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Whitney Houston --

Bobby Spit In My Face

9/14/2009 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no secret Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a volatile relationship -- but today on "Oprah," Houston described one particularly vicious instance where he allegedly spit on her, she made him bleed ... and their daughter watched the whole thing.

Whitney Houston: Click to watch


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Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Another wacko.

1830 days ago


If her mother was so worried, why was the child left in this home of drug, alcohol and physical abuse? A simple call to CSB would have gotten that poor child away from those two train wrecks. Now all she will know of marriage is what she has seen growing up. Good job whitney and thanks oprah for yet another sob story from one of your friends.

1830 days ago


Oh please... no he didn't... yes he did... make up your mind! Oprah needs to make up her mind, too. She's pissed at Rihanna for protecting her abuser, but she's playing tissue queen for Whitney, who denied for years about being beaten up. Enough already.

1830 days ago


#22 - Kate

Go watch your girlfriend Bill Maher and shut the f**k up, you self rightcheous bigot lunatic.
Religion has nothing to do with this woman being a drug addict, whiney a**, stuck up b**ch

1830 days ago


Whitney just remember...
Bobby pulled that large juicy sewer pickle from you ass without blinking an eye...

That's called love!

Butt Love

1830 days ago


You married him and not only that spent many many years with him doing your drugs. Di I feel bad for Whiney Houston. LMAO Not at all. After all crack is whack baby.

1830 days ago


I read that Evil Bobby tied poor Whitney down...

while he forced that crack pipe into her mouth.

She was the beater like Mike Tyson was the beater.

When is Winfrey going to have Bobby on to tell his side of the story?

Winfrey is trying to sell us a lemon...

like she sold Obama.

1830 days ago


#1 Hey Tony Are you God who the hell are you to Judge?

Many kids may learn from this and as for Media Attention why the hell would you comment on a Media gossip site!

I commend Ms. Houston to show people can bounce back and not totally go down in a Downward spiral!

Look at the Statistics on drug use in this country we can over come it with love and support.

There should be More mothers like Miss Sissy Houston!


1830 days ago


Who cares, she's a loser and America keeps taking her back...

1830 days ago


To those that look down on Whitney Houston, while your looking at the splinter in her eye look at the log in yours. We need more kindness, compassion and understanding, we need LOVE for one another, not more condemnation and ridiclule. People all have their demons, get caught up in life the world, addictions, "WE'RE LOOKING FOR LOVE AND LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES," like the song. Its analgous to telling addicts they are addicts, telling a person with cancer they have cancer or it is their fault, what good does that do? NONE! Whitney had problems, she is on the mend, she made some bad choices in life, we all do, can anyone overcome their mistakes when they are being so unfaily judged? NO! Thank God for God, for God loving us so much He gave His only Son to die for our sins on the Cross, God loves us when people don't, WE ARE IN THE WORLD NOT OF IT. PRAISE GOD! Whitney has an anointed voice, she lost her way for a time, she is back, give her credit, no give God credit for her return and her struggles wiith her demons, she is claiming her victory, are you?

1830 days ago


Did anyone else see when O asked W if Bobby was jealous and W said yes...then O says somethings like:

"Yes a man has to have his own [fame]if you do, you know what I mean?"
W kinda high fives her and says something like, "yeah, I know and I know YOU know."
And O goes, "yeah...he has to have HIS own"

Wasn't that a diss of Steadman. I mean, what exactly is O saying about Steadman there. I think there is some issues with O and Steadman that is under the rug. I just don't think they are the couple they portray. I think he is basically her "date" everywhere and a good friend.

1830 days ago


Whitney Houston suffered from ADDICTION, she just wanted to hide her head in the sand, give up, throw in the towel and stop all the pain. I know, I have been there, please do not judge her, she was hurting deep inside because she had lost her way, she was headed toward satan and away from God, Praise God she is finding her way back to what really counts in life; GOD. We need more kindness and compassion like God in this world, stop judging so freely, look at yourself not the others. Rememeber it could be you, is there any healing in judgement? No! Does anyone out there feel any betetr when you judge others? No! I pray we all stop looking at others, looking at the splinter in their eye and look at the log in ours, ask God to come into our lives and LOVE us. LOVE replaces all the hate, it heals, offers us so much FREEDOM.

1830 days ago

gene yuss    

why's everyone so down on crack?

1830 days ago


I Love her but lets Just say Drama Queen doesnt seem real If you fight with your brothers How you going to let a man spit in your face, and get away with it, think about it she got the reaction she wanted..(Drama Queen) her words she had 2 brothers

1830 days ago


I thought it was funny that oprah was sooo shocked about bobby spitting on whitney. Who is she kidding? She was living w/ a freak, both of them high all the time. You can't tell me the worst thing bobby did was spit on her! Very sure there were worse things. Oprah is so naive & whitney is still a big phony

1830 days ago
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