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Ryan Jenkins Did Not Leave a Suicide Note

9/1/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan JenkinsA lot of questions surrounding Jasmine Fiore's murder may have died with Ryan Jenkins -- cops say he didn't leave a suicide note in the motel room where he was found hanged.

Jenkins was found hanging from the coat rack in his room at the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia on August 23, over a week after cops believe he murdered Jasmine in San Diego and then fled the United States.

Although cops didn't find a suicide note, they did find Jenkins' laptop in the room -- but it's yet to be determined if there is anything of significance on the comp.


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im tired of seeing ryan J. toothy picture online. he WAS NOT a hot guy. he should be called"Ryan, the RIPPER!" he was a coward and a murderer. his Father raised a psycho!! Jasmine looked like a meth user. maybe they were BOTH on meth the night he killed her.

1875 days ago

Obama is Gay    

#49 it takes a meth head to know a meth head. are you a skanky HIV+ stripper? or just a skank? Just asking

1875 days ago


This is what I think happened: Ryan Jenkins admitted on Megan Wants a Millionare that he needed a green card to continue working in the United States. He and Jasmine Fiore probably made up some sort of agreement to where if she married him so that he could stay in the country, he would pay her off. Then I think that after marrying him she probably realized, as many often do, how hard it is to pull off a sham marriage and got scared that INS might figure out what they were doing, so she broke off the marraige and had it anulled. Afterwards, they didn't talk for awhile, but right before she was murdered it's been said they rekindled their friendship. I think this is because she still wanted a piece of his millions. I think that Ryan's motive may have been revenge. I also think there is a possibility that he may have hired someone to murder her.

There is a part of me, too, that thinks that he may not have done it. I watched a few episodes of Megan Wants a Millionare and Ryan struck me as sort of a douchebag, but not a murderer. There is the strange coincidence that no one has mentioned that both Ryan and Jasmine died the same way, strangulation. Also, the news that he did not leave a note or a confession combined with the strange way that he hung himself make me think he may have been killed. Did they ever figure out who the blonde female who checked him into the motel was?

1875 days ago


Brunwick, That has already been answered by the doctor here. Didn't you read his post?

Apparently not, so I will answer it for you. In most suicide "hangings," the person's body isn't even fully suspended -- all they have to do is be on their knees, leaning forward, the loop/rope whatever around the neck. The toes on the floor was explained by a coroner on Nancy Grace -- imagine foot behind body, top of foot toward floor, toes "dragging"..

1875 days ago


I find this whole case/story bizarre! Not to be totally morbid, but if i were Jasmin's parents, I'd want to see Ryan Jenkins in his coffin.... I mean really, they supposedly found him in Canada.... who is confirming bodies,etc. up there? That coat rack did not look too sturdy to me! Not sure how it could support a 180 pound guy? And who hangs themselves with a belt anyways?

1875 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

I would love to see what they found on that computer... I hope they release that info... I would think they would find ALOT of info on it... The perfect guy turns out to be any woman's nightmare.. Although Jasmine was far from the perfect woman... I don't even understand what he saw in her...

1875 days ago


Well, anybody remember that they went to a poker game in san diego, it looks like the way she was murdered came from someone that was robbed of money or something like that. I don't think this guy had the gots to do something like that. He was follow and killed. I think that by the time he cameback to the hotel he knew that his wife was killed and he ran to canada. I thing something happened at the game. If they were playing close to mexico who knows the players, mexican mafia perhaps?
they need to keep these two cases open, or someone saw him killed this lady?

