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Sarah Palin's Hand Gets Job Done

2/7/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class yesterday -- using cheat notes on her hand during the Q&A following her speech at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.

Sarah Palin
Cheaters never prosper.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.


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interesting that the people who scream about Obama and his teleprompters keep forgetting he met with Republican leaders shortly after the SotU address, no prompters, and beat down every question or talking point or objection they had. Again, with NO PROMPTERS.

gimme a break. seriously, is it just cause he's half-black that makes you hate this president so much or 'cause he has more common sense that the entire last administration combined that has you so very scared of him.

1718 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem you have with the socialist left wing is everyone is dumb who's not a liberal. When Obama speaks without a teleprompters he says very dumb things and because the media is sooo left leaning they don't say a thing. This is not even a big deal.

1718 days ago


I agree with #5; at least she doesn't need a teleprompter to talk to 6th Graders!!!

You can't argue over politicians; they're simply not worth it.

However, we are seeing that some are worse than others!

1718 days ago


Look at the mic stand! I think her mic stand sums up her speech and personality quite well: "Gaylord Opryland". That sums up the far-right wing of the Republican Party over the last 40 years too. No wonder a flake like Palin feels safe hanging out with the far-right; there are no real men there, just closet psychotic wankers like Rush Limbaugh, Hagee, Bush (the whole family), Cheney, the Pope and Prince Charles.

1718 days ago


Watch some speeches by other presidents on You Tube.
They all have their speeches at the podium. Not in hiding, you can see them flip the pages

1718 days ago


The headline SHOULD read
"Sarah Palin's Hand Job Gets Done " !!!!!!!
and the Gaylord below is a riot!!

1718 days ago


There's a cool blog catching all Her Majesty's funnies:

1718 days ago


and in response to the person who wrote "I wonder if there is one...yes one person on these post bashing Pain who could give an hour speech and only need notes on your hand for quick reference".... yes, i do it all the time. it's called PUBLIC SPEAKING and they actually give classes on it in a place called HIGH SCHOOL... remember speech class???

and for the record, i don't use notes on my hand as your comment suggested. know your topic, know your audience. doesn't take much to do both... just apparently more effort than mrs. palin is prepared or willing to put in before speaking for $100,000.

1718 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

Gee, she should just have one of Obama's army of professional propaganda writers whip something up for her. Has anyone ever heard anything come out of Obama's mouth that wasn't put there by a paid writer? I mean, other than his crude jokes about the Special Olympics. He just needs to work on his reading skills and learn how to pronounce basic words like "corpsman" so he can show us what a genius he is. Not.

1718 days ago


What a JOKE

1718 days ago


Oh this is just precious …

On the other hand, what kind of notes could she fit into her palm that she could understand?





1718 days ago


Writing crib notes on her hand ... isn't that in keeping with someone who can't even name one newspaper or magazine that she's ever read?

1718 days ago


I love Sarah! I don't want to see her run for president in 2012, though. I love her to be free to say and do exactly as she wants. Total freedom to tell the truth without the fear of losing votes or caring what the left says about her. Be our voice Sarah!

1718 days ago

bobbie Taylor    

When I was in high school and going to speech meets every Saturday, it was common practice to use note cards, which is what both of them seem to be doing, without really doing it. The big's common practice to use TelePrompTer (i.e. Jr. Bush) but just plain low class to write on your hands. My Momma taught me that when I was in grade school.

1718 days ago


She's not cheating. She's just giving a speech without a teleprompter, which is something Barack Obama CAN'T do. I'm not saying she's Presidential material but this is definitely NOT a crme.

1718 days ago
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