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Honor Alba -- Not Her Mother's Daughter

8/18/2009 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perma-scowl master Jessica Alba could learn a thing or two from baby Honor...

Jessica Alba: Click to watch


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WTF is up with the kid's head??? It's massive

1859 days ago

u people are idiots    

Alba smiles all the time, sorry it's not for you jerks. I can't imagine why, given how you make a practice of belittling women. Funny that the last time you had pics of Honor WARREN on this site, you had to cherry pick from a ton to find one neither she nor her mother were smiling so you could run another untrue story.

1859 days ago

Sleeping with Boyfriend?    

that's a huge noggin. That's a virtual planetoid. it has it's own weather system.

1859 days ago

Ryan Fox    

Jessica Alba,
Her uncle taught at my highschool and she used to come in all the time. This was when she filmed Never Been Kissed. My best friend and I kicked her out of a party she was trying to get into and She shopped at the mall I used to work at all the time ... Do not like her, she is so stuck up. She is hispanic she is latina, SHE IS MEXICAN. Get over yourself. Stop being a snob. Anyone can make movies... Where is your Academy awards ... exactly..

1859 days ago


Wow she's a beautiful little girl!

1859 days ago

I remember her    

That is one huge forehead, am sure she will grow into it.

1859 days ago


Your just mad because she ignored your dumb a$$ question. Stop being a jerk and people might talk with you.

1859 days ago


I think she's a really cute baby, but I still can't believe they gave her such a stupid name!! Honor, Sweet Jebus.

1859 days ago


She is not pretty,not a good actress and she is not nice ,she looks so miserable ,so unhappy it si not helping at all .Not wonder .Maybe is because not one is given her more jobs?Who she thikns she is Miss Congeniality?I would not spend my camera trying to show her we are not intersted on seeing her ,and her attitude ,she thinks she is a diva ha ha ha.I remember when she started in movies like Jennifer Lopez , it was black entertainment ,not famous and someway she got a opportunity and voila she is a wanbee diva.

1859 days ago


Honor is nicknames "HOMOR" for HOMILY on all of the celeb sites she is named HOMOR because she is so fug not only does her head look abnormal she also is obese she has a butt the size of an adult so much so that it has been reported that alba has to buy depends adult size diapers to fit her obese piglet!
Does not matter that homor is a young toddler she fact is shfter e is not cute any way shape or form!
in fact when she smiles ( which is so rare) it looks like a butt crack on a butt instead of a smile on a face!
I wish the paps would spend their time on kids that are cute and worth the time and film this one is a complete waste
HOMOR is an obnoxious whiny fat as$ and her mother has no morals or values her last stunt is the one where she defaced property and is in big trouble for doing so but she did try to blame it on the friends she was with of course but she needs to take responsibiliity for her wrong doing and stop blaming others which makes her look like the fool she is!

1859 days ago


albas kid is the ugliest kid ever she just won some teen age award WTF is up with a toddler winning a teen award? the only award she could ever win in her life is the ugly award of a lifetime...if you cant handle the go away! we dont want to hear you nonsense about people being jealous there is not a being alive that would be jealous of alba her himshe EVER the kid is definately half pig the other half mongaloid just ugly as they come..good thing the parents seem to love her because anyone who doesnt would want to put a bag over her head and leave it for life she is so ugly that is makes people literally nauseated

1859 days ago


jessica alba is not that ugly but her kid is a shame that is all I can say it shocks me that her kid is as ugly as it is she does not even look like a girl she looks like a boy an ugly boy at that poor thing is going to have to have her parents get her jobs because with her looks and lacking personality she will amount to NOTHING without help

1859 days ago


I used to think because homor never smiles ( like her mom ) that it was part of the reason she was not cute,,now that there is actully a picture of her smiling or maybe she is just pooping her pants since I doubt she would ever be happy enough to really smile,,,none the less smiling does just not help in fact it makes things worse she is even uglier when she smiles this kid is doomed she looks just like the dad need anyone say more UGLIEST KID EVER MADE that is honor alba!

1859 days ago


WTF is the reason this fat biotch is still being carried around everywhere she goes? she needs to walk her fat butt it makes me sick that jessica carries her kid when she is so fat she really needs to burn off the obeseness i would hide my face if i were jessica showing anyone that kid has got to be terribly embarassing and humiliating
make the little biotch walk she is much too old to be carried like a little infant
even autistic kids can walk ok so everyone knows she is autistic by now, still make her walk
no one likes whiny pitiful kids that have to be sheltered by the parents honor is a loser already just like her mom

1859 days ago

Linda Mott    

Guess which one had a Happy Meal?

1859 days ago
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