to relax bladder neck tightness to improve symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, also known as BPH.
from wikipedia

4.AEG in the end said 50 shows, BUT on the announcement it has 10

5. AEG is now trying to get in on his estate...............why??? INSURANCE IS REIMBURSING THEM RIGHT??




1919 days ago


Notice that article from access hollywood said it was on behalf of katherine? Notice it they stressed a couple of times it was going on in 2002?

It means Katherine is up to tricks trying to say he was on drugs in 2002 when he made the will. She asked the guy to go on TV and say it. Duh.

sorry you old hag but the will in 1997 didn't have you as a trustee either.

1919 days ago


95. Deb, Oh I know....I just find myself going thru the if only's over and over as we get more and more info, especially since I'm in the medical field..first things that comes to mind (after not giving the damn med in a home) is no pulse oximeter at the ready, the oxygen tanks were frigging useless..may have made MJ feel better if he was hooked up to one via a nasal cannula as he "slept" but obviously that does NOTHING if you are not breathing on your own. Did the so called doc have an ambu bag to go with the tanks in event of resp arrest? And this whole "watching him breath" all night is a BS if anyone can see if a chest under the covers is moving effectively...that's not even a valid option, someone's chest may be moving just fine..doesn't mean the air exchange is effective. I've had patients sitting up and talking to me, checked their "sats" (O2 levels) with a portable pulse ox and have gotten bad enough results to go get an O2 tank for them.

1919 days ago



This is the YouTube link for the announcement of MJ's London concerts. It says 'Ten concerts', not 50.
Any explanations?


Very simple explanation if you know anything about the industry. He was contracted for 30 shows. You don't flood the market with 30 shows at once, then you devalue the worth of a ticket You keep releasing and announcing more blocks as the first sell out. They then asked him to add more shows on and he agreed to 50. 50 shows in seven months, two performances a week, no travel and living in one place. It was modeled after the Celion Dion, Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher shows in Vegas. In fact, MJ tried to make a deal like that in Vegas. That's why he had moved out there for a while, but no one would sign him on as they didn't trust him.

1919 days ago


Good eye, liars lie! I didn't catch that when I saw it....hmmmm....

1919 days ago


Dr.Klein also treated Elizabeth Taylor,I think she is who introduced Michael to Dr. Klein.She was also addicted to pain medications.All of this just boggles the mind.

1919 days ago


Wow Rainbow you know a lot more than me!!!! I am just a medical transcriptionist - I know just enough to be dangerous!! Hmmm..does that put me in Dr. Murray's category LOL

1919 days ago


And here's another thorn in the theory....don't Demerol addicts have sleep deprivation problems? I mean, if he were doing it to detox, then wouldn't he be able to stay off of it? So yeah, I guess my theory is blown, but it still lingers.

1919 days ago
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