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Diana Ross -- Taco Supreme

9/7/2009 2:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can resist thinking outside the bun -- even on Labor Day weekend -- because yesterday at a L.A. Taco Bell, Diana Ross made a run for the border.


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If Elizabeth Taylor in poor health and a wheelchair could show up for Michael's funeral, there is NO excuse for Diana Ross failing to show - selfish diva!! Michael obviously made a mistake in choosing her as alternative to his mother to raise his children.. she doesn't seem to give one whit about them.

1850 days ago


Please don't be nasty, cut her some slack. She and MJ were very close for a long time and she must have been devastated at his death. Maybe she wasn't invited to the funeral - even Elizabeth Taylor was, reportedly, only invited at the last minute.

1850 days ago


Well maybe she has to eat her pain away with a good chalupa!! Awww, anyway I hope she's ok....

1850 days ago


She has absolutely No Class at all!! Very Arrogant & her true "color" shows! The Shirelles were always much better that the Supremes. I just saw Shirley Reeves in concert and she can sing notes Diana couldnt think of reaching. Plus Shirley has 10 times more class! Diana cant be bothered to go to Michaels funeral??

1850 days ago


I heard that MJ and Dianna Ross had a fling, and Katherine didn't approve and doesn't care too much for Ms. Ross, which is the reason why Ms. Ross probably didn't appear (or wasn't invited) to the memorial or burial of MJ -- he was old enough to make his own decisions as well. They're not too far apart in age, not nowadays.

1850 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Hmmm...Just like a real down-to-earth person, doing an everyday, down-to-earth thing. what's wrong with that? I bet the reason she didn't attend either funeral is evident. Lights, Camera, Action; she don't need, she knew what it was all about.

1850 days ago


diana ross has class & $ she is a great performer who did well raised many childern who have grown to be decent . she is mid 60's & has her own health issues & smart choice to stay away from MJ circus

( Liza did 2 ) this says a lot as to what they thought . i am sure both divas did there best to help MJ at some point . I bet the Jacksons dont like her ( any more ! ) and she was baned also 2nd in line to raise the kids !!! which they dont want... where the childern go so does the $ person who cares for them takes a big cut /salery

sad the funeral was a spectical but MJ was not to smart & not open to help . he was so far removed from his family they knew nothing . if he was truly smart he would have had better provisions for the kids as to where they are raised & he should of had his own funeral plans and simple to avoid the family tragedy

1850 days ago

just sayen    

Test TMZ,, is dictating which emails go through I suppose as 5 post never made it what gives TMZ? You can jump artist & stars with stupid questions but you don't allow response without editing or not allowing them?

1850 days ago

Olive Oyl    

Taco Bell...yes. Michael's Funeral, the man who gave her 2nd custody of his kids in case anything happened to her I know she MIGHT have been out of the country (not after seeing this), but knowing that your dear friend was going to be buried after 2 months, I would have been on my feet ready to attend to show my respects.

I'm sorry for being harsh but that's not class.

1850 days ago

Olive Oyl    

Also, I mean Liz Taylor could hardly walk but she made it. She wouldn't have missed it for the world. Now that's a classy lady.

1850 days ago

Miss Nancy    

Let's see...the lady is hungry....drives herself to Taco Bell...walks to her car and prepares to go home and somehow people manage to find a way to turn THAT into an opportunity to slam her??? How ridiculous!!! Thank you Diana for continuing to be are a true inspiration!!!

1850 days ago


If Diana Ross is spotted with carry out from KFC, then we'll know for sure Michael is still alive!!!


1850 days ago


i'm not a big fan of her's but why did he run up to her like that calling her by her first name . i thought that was disrespectful .

1850 days ago


It's 100 degrees in Los Angeles, and all of California, what is she doing with all those clothes on.

1850 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Let us please explain a part of the Will, shall we? Michael designated his mother first to raise those children. The stipulation in the Will to have Diana ross take the children was ONLY if Katherine died before Michael did. If Miss Katherine passes away in the future before the children are of age, she is the sole person who can, at any given time, designate who will raise the children and she does not have to choose Diana Ross-That part of the Will is now Null and Void. In my heart, I wish it was diana who got the children, nothing against Katherine, but look at the confusion on the part of some of the Jackson brothers. Sharks trolling for more yenom.

1850 days ago
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