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Chris Brown -- Back on the Beat

7/28/2009 1:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown had a run-in with the police again yesterday in NYC -- when he popped this pic with the girls in blue.

Chris Brown
The last photo-op he had with the cops -- a mug shot.


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who the hell    

51. You're a member of the police forced tasked to protect citizens - including women from abusive boyfriends. And you're a woman. And you're photographed smiling wtih CHRIS BROWN???

Posted at 2:00PM on Jul 28th 2009 by zelda

I will tell you this I have lost a lot of respect for police today this man is an abuser I agree with an earlier post that said once an abuser always anabuser I also agree he will end up like OJ. In my opinion these women should be repromanded for posing with this guy smiling as if to say I know he beatt hat girl but he is a celebrity and damn if I aint gettin a pic and an autograph.

1876 days ago

who the hell    

Those women obviously know who Brown is which means they also know what he was arrested for and later admitted to doing.

1876 days ago

brian scott miller    

Can someone name one hispanic who beats women and is still a "star"? Can anyone name one Asian or white who beat women and are still looked up to? What is wrong with Black "society"? Sad really.

1876 days ago


yea they posed with him but notice how they have their hands on their batons just in case he has any ideas!

1876 days ago


prolly on their way to beat the white kids they weren't popular with in HS

1876 days ago

RE: #21


1876 days ago

Just Saying    

30. All the negative comments above are all stupid and rickless. Why you fools can't forget about the young man pass doing and find something good to think about? Or it's just that you guys don't like a succeful black man. Take it , or not, you bone heads F----ckers will never stop this kid from what God wants him to become in life.Therefore, get over with it and shut your nisty big ugly moughts!!! TMZ, please have this posted so that it'll be seen and read.

Posted at 12:11PM on Jul 28th 2009 by MD


It's amazing what you call successful - just goes to show how ignorant you are.
A successful Black Man would be someone like Will Smith or Denzel Washington, Morgan Freedman and so on. Chris Brown is nothing more then a disgrace to the human race and has shown the world what a big loser he really is. So it's your nisty big ugly ignorant mouth that needs to shut up and stop showing everyone how ignorant you are and what a loser you are by who you choose to measure success.

1875 days ago

sham wow guy's wonky eye    

These two idiots are proud to stand next to a woman beater??? Why? Just because he's a "celebrity"? Give me a break! They give women everywhere a bad name and what about the women who they see involved in a domestic dispute every day? I wouldn't want them showing up to my house to try and protect me after seeing them pose so happily with this little coward. Of course, they would have to put the donut down and leave Winchell's/ Dunkin first and that might take a few.....

1875 days ago


Yes afirmative action at its best.These two clowns wouldnt probally get jobs as mall security if they werent black.

1875 days ago


Chris Brown wants to get to know each police officer personally, so when they arrest him the next it will be on a first name basis.

1875 days ago


Wow. Color me shocked. Two black women whose job it is to lock up thugs like Brown, smile and pose for the cameras with him. I guess being black trumps being a woman beater.

1875 days ago


Sean Connery, James Brogan, Tommy Lee, Charlie Sheen ( hispanic/latino) hit his wife while she was pregnant with his child, the list goes on...

1875 days ago


I love when white people bring up affirmative action, because it gives me a chance to tell their dumbasses: THAT WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MAJOR BENEFACTOR OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION LAWS. So next time you want to bring that up, look at yourselves. first. Affirmative action is ironic.

1875 days ago

Blinded by the light    

Seriously MIZ,MRZ..........did you type all of that the way you did so you could sound like an idoit or ARE you just an idiot?

1875 days ago


This is blatant, tasteless propoganda by a celebrity agent who is trying a little too hard to get Chris Brown back on the map with the public. Chris Brown, unfortunately for you, there are a million talented, attractive vocalist/dancers who will allow us to forget about you and move on. Welcome back to normal blue collar society. We've been expecting you.

1875 days ago
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