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Marie Osmond 'Devastated' Over Son's Suicide

2/27/2010 6:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondA rep for Marie Osmond just released this statement on Marie's behalf:

"My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Marie's son, Michael Blosil, was found dead this morning after he jumped off his apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.


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We in our family have dealt with a young person with depression/bipolar issues which resulted in also the use of drugs. It is not easy to deal with these people or every know what to say or do to help. It is a very helpless feeling. Marie I am sure did all she could to help her son. People cannot or should not be so hard on others until you have walked in there shoes.

1642 days ago


She probably IS devastated right now. A little too late though.
She was waaaaaay too perky and waaaaay too involved in promoting her own public persona for a mother of a child battling life-long depression. IMHO. Hope the remaining 7 children are doing ok.

RIP Michael.

1642 days ago


You people saying horrible things should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves! I am shocked and mortified that people are saying these cruel things. My sympathy and prayers go out to Michael's family. I can't even imagine what they are going through right now.

1642 days ago


The people that are talking mean things about Marie, do not get it.
Depression is horrible and a very dark place. No amount of love or money can lift it. I pray for the family. To the poster who could not spell wimp correctly has no idea how horrible depression is.
What does he do for entertainment? Knock down old ladies? Take canes from blind people. What a jerk!!

1642 days ago


Larry King is a very old friend of Marie's. Marie is best friends with Larry King's wife, his most recent wife. Thus you see Marie on his show, probably as a favor to him.

They live very near each other, and his wife is also a Mormon.

I have read that this boy who committed suicide was one of Marie's five adopted children. Also, the daughter who has announced as a lesbian is also one of her adopted children.

Adoption can be difficult. There can be psychological, emotional, biological, inherited problems that are insurmountable, no matter how much effort you put into the child.

I think some of you are not parents, because you show very little understanding of the limitations and struggles of parenthood.

And this unreasoned hatred for Marie, for all the Osmonds, is absurd. I can only figure that you haters are devil worshippers or something.

1642 days ago


So vert sorry for Marie and also disgusted with
the tasteless jokes about her pain.

1642 days ago

Grammar nazi    

Wow, there are some evil people on this site.

Probably what happened is her PR person or attorney asked her if it was okay to make a statement on her behalf, and they drafted it up in order to keep the media off her back right now. I seriously doubt she called People or anyone else on her own.

1642 days ago

Kelly Rowe    

i dont get it? all these damn celeb-kids knocking themselves off just because their "depressed". What kinda bull is that!!! What the hell is wrong with them that they have to off themselves??? If there are any "DEPRESSED" celeb-kids reading this, switch lives with me and you'll realize that you have nothing to be "depressed" about. Stupid spoiled kids...

1642 days ago


My condolences to Marie and her family.

As far as the haters on this site, BURN IN HELL.

1642 days ago

Extremely Poor Taste, TMZ!    

Don't get me wrong: some of the comments here are horrendous and beyond mean. But, having said that, I must admit that my sympathy lies with that poor, dead child and NOT Marie Osmond (I refuse to call her a mother).

She has always put her career before everything else. Always. She refuses to be out of the spotlight, whether it's hawking those ugly dolls of hers, trying to become a country singing star, being on "Dancing With the Stars," performing in Vegas, on TV....

I could go on, but my point is: when did motherhood fit into the picture? No, I'm not saying that women are supposed to be chained to a house, but good God! WHY did she ever begin to think that adopting five kids to add to her 3 bios would be a good idea? Was she going for yet another TV show, "Marie and Eight is Too Much?"

Please don't tell me there's nothing you can do about depression! Medication, therapy, intervention, constant care are just some of the alternatives. But those take time and obviously Ms. Osmond just doesn't seem to have it when it comes to the children unlucky enough to be called her kids.

Yes, I have a son near Michael's age and it would KILL ME if he killed himself or died in any way. BUT the LAST thing I would be doing is giving interviews 12 hours later!

Rest in peace, sweet Michael. Hopefully God will watch over you better than your "mother" ever did.

1642 days ago


Ahhh no :( I'm so sorry for you loss Marie. Losing a child, I don't care how old they are, is heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and your family. take care

RIP Michael.

1642 days ago


Regardless of your opinion of Marie or the rest of the Osmond clan, the fact of the matter is that a young man took his life. That is a devestating act, especially to a mother. I can not imagine having to deal with such a horrifying event. She will most likely spend the rest of her life wondering what she could have done differently. So save your rants for the other BS stories on here, and let this family deal with this issue without having to also deal with the specualation and blame from the all to perfect public, such as yourselves. May you never have to experience something like this. Marie, my deepest condolences to you.

1642 days ago


My heart goes out to Marie & her other children. My prayers & love to them & God's Blessings be with them always.

The children were newborns when Marie & now ex adopted them. Depression hits everyone, doesn't just affect adpoted children, it hits everyone. You could have a very close relationship with your children & suicide happens. Sometimes our children do not opeb up fearing it will cause heartache, so they deal with their emotions, problems to themselves. To say Marie was not there for her son is absurd. Like someone stated, we do not know what goes on in her home or how her relationship is with her children. For God's sake people (those who are bashing her), have a heart & some compassion. God forbid if this ever happens in your family.

RIP Maichael. Marie, God Bless you & your family. My prayers are with you.

1642 days ago


TMZ - You stated that he leapt to his death last night at 9:00 from his downtown LA apartment but also state he wasn't found until this morning.

You sure you got that right?

You guys are slipping....need an fact checker/editor? Call me.

1642 days ago


So what if Marie appeared on Larry King!!!!The tabloids had found out that the kid was in rehab and she was just answering to that! She wanted to make sure that the information that was out there was accurate. And so what if she released statements to various media outlets today....she did that to get them off her family's back at this difficult time...Good Lord some of you need to get off your high horse!!!!

1642 days ago
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