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Bengals Prez: Henry Suffered 'Grave Injuries'

12/17/2009 2:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Henry suffered "grave injuries" in a truck accident in North Carolina yesterday, this according to Cincinnati Bengals president Mike Brown.

Brown released a statement on the team website this morning saying, "Chris has suffered grave injuries in an accident in Charlotte. We are monitoring the situation and awaiting further word on his condition.

We are stunned to have learned this news, and our prayers are with Chris. Rusty Guy, our director of security, is arriving in Charlotte this morning. He will be in close touch with the appropriate parties and will offer the club's assistance to Chris' family gathered there."

As we previously reported, Henry chased after -- then fell from -- a moving pickup truck after a "domestic situation" involving his fiancee.

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What does "grave" injuries mean?

1739 days ago



1739 days ago


HUH - "grave injuries" generally mean life threatening. Normally that statement is made just prior to the person passing - which is what happened here. He did in fact pass away.

1739 days ago


See what idiotic behavior gets you?

It was STUPID to chase a moving vehicle and jump into it in the first place.

Even dumber is that it was the bed of a pick up truck.

"Grave Injuries" means life threatening... as in they could result in the person heading to their grave.

1739 days ago


another dumb jock doing stupid things like cheetah woods. rip. who needs your sorry ass.

1739 days ago


He deserved it. Sorry. He was terrorizing his fiancee. What grown man hops into the back of a pickup to chase after a woman he's fighting with? Jason from Friday the 13th? Please.

1739 days ago


How can anyone say he DESERVED it. He deserved to fall out of the back of a truck and die?! What kind of sick person are you! I really hope someday when you pass there is a heartless jerk waiting to get online and post how you deservecd it.

1739 days ago


But if someone jumps at the back of a truck, won't you stop immediately? Reports said they were still arguing while she was still driving. That's reckless driving if you ask me. She could have hit another car or anything.

1739 days ago


Her actions while driving the truck caused him to fall out and die. She will be prosecuted for domestic violence and his death.

1739 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

No, it was not smart of him to jump into the bed of the truck like that but, if she was swerving from side to side, then she contributed to him falling out. She has to be charged with something. Why didn't she just pull over and let him get out. Now that he is dead, she feels like crap I bet.

1739 days ago


I agree with Don, she should face charges. He was on the bed of the truck she should have stopped the truck. Reports are saying she had no visible injuries, which to mean he did not push or hit her. How can aperson say you deserve to die? no matter what you have done in life you should never wish death onto someone. So the person who made that commit whatch your back you may be next. The dumb jock statement was stupid also. Being dumb had nothing to do with this,that's whats wrong with our society so qucick to judge without letting the story play it's self out. Let's wait until all the facts come out, before we judge Chris. REST IN PEACE CHRIS. YOU ARE IN GOD'S KINGDOM NOW. LET THOSE THAT JUDGE YOU BE JUDGED ALSO.

1739 days ago


Before peeps go "oh this is horrible," definitely not to say the guy deserved to die, but he wasn't exactly a super human being either. In fact, he was just a thug who wore a jersey like so many.

Ejected from a game at Rutgers University due to multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties..."an embarrassment to himself and the program" for his conduct...pulled over in northern Kentucky for speeding...marijuana was found in his shoes...avoided jail time driving without a valid driver's license or valid insurance...arrested in Orlando, Florida for multiple gun charges including concealment and aggravated assault with a firearm...wearing his #15 Bengals jersey at the time of his arrest...He pleaded guilty to this charge and avoided jail time...allowed three underage females to consume alcohol at a hotel in Covington...pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor... sentenced to 90 days in jail, with all but two of those days being suspended...pulled over for surmised drunk driving...registered a .092 blood-alcohol level, .012 above the level permitted in the state of Ohio...suspended by the NFL for two games for violating the league's personal conduct and substance abuse policies...suspended for the first eight games of the 2007 NFL season for violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy...his suspension on the 10th came with a stern warning that future misconduct may result in the end of his career with the NFL...allegedly assaulted a valet attendant in Newport, Kentucky arrested for a second time in Orlando for violating his probation he was on from a January 30, 2006 arrest...alleged to have punched a man named Gregory Meyer, 18, and thrown a beer bottle through the window of his car...claimed it was a case of mistaken identity and also that he thought it was somebody else that owed him money...was waived by the Bengals a day after this arrest and was then forced to serve a house arrest sentence...

1739 days ago


God is merciful...sometimes we go early before our time, but at least whatever he was going thru...he does not have to face it anymore...for God is Love...I John 1:9

1739 days ago



1738 days ago

justice is mine says the lord    

Those of you who have made horrible comments about this young man sure show what you are made of. Here at the holiest time of the year, other than Easter, we should show compassion at least. Those of you who do not live in Cincinnati do not know anything about Chris Henry. We were all pulling for him to make a huge comeback this year, and until the Baltimore game that he was injured in, he was doing just that. What these celebrites do in their PRIVATE lives should be just that PRIVATE. A tragedy like this makes me wonder what would have happened to all the horrible information that has come out about Tiger, and nearly a month later is STILL coming out because some RAG paper or tv show thnks its their responsiblity that it all be brought out for public consumption.
But it is simply not our business. If Tiger had DIED, GOD FORBID,
would you all still be digging for all the dirt???? Or would you mercifully have backed off the story? Chris Henry was a wondeful football player, a good father, had potential to be in a stable relationship. They were having an argument that simply escalated. He didnt hit her,or beat her (sans, Chis Brown), he wanted her to stop and to talk, that was it. She didnt want to, and he simply fell out of the truck, afterall the man only had real use of one arm due to the cast on the other. It is just a tragic accident. So if you dont know what your talking about SHUT UP...no one wants your opinion, or your digging in dirt to make it more than it is.
maybe Tiger would have been elevate to GOD status by now if he had met his demise. Instead, of that he is being villified, drug thru the mud, and everyone thinks it is there responsibilty to make sure everyone of us know the horrible, terrible disgusting details
Well, NO THANKS...give it up please. TIGER and CHRIS HENRY...done

1738 days ago
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