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Octomom Kids: Thanks Gloria!

7/27/2009 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Kids: Thanks Gloria!Octomom Nadya Suleman can rest easily, because her kids are assured of getting hard-earned cash ... thanks in part to Octo-nemesis Gloria Allred.

A judge just granted a petition filed by former child actor Paul Peterson (with the help of Allred), appointing a guardian to protect the 14 piggy banks belonging to Octomom's kids -- in particular, money the little ones are slated to make filming their upcoming reality show.

Filming begins September 1.


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Gee Gloria, why the heck dont you go after Jon and Kate?? The original kid pimps!!! They have made money off the skins of their kids for so long its not even funny. No one says a word, or is it because Nadya is a single mother??!!! People need to get a life and stop tending to others. seriously!

1852 days ago

Sean P.    

MYOB -- The State of PA is looking into the Jon & Kate situation to see if they also are violating child labor laws. . . and they are by no means the original kid pimps. Read up on the Dione Quintuplets and you will be shocked. The only issue before the court is the appointment of a financial guardian to assure that 15% of the children's earnings will be put into Coogan accounts for them for their future. 15% is too small an amount in my opinion, but it is the law. Look up Coogan's Law for more information. Nadya and Radar Online were filming in violation of child labor laws. . .this is why Paul Petersen and Gloria A. became involved. The laws are specific. If you have read the laws pertaining to the filming of children and you disagree with them, then you should contact the appropriate agency and government officials. Don't blame the people who are trying to protect the interests of children. . .the blame falls on the people involved in filming the children without the proper approvals and who are not following the laws. Anyone violating the law, SINGLE or MARRIED, will be treated the same under the law. Nobody made up a special law to apply to Nadya Suleman just because she is single. In the past many children in film were been ripped off by their parents or guardians -- when they got older there was no money left for them from their years working in film or TV. Coogan's Law was written to help protect their rights.

1852 days ago


"money the little one are" Check your spelling and grammar before posting please.

1877 days ago



1877 days ago


It makes you wonder who actually has the best interests of these kids. Gloria Allred's probably just trying to get attention by using the kids and same thing for Octomom who's just going to use them to cash in. So sad. 14 kids and no one can put their interests ahead?

1877 days ago


I'm sorry, but I don't think that this lady should get a tv show. I just feel so sorry for those babies. I hope she is so done with having kids. Lets get real people!

1877 days ago


that stupid fat pig would spend all those childrens money in a heart beat!

how in the hell did she get as far as she did in life? whats wrong with the system!

1877 days ago



1877 days ago

MJ is ♥    

Several celebrities use their underage children for advertisements/ campaigns of all sorts. Why didn't Allred go after them? Someone needs to take out a restraining order on this Allred.

1877 days ago


Gloria should mind her own business!

1877 days ago


But where is poor Octo going to get enough money to complete her transformation into Angelina Jolie? That will take billions!

1877 days ago


Maybe Gloria Allred should have gotten involved with Michael Jackson's kids and MJ might still be alive......if the parent is negligent or irresponsible then someone has to make sure the kids are safe......

1877 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Hey, I've got a GREAT IDEA for a John Gosselin hook up!!! Tee hee! Oh, c'mon - let her make some desperately needed cash for the sake of the kids. You know YOU WILL ALL WATCH THE SHOW when it airs!

1877 days ago


Octo Mom is trash ,and Gloria did the right thing. Octo, is a slef centered freak that should be in jail not on tv.

1877 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Is that guy in the photo supposed to be Paul Petersen? It looks a helluva lot like Bruce Davidson.

1877 days ago
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