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Happy 34th Birthday, Tiger Woods!

12/30/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What do you get the man who had everything?

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How about a gift to the beautiful little girls he's in the picture with and DELETE TIGER FROM IT!

1701 days ago


Tiger would never mess with women of this ethnicity. He likes them white, cheap and trashy.

1701 days ago

London not England    


Wait a minute sista?!?!??!?!

AM I Wrong....?!?!?!??!?! Tell me..AM I WRONG????

Why-For-Come did Tiger Woods get raked over the coals over some women(as if he is the only Pro sports star to have a bunch of Ho's)that he fooled around with...Everything was said: "Lynch him", "Take away his endorsements", "I Hate Tiger"...etc, etc....


Charlie Sheen has been married 3 times, and ALL ended badly, and this last one, he tried to "allegedly" Kill his wife...? I have not seen or read anything on TMZ about "boycotting" CBS, his Show, or his shows Sponsors....???? WHY? WHY? WHY? is that?????

AND..."as a woman"...some PWT from Podunk insults the black race, calling us "watermelon eating, fried chicken eaters that can only make the white man money"...? and I'm somehow at fault????? by YOU?
THIS, is what I'M talkin bout......THIS is th double standard that white folks do not want us to mention...othewise WE"RE the "racist ones"....???
I think not. IF you THINK in 2010 that black people are going to SIT by like Maryland's Uncle Tom Micheal Steele and just "LET" SH!T happen to us, think again.
Just because we have a black President,(whom they fought every step of the way to get in there)don't think we as a people are just going to lay down and "take it"...!

1701 days ago


This has to be the worst birthday Tiger has ever had in his charmed life! Check out this video from Intelius, it is a smart and funny spoof on the whole thing: http://www.youtube.com/user/InteliusInc#p/u/0/8mWJ9AMH6bk

1701 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

I don't know why North Americans make such a big deal out of F**king!!! All men will do what Tiger did if given the opportunity. And in some countries no one even pays any attention to it! 3/4 of the world is wondering what the s*it the fuss is about.
And that drag queen Nancy Grace and her bridesmaid Velez-Mitchell need to quit...they are on air giving away this man's hard-earned money and other assets to a woman he has been married to for 5 years! Hell No! it just won't happen, unless Tiger is an idiot OR really wants to give her half. You all leave this man alone so he can go back to playing golf in peace, and all you haters go back to your jobs at Walmart and Home Depot.

1701 days ago


I am told he may be in Tucson, AZ doing rehap. Also had some face fixing done too.

1701 days ago


How about a magic pill for Elin making her forget all the bad things Tiger's done to her, and a magic pill for Tiger making him have respect and manogomy for his wife.

1701 days ago


#46 and # 62 ,,you SCARE ME ,,,,,

1701 days ago


59. Tiger would never mess with women of this ethnicity. He likes them white, cheap and trashy.

HA! The best and truest comment of all!

1701 days ago


Some Asian and Black holes to balance out the blonde bimbo fetish!

1701 days ago


#42 & #43 WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO MAKE SUCH A HORRIBLE COMMENT THAT TIGER IS A, "CHILD MOLESTER?" How dare you make such a vicious comment? It is people like you who run their mouths without caring who they hurt or destroy!!! Obviously, you are an animal who enjoys stomping someone when they are down!!! What a low life!!! Here's a suggestion for you, the next time you see a huge green truck, just jump in and join the rest of the garbage and claim it as your new home!!! By the way, in case your disabled brain is wondering, I am a Caucasian who deals in fairness and not TRASH!!! Get it???

1701 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Give him some BALL`S he has none!KEEP HIDING FREAK BOY!

1701 days ago

What i think    

Give a good kick in the ass. Ooops, Elin already did that. Nevermind, just get him some Condoms. And, hope he'll use it. lol

1701 days ago


i wish i was tiger woods

1701 days ago


the truth hurts . black people loves kools , old english 800 , thunderbird wine , flavor flav , anhite castle and grilz for there teethes . maby the white man has had enough of you welfare , crack smoking freeloading people . biggest mistake we did was to give you a luxary cruise to america and free jobs on the plantation .

1701 days ago
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