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Bob Barker Fleet Loses Boat

1/6/2010 2:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The price was wrong for a high-tech speed boat rollin' with the Bob Barker -- the tiny vessel is currently sinking off the coast of Antarctica after a collision with a Japanese whaling ship.

Crash: Click to watch
It was sorta like a showcase showdown -- on water -- when the whaling ship decided to go full speed at the Ady Gil -- a boat operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Upon impact, the Ady Gil suffered major damage and appeared to be sinking -- but the Bob Barker sailed in and swooped up the crew. A few men reportedly suffered cracked ribs in the crash.

According to the society, the Ady Gil was created to physically block and intercept Japanese whaling harpoon ships -- kinda like really expensive whale bodyguards.


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Cost to save one whale: $5 million - dumb as $hit.

1646 days ago


I hope conflict escalates and more media attention will really make this a top news story around the globe..
It's ridiculous what the Japanese are doing. Imagine for a second a company was established to research elephants in Africa. So it kills quite a few elephants for research and then sells expensive ivory to make a profit. It'd be kind of crazy to even imagine.

Now these wiling ships and their so called research actually sell whale meat for profit. Doesn't just make their whole operation a sham? And why do they have to fish for whales in Antarctica ? have a look on the map where Japan is... Why not fish in your own god damn water.

1646 days ago


Hey the video of the accident...the "Bob Barker Boat" cut in front of the Japanese Boat.

1646 days ago


The SSCS is just a bunch of eco-terrorists and someone is going to die eventually and the blood will be on Paul Watson's hands.

1646 days ago


When the Japanese ship went full speed at the tiny boat??!!! Have you seen the video?!! These idiots did what they always do, put themselves directly in front of a massive ship, which can't just slam on the brakes, and got run over. Then they hop up on a soap box and cry to every media outlet around the world that they were deliberately run over. Idiots. That clown Watson is an absolute nutjob and his crew is a bunch of incompetent morons. The fact they haven't killed anyone yet is a miracle. The only redeeming quality is their show Whale Wars, which is an absolute comedy to watch due to their total ineptness.
May you all sink in the Antartic.

1646 days ago


People: The Japanese are hunting the whales illegally. Thet are not doing scientific research. They are selling the meat on the black market and the Japanese govt. are in on it. I am the voice of the whales. I am the voice for the animals. Hear me out. They kill the whales by blowing them up with grenades and that is an inhumane way of killing an animal. We need to stop them. How?
BOYCOTT all Japanese products and by exposing them and that is what I'm doing. Do you remeber when you were a kid and thought about making a difference in the world? Well now is the time. Once you realize something is wrong, you must be of a strong resolve and act now. Not later. I will gladly give up my life as a statement to the world that while I am alive no animal will be hurt in front of me. No child, elderly, women will be abused in front of me. I am taking a stand and the time is now!

1646 days ago

Philip Thomas    

Stupid activists. Whales are not endangered now and it is possible they never were. Why don't they throw themselves infront of cows in the slaughterhouse instead.

1646 days ago


WAR: forces of life vs forces of death

Whales and the Sea Shepherds will win this one. The Japanese are illegally operating in an area they don't think anyone is paying attention to. And legal or not, they should not be hunting whales.

1646 days ago


Get your facts straight. There ARE some whales on the endangered list. Most species of baleen whales (suborder Mysticeti) have been severely depleted. Their current status is due largely to commercial whaling, which took place during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Of the 11 species, nine currently have population estimates far below pre-whaling numbers. Recent population estimates for the blue and right whales total a small fraction of their numbers just over 100 years ago. Preservation is priority.
In 1946, 14 whaling nations formed the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to manage whale stocks and make recommendations on hunting limits. Originally developed as a whaling commission, the IWC (now also represented by nonwhaling nations) has become a conservation commission. In 1986, the IWC declared a moratorium on commercial whaling, hoping to allow whale populations to recover. The IWC has no means by which to enforce the moratorium, however, and whaling nations sometimes threaten to disregard it.
The Japanese are disregarding it, got that? All nations are complying and they are not! Norway was a whaling nation and I salute them for complying. Let's support that nation instead through tourism. BOYCOTT ALL JAPANESE PRODUCTS!!!
Celebrities wont you please join the fight and do what is right? Put your money in action!

1646 days ago

pink taco fist    

TMZ, get your facts straight, the ship that was with the ady gil was actually the Steve Irwin, not the Bob Barker. Shouldn't you be digging up fake pics of JFK?

1646 days ago


If the JAPANESE are breaking the law why then are other nations not down there stopping them. the IWC should do more to stop them but no only the sea shepherds go down there i see an issue there. so explane to me why no other nation is stopping them if what they are do is illegal

1646 days ago


Best news all day. Only thing that would have been better if those anti-whalers fell into the ocean and gotten eaten by a whale.

1646 days ago


To poster #14, to answer your question. The reason that the IWC is not doing anything is because Japan is saying that what they're doing is scientific research not commercial whaling. Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd are the only ones as far as I know, doing something about this. Yes, now that the IWC knows, they should get involved.

1646 days ago


I think Bob Barker should be spayed or neutered.....He is a threat to more people and his boat just proved that. Better let him just go into memory than put up with his antics....Just another show off with money and not really helping anything. What has he donated to? Who has he helped? Most people remember him for banging one of his showgirls. Real class ass, i mean act.

1646 days ago



1646 days ago
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