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Carmen Electra Mum on Sex Tape

11/22/2009 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a video of Carmen Electra not talking about the video you'd much rather be watching -- her recently leaked sex tape.

Carmen Electra
We'll wait while you Google it.


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who dat    

I've seen the tape, don't waste your time it's LAME. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

1775 days ago


Really it sucks? well, she better be banged by someone. She's still hot. Oh yeah!

1775 days ago



1775 days ago


Just saw it, and all I gotta say is that I HATE lesbo action. Hell, there was no action at all. Release the Carrie prejean video!

1775 days ago

In L.A.    

The "Tape" publicity stunt is getting old already...

1775 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Nobody wants to see this AIDS-infected skank getting pounded. She only has a taste for certifiable freaks like Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro.
Who's next on her list, Kooky the Klown?
She will be doing donkey shows in Tijuana next year.

1775 days ago


That's hot.

1775 days ago

its me    

this girl is nothing but a whore . shes no actress ! the only place shes going in hollywood is downhill. she cant even act on a damn sex tape LOL! i had to see it and its like all the others . nothing special at all. these sex tapes are getting old just like her. this girl is almost 40 and thats old in hollywood.
she has said she slept with only 4 guys her whole life time , now who can believe that ? lol
Carmen you are a joke , no one takes you serious so just go away already. your family must be so proud of your fake ass! lessbians are so yesterdays news. blah blah blah

1775 days ago


No wonder she has nothing to say, since it's not a sex tape at all, it's not lesbian at all, it's just Carmen and friends having a drink and acting it up for laughs. Good for Carmen and what a gang of silly boys they are chasing after this story when they've got the real Carmen Electra right there to talk with and they can't think of anything but that tape? Hello?

1775 days ago

its me    

by Only marry foreign women

you say all American women are whores? what about all you bastards selling little boys and girls in your world? you all think thats ok . Americans dont .
your all sick . Americans go over there and try to bust people who do this . i wish all you people would stay in your own country because Americans are really getting sick of all of you people over there . you people are really sick !!!!! you have sick ways of thinking . i wish Americans would stop trying to help you people and help America !!!!

1775 days ago



1775 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

I will go one step further and differentiate between Western women vs. non-Western women. This is not just an American phenomenon, most women in Western countries have that cold, b1tchy, superficial, stuck up attitude. A lot of Western women hold themselves as the pure center of the relationship. If the men don't fit a rigid and unrealistic criteria or she doesn't feel the man can take care of her enough (even if she has a higher paying job) then she will drop him like a hot potato, regardless of his character or commitment to the relationship.

Popular Myth: Western men looking for foreign wives are only seeking subservient slaves.

Truth: Most Western men today are evolved and modern and truly believe in the 50/50 system. Most Western men are dismayed by the lack of sincerity of Western women. I can do my own laundry and cooking thank you!

Yes, Latin American and Eastern European women do make better mates because both come from more conservative (read: no sex tapes) and family oriented (did not abort 2-3 kids) cultures where relationships and commitment are actually revered.

1775 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

One year with my Japanese girlfriend

So far...
-No fights.
-Great sex every night.
-She cooks a delicious meal every night (unless I take her out).
-No guilt trips for going out with the guys.
-Thin and absolutely beautiful.

Think I've finally found myself a keeper. One thing's for sure; I'll never go date an American (sex tapes, abortions, divorces) girl again.

1775 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Posted at 5:58PM on Nov 22nd 2009 by foreign people are beggers wrote "what about all you bastards selling little boys and girls in your world? you all think thats ok . Americans dont."

I came to ACORN, a liberal government funded agent, for help to establish a prostitution ring for 14- 15 year old children to help fund my Senate campaign. ACORN was helpful. Thanks America.

1775 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

4 reasons to marry an American woman

1. You actually believe BBW = big BEAUTIFUL wife.
2. You believe nagging is essential for personal growth.
3. You look forward to the day your BBW wife divorces you (she was banging your friend) to lose your child(ren), 18 years of income, and over half your stuff - and, if you miss a payment because you're in between jobs, you're jailed and called a dead beat.

1775 days ago
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