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Corey Feldman -- This Is a Tragic Loss

3/10/2010 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman & Corey HaimCorey Feldman has just released a statement on the death of his best friend Corey Haim, in which he calls the event "tragic" and begs people to learn a "lesson" from Haim's passing.

In the statement, which Feldman posted on his blog, the actor says "My eyes weren't even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face."

He adds, "We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference."

The post concludes, "I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived."


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Took him long enough! He was the worst friend a person could have had. I have no sympathy for Feldman, not after seeing what an ass he was on their show. This was supposed to be his so-called best friend and he treated him like sh*t. Seems to be tragic to be friends with him.

1654 days ago


Not true, Corey Feldman was always there for Haim like a brother but unless your living around an addict you have no right to judge. He was protecting his son and if a person doesn't want help you have to distance yourself for your own sanity. He and Corey have been in contact again for sometime which I'm glad to hear. You people who don't live their lives have no right to judge, your a bunch of jerks. Love Corