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Law Firm:

Jackson Estate

Owes Us $400k

3/9/2010 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Subject: Another creditor's claim against Michael Jackson's estate.

Filed by:
The law firm of Venable LLP.

Reason: Venable claims Michael owes the firm $471,103.56 for providing legal advice to Michael "on a broad spectrum of matters" from September, 2006 to June, 2009.


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Regarding my question about Michael having an eternal flame.

I think you nailed it...The Jackson's are too money hungry and cheap!
With the exception of Janet, they all make me sick!

1655 days ago


we love Michael Jackson and that is not gonna change no matter what you write , report or say . we have heard it all you came to late . youre right he,s a thief , he sold all are hearts. and that,s all he ever stole.we love him and he,s beauiful to us .and we don,t care if you like put that in youre pipe and smoke it a while .

1655 days ago


LOL...Thanks Deb for telling that "idiot" that an eternal flame does not burn the body. I just about fell off my chair at your reply to her. ROFL!!

What about Princess Diana...doesn't she have an eternal flame? I thought she was in also in a mausoleum?


1655 days ago


87. LOL...Thanks Deb for telling that "idiot" that an eternal flame does not burn the body. I just about fell off my chair at your reply to her. ROFL!!

What about Princess Diana...doesn't she have an eternal flame? I thought she was in also in a mausoleum?


Posted at 11:53PM on Mar 9th 2010 by starhalo

OK 2nd try, TMZ black hole is alive and well tonight! Princess Diana is buried on an island in a lake at her brother's country estate. I am not even sure she has a headstone, she didn't several years ago. They did that to keep her body safe. I just read about some dead president whose body was just recovered after being stolen, so I guess there are people who are sick enough to do that very thing.

1655 days ago


Goodnight to all the nice people, F off white van driver, drive yourself off a cliff and SOON.

1655 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Pulling up to the LAWN,not a sound we found the gate was not locked.Walked in the room it was cold the floor had a smell coming up from the ground below.For a moment you could hear a moan a sound of the night.A sound only that a crypt would produce that touched the very inner of your soul.Now that we are inside collecting our thoughts we walk closer to the coffin.Putting one foot in front of the other we now are standing at the point of no return.(((( WE NEED TO TAKE A BREAK STAY TUNED IN WE WILL BE BACK))) STRANGERS have been here before,,,who who !!!!!!!

1655 days ago


Why did MJ ride around in a WHITE VAN? was he LOOKING to HIT on LITTLE KIDS? did his maid make KOOKY COOKIES to entice the kids???? just wanted to know?????

1655 days ago


And the worms still continue to crawl out of the woodwork. What exactly is "a broad spectrum of matters"?? Seems VERY vague...and false. Michael died nearly 9 months ago so why wait until now to issue their bill?? I suppose "inventing" items takes a while to think up. Time all these greedy parasites crawled away and let Michael rest in peace.

1655 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Look, I understand there are loonies out there that want to cash in on a dead celebrities fortune, but this is ridiculous. Michael Jackson was a loser. Yes, I said it. I'm not saying a talentless hack, as demonstrated by his wild success, But this guy is beneath contempt for having so many outstanding debts for so much.

TMZ, no more jackson BS.

1655 days ago

Lee Lee    

Did any if you guys see the bodyguards talking on GMA, and if you did, what did you think?

1655 days ago


TMZ you people must really be desperate to get hits! You don't publish other celebs claims or lawsuits why keep publishing about MJs? Get off the Jackson family's ass! TMZ keeps track of how many claims have been filed but how many have been thrown out?! TMZ you guys know that alot of these "claims" are frivolous! March11 is the last day for anyone to file a claim! Again tmz MJ did not pay his own bills he had accoutants for that,sadly they were bad at their job!

1655 days ago



Michael Jackson's gravesite is no longer guarded exclusively, according to RadarOnline.

The Jacksons a month ago pulled their own security guard from sentinel watch at his Forest Lawn tombsite.
They arranged for Forest Lawn security to monitor the site for up to 12 hours a day, according to the website.

But Forest Lawn Memorial Park has decided to re-assign its manpower and the site is no longer exclusively watched.
Jackson's body lies in the Holly Terrace section of the Great Mausoleum.

The gravesite is restricted to 12-15 visitors. Others wishing to pay their respect must clear with the plush cemetery chain's Glendale head office.

Jackson died suddenly last year of a heart attack linked to intoxication with an anaesthetic. His death was ruled a homicide and his personal physician, Conrad Murray, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case.

1655 days ago


These leeches just wont stop will they????

1655 days ago


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1655 days ago


bunny93- as sad as that may be the leeches never will give up going after michael in name and in monetary reasons either!!! rip mj- we love you!!! sue from tampa.

1655 days ago
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