1875 days ago


Your many posts against the Jenkins family, and also against Canada, make me believe that you are a disgruntled Aboriginal living in the USA.
You try to sound superior than even the real authorities investigating the case. Your credentials are what?
46. So very good of Canadian law enforcement to belatedly disclose that
Ryan Jenkins information, because it's only a matter of time before
the tables are turned and they are desperately seeking a criminal
suspect on the run (yes, Auntie Linda, Ryan was "actually" running
... ) south of the long and busy US-Canada border. (Don't expect
to find anything too profound on that laptop.) ...
Canadian in Silicon Valley, California

Posted at 3:19PM on Sep 1st 2009 by Saultxyca

1875 days ago


Shifty-looking Robert Hasman and Jasmine's mother know more about this than they are letting on. That cremation was like the frosting on Jasmine's spoiled cake. Jasmine was raised by a whore. Jasmine became a whore. Robert Hasman was obsessed with Jasmine because he was her pimp, but, she married the Canadian because she thought the Canadian was a better career move since she was thinking about getting out of the porn business and opening up a gym. She managed to get only as far as changing her name to fool people she was a respectable Jasmine Kinkade rather than Jasmine Fiore the notorious web cam whore. Ryan was a porn freak and made good on his offer to marry her but got rough with her when he found out that her body was indebted to Hasman. I don't doubt that Ryan killed her after figuring out that he had disgraced himself and his family by marrying the fugly whore. Thanks for this video because it tells alot about Jasmine .... her mother, and the company she was in. Does anyone remember her from the Howard Stern Show? She just wasn't a smart person. Someone else with cunning smarts was behind using her -- perhaps, Robert Hasman is copying Howard Stern a la Anna Nicole Smith style? Also, I think that the Las Vegas memorial is Hasman's idea. The media is not interested in going to Santa Cruz for a Jasmine Fiore farewell.


1st video is interview of her.
2nd video is several girls, including her, but at the end Jasmine does a stripper pole dance. (Clearly a professional IMO.)

(I have sent this to TMZ; let's see if they use it.)

Posted at 2:23PM on Sep 1st 2009 by SmarterThanYou

1875 days ago


My guess is their argument kept getting more and more heated after the poker evening. She was belittling him in front of others earlier so that plus a text from an ex, intoxication and he went into a rage, hitting her and eventually strangling her. From then on he sloppily tried to cover his tracks by reporting her missing, removing body parts, dumping her in a trash dumpster etc. His Dad and family knew full well what he had been accused of and were somehow hoping it wasn't true but were nevertheless aiding him. His father had cut a trip short and returned home when he was on the run. Ryan's confession to his Dad over a supposed previous incident, about not wanting to spend any time in jail and that he would rather kill himself was really referring to this incident. In the end his parents just let things unfold knowing that it would probably end in a bad way for their son which it did. A tragedy brought on by excesses.

1875 days ago

Sad sad    

Sure. It's all a conspiracy. It's all because he wasn't a part of the Illuminati.

1875 days ago


Questioner, everything that you say makes sense, you are well informed, i didn't know he was informing the police about his wereabouts. but would you think about his ex-husband been enrached about she beeing with another men? about the ex-boyfriend that she was texting to the night of the game. To me there may be 3 suspects: the gamblers, the ex-husband from jail and the ex-boyfriend that jumped immediately into the media to point the finger at Jenkins. I still believe this case need to continue to be open. (are we detectives or what hahahaha)

1875 days ago

Sad sad    

"He told the police where he was going the whole time. It's been reported over and over again that he said he was heading to Canada to clear up immigration issues"

Cue the miami vice music please.

and "confused" I'm laughing too and not with you.

1875 days ago


I still want to know where her cell phone records are and when was the last call she made and to whom. Murder 101 would mandate that the FIRST thing you do for an unidentified body is see if they have a cell. Since none has been found, once she was identified, her cell phone records would have immediately been step 2.

She was seen doing coke at some point that night so she may have been up for 24 hours anyway. Did they do a toxicology test on her?

1875 days ago


funny how the prisons in the U.S. are filled with people who DID NOT COMMIT THE CRIME FOR WHICH THEY WERE ACCUSED AND CONVICTED.
IMO, both Ryan and Jasmine deserve a proper investigation into this case. And specifically, Ryan deserves to be considered "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY WITH EVIDENCE, NOT SPECULATION AND SILLY POLICE THEORIES.
Seriously some folks here are sooooooooo judgmental!

1875 days ago
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