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White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

2/9/2010 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House Press Secretary just openly mocked Sarah Palin -- and he delivered the blow with the palm of his hand.

White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

Robert Gibbs just addressed the media with a mini grocery list written on his hand -- plus two smart-ass additions: Eggs, Milk, Bread (which was crossed out), Hope, Change.

It's getting nasty in Washington, D.C. -- and we're not talking about the snow storm.


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Yeah, and Obummer needs a teleprompter, for all his speeches!!! So, save it!

1685 days ago

Cleveland Sandy    

When President Obama took office thirteen months ago, the economy was shaky. But Obama and the Democratic Congress chose not to take measures proven time and again to strengthen the economy and job market. Instead they passed massive tax increases and are repealing the job creating tax cuts that Congress passed just a few years ago - placing an additional burden on our dwindling wallets.

And at the same time - making matters exponentially worse - the President and Congress drastically ramped up spending, increasing the deficit to record amounts. And today they wonder why Americans are still losing jobs and the unemployment hovers around ten percent...and thats NOT COUNTING THOSE WHOSE UNEMPLOYMENT RAN OUT BY NOW, WAKE UP AMERICA, THIS MAN IS NOT GIVING YOU HOPE, HE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT A CROOK

1685 days ago


29. She writes a 5 point list on her hand and gives a great speech. Nobama has to carry his teleprompter everywhere he goes to repeat speeches his puppeteers prepared for him.

Posted at 4:31PM on Feb 9th 2010 by steve

She spoke from a prompter built into the podium. The Republican talking points that she should KNOW were scribbled onto her hand to answer a pre-arranged question. She cannot remember 3-4 simple items.

Obama does speak from a prompter as do all public speakers. You don't see him with cheat sheets on his palms. Most adults don't do this.

1685 days ago


I DIDN'T vote for the ADD idiot currently serving as Pres. For that I'm extremely proud. However, I now have to suffer the consequences b/c druggie, drunken, sexaholic college dopes and blacks came out in numbers to put him in office.

1685 days ago


A**hole ... FU liberal trash

1685 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sarah Palin told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that she thinks Obama should toughen up and invade Iran - yes, start another war with a country that has 10 times the military strength of Iraq. This woman is an ignorant fool who happens to have a snarky sense of charisma. Anyone who honestly believes that she should make ANY kind of policy regarding this country is crazy.
She also is willing to sell out her children to bow at the altar of Rush Limbaugh. I bet she would just laugh if he picked up little Trig and said "My what a cute little retard you have their Sarah!"
Sarah - "Oh Rush, your sense of satire is just hysterical!!"

1685 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sarah Palin is a f***ing retard.

(It's OK, it's meant as satire).

1685 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Yeah, all those sanctions sure are scaring the crazies in Iran, you fool. You people are gutless pu$$ies that have weaken this country into submission. Thank God Americans are starting to wake up and realizing that Marxism and being pu$$ies are not the answers.

1685 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

All the Commies on here crying about Rush not apologizing for making fun of the ballerina, quick question, why haven't you hypocrites been on Obama's back for making fun of the Special Olympics????

1685 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

525. All the Commies on here crying about Rush not apologizing for making fun of the ballerina, quick question, why haven't you hypocrites been on Obama's back for making fun of the Special Olympics????

Posted at 4:13PM on Feb 10th 2010 by lebo


Duh!!! Don't you know liberals can be as hateful, bigoted and racist as they want!!! They get a pass because they are Democrats.

1685 days ago


Yes, he was stupid for doing this. I guess it's his attempt at humor.

However, which President hasn't read from a telepromter? Bush, Clinton, Regan? GET REAL FOLKS! THEY ALL DO IT. On award shows, speeches, whatever!

1685 days ago

Cleveland Sandy    

y'all got that right, the stupid kids, ACORN and the dead rose and the idiot blacks that voted this CROOK into office, when you lose your job, your house and your dignity, dont blame it on the Conservatives, we warned you Fools.......OBUMMER NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED......HE IS Nobodys President, he lies, he cheats,
WATCH the crime percentage rise higher than ever, Unemployment higher than ever, ha, blame bush, BS, Congress was controlled by the DEMOCRAPS,,,,,FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT NEED EDUCATED

1685 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Some democrats Brag that this government run health care has been tried for a 100 years ,in this country, and has finally passed. Democrats have always been a Leftist party. The republicans beginning with Abraham Lincoln stopped an authoritarian health system back in the early 1900s TO the late 1990s. The republicans rose to power which began with Abe Lincoln and the motto of 'FREEDOM, FREEDOM ofthe Individual for All (there is No such thing as being half free)'. (Note: This is just a historical note.)

THE DEMOCRATS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE PARTY OF STATE CONTROL OVER COMMON PEOPLE. The Bills that the Democrats have passed are ALL intended on Benefiting Democrat Groups ONLY. This leaves the idea that the Democrats have become a Collective , Statist Party that have exploited Obama's historic presidency for DNC PARTY GREED . Democrats intention is PURE MONEY MOTIVE GREED USING TAX MONEY (See Bills). (Note: Obama himself Exploited his own historic presidency for self centered goals)

1685 days ago


That assclown will be lucky to have a job doing the 5am weather in a small town in Alaska after the 2012 election. The country is waking up.

1685 days ago


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I think it is witty and entirely appropriate after that stupid beyotch had the audacity to make a crack about Obama using a teleprompter. She does all of that and then has the audacity to write crib notes on her hand. OMG. What a stupid beyotch. Good for Gibbs.

1685 days ago
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