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Hot Model's Fiance's House Even Hotter

9/16/2009 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alright, so this one is a few degrees of separation -- a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit -- but a fire in the Hollywood hills is ravaging the house of some big lawyer ... who happens to be hooking up with a really hot Ukrainian model.

Larysa Poznyak

The fire is raging right now -- turning a huge house belonging to attorney Brian Witzer (inset) into a smoking hot pile of rubble. And speaking of things that are smoking hot ... Witzer's fiancee is 24-year-old model/television host Larysa Poznyak.

We feel for Witzer, but at least he has two really hot shoulders to cry on ... check out the gallery.


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So, what makes a model "hot?" She seems to have the standard equipment most women have. No boobs to speak of. Young? White? Naked?

So, what is the definition of "hot?"

And I wonder who set the house a'fire...........

1831 days ago


#2. I dont know. She looks like a typical girl to me, as well. why is TMZ even reporting on this? Slow day? LMFAO!

1831 days ago


Model/Television Host? Ha! NY strip clubs are now loaded with all these smokin' hot Ukrainian and Russian girls here on expired visas looking to hook up with Americans. Big thanks to Ronnie Reagan for helping to collapse the old USSR.

1831 days ago


What is wrong with all of you? A human being just lost his house and he or someone else in it could be severly injured, do you ever wonder what is wrong with this world? Take a close look in the mirror and wonder why you have not sympathy towords others....

1831 days ago

arte help    

Ok, yeah she's cute, but what a bad boob job!!!

1831 days ago


Ok so the best way I have found to transport the fresh smell of a fart to your nostrils is also quite amusing. When I have REALLY BAD GAS, i get some GOOD bubble gum chewed up. Then, i take of my pants and aim my naked ass up in the air. I pancake my wad of bubble gum and adhere it to all the but hairs around my anus. Then I have blastoff. I make a baloon. Now, most people only get to enjoy a fart with 2 senses, maybe even 3 if they are lucky. Not me. I get all 5. I can see my fart, smell my fart, taste it when I rechew the gum, hear the fart rip real fierce like, and touch it via baloon. It was my sheer genius that discovered this. If you really dig on farts and have a flatuence fascination, I suggest using my fart ballon method. Just imagine, you can flavor the wet fart to match whatever you choose to chew. Its quite exciting. You havent lived till you stuck a fart in your mouth and popped it out your nostrils. Its the inverted, "inverted sniff" Enjoy!

1831 days ago


Rich or poor it sucks in general to see your house burn. Hope he had everything insure.

1831 days ago


2. So, what makes a model "hot?" She seems to have the standard equipment most women have. No boobs to speak of. Young? White? Naked?

So, what is the definition of "hot?"

And I wonder who set the house a'fire...........

Posted at 11:11AM on Sep 16th 2009 by Lilarose

Why is everything have to be about race with people these days?

1831 days ago


what passes for hot on TMZ these days is pretty much anything, but I'd say the fire only makes the grade here.

1831 days ago


nobody injured... beloved cars are safe....mmmmm???

1831 days ago

papa bear27    

I watched the house burn live on the morning news. It seems suspicious as though an accelerant was used because it burned so quickly and intensely. I just hope no one was inside. Rich or not, this is a horrible thing for anyone to go through. It completely disrupts your life.....

1831 days ago


From Bottom-Turn

1831 days ago

papa bear27    

@ #1 - "young people" aren't as dumb and uneducated as you think. Go back to your Klan Rally..... and by the way, your sheet is showing.

1831 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

As long as he saved that 24 years old poon everything else can be replaced.
Wait, even the poon can be replaced. (girls don't forget it either)

1831 days ago


The girl has a bad boob job. You can see that her right boob (our right, her left) is significantly bigger and is higher on her chest than the other boob. She must have gotten her boob job in Russia. Still, American boob jobs are not much better. Science will never be able to make an imitation boob that looks and feels like the real thing!

1831 days ago
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