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Beyonce Tequila?

1/27/2010 5:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Beyonce at the Hope for Haiti telethon last week (left) -- and allegedly pregnant publicity whore Tila Tequila at some event last year (right).

Beyonce and Tila

One of them loves the single ladies.

We're just sayin'.


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The innuendo in this story is an excellent example of how TMZ seeks to ruin the lives of celebrities.

Case in point:

A few years ago, a new celebrity appeared on the scene. He was young, talented, and completely innocent of the pain that celebrity can bring. His amazing talent took him took him to the top of his game. Life was good. TMZ made no comment.

One day, small, very private, matters began to surface regarding this celebrity; rumors that should never have been made public about him or any other celebrity. TMZ jumped into the fray, snooping into every corner of his life, both then and in the distant past. You hounded him, his family, and friends unmercifully, until you provoked a physical confrontation. Then, you cried foul.

Very recently, this celebrity embarked upon a positive change in his career, that will bring him back to the top of his game. I alerted you to this fact. TMZ was not interested!

I’d say this speaks volumes about the motives of TMZ and Harvey Levin.

This morning, in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, you said what you are not out to defame, just to have fun. Really? Trying to destroy the careers and lives of celebrities is fun? How very junior high!

Me thinks, Harvey protests too much.

Definition of a bully: A quarrelsome, swaggering, cowardly fellow; one who terrorizes or threatens those weaker than himself. To coerce by threats; to intimidate.

1726 days ago

Hello Love!    

Beyonce was always light skinned not new people! It could be the makeup or the photo itself so quit acting like she's using bleach or something! Who cares!

1728 days ago


The bitch who wrote # (3)beyonce is not happy wit her self just like lil kim u guys was much pretty wen y'all had no money.....and 4 u beyonce who always talk about god, and goin to church every ashame dat u fly in god's face trying to create ur on image dats so sad B (Y) the bible said B he create us in he's own image and likeness and u or ur money. B who image and likeness in case u misunderstand it's (GOD) B bye all yuh is the couse of sum of these kids dats fked up>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1620 days ago


Question B how much bleach do u use and wats the name...... now u dont need 2 say anything but u know wat i had like u wen u was wit the group DESTINY CHILD now dat group was black girls now is like u prise those white people or that's wat money feels like cuz tyra is wat u call black and i mmean black she represent black people unlike u is like am confuse boo.....B dats not gd i understand u may like sound of music i like it 2 but hun and fall off of dat high after the movie is over.....

1620 days ago


i didn't love the style of b here. but don't worry tmz beyonce will always stay the nember 1 diva in game. cuz it's time of beyonce from 2000 to..........................

1583 days ago

Cinthya Davis    

What so I am to say? anyway, I believe white and black are the same thing right now I think they all look the same out the womb once born white and black no joke a fact. With white like New York 2007 Mayor Guilliane something really concerned thanks, but like the famous Pope Bronzed statue no oils everything is a novel that is for real whites are really that color bronze need oil, wrinkled, like a deep burn they look African American the color of Jay-z. After all the surgery it looks like aids no discoloration just wrinkled. Why the humor god same thing. they start it sex finished it!

1556 days ago
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