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Ryan Jenkins Did Not Leave a Suicide Note

9/1/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsA lot of questions surrounding Jasmine Fiore's murder may have died with Ryan Jenkins -- cops say he didn't leave a suicide note in the motel room where he was found hanged.

Jenkins was found hanging from the coat rack in his room at the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia on August 23, over a week after cops believe he murdered Jasmine in San Diego and then fled the United States.

Although cops didn't find a suicide note, they did find Jenkins' laptop in the room -- but it's yet to be determined if there is anything of significance on the comp.


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I saw the picture of the coat rack (or one just like it). It is amazing to me how a grown man could even hang from one of these since they aren't that far off the floor. And why didn't it just pull off the wall from his weight?

1876 days ago

mrez golucky    


1876 days ago



1876 days ago

Fact Checker    

I would hope that the laptop is turned over to his parents since all charges were dropped against him.

Let them greive in private.

1876 days ago


Who cares if he left a note. This guy needs to be buried & FORGOTTEN. Jasmine Fiore wanted a millionaire. She got a psycho-millionaire. Go away with this story already.

1876 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Post #3.........What?

1876 days ago


I dont think he did it I think the fatehr is right about his innocence , I wish people would leave ryan jenkins alone and let the man rest in peace .How many women do u know like jasmine fiore that die come on now shes a stripper its not safest profession any guy could have done it , she was with her prison ex husband the day before .My prayers go out to ryan and his family .I saw him on megan wants a millionaire and he seemed like a good guy.

1876 days ago


The Police need to release more evidence. Jenkins Family needs to hire a good PI and Attorney. The Public needs to be sure they got the right monster.

1876 days ago


Has anybody seen the move: Public Enemy that came out this summer with Johnny Depp portraying the real life villain: John Dillinger? I think Ryan Jenkins looks like John Dilinger.

1876 days ago


Jasmine Fiore's family will I'm sure find it hard to just say its over. I’m really sorry for his family but you (No#3) say enough is enough. WOW he just mutilates a young woman and you say charges have been dropped, well not it’s not dropped, I believe it is considered case closed which doesn’t mean forgotten or excused. I’m sure his property will be released once the whole investigation is OVER that laptop is the last thing his family is thinking about. I'm sure he has other property to be concerned with right now. God Bless Both Families that they may find peace one day.

1876 days ago

jim goosh    

She was a stripper/escort/ whore and he was gay posing as straight to be on that show with 8 other gay guys. They were not celebrities. Please stop covering this

1876 days ago


No-duh. Brilliant TMZ. If there was a note, it will be on the laptop. News of a physical note would have come out almost immediately. Durp tee Durp.

1876 days ago


What do you mean #3? When did they say they were dropping all charges against him? Or do you just mean that since he's dead, they can't prosecute him?

1876 days ago


I heard that there was a confession on the laptop and thats how they found the car. But it is only a rumor. I don't think you charge dead guys so no one dropped charges, but they will finish the investigation

1876 days ago


Would it have killed him to leave a note?

1876 days ago
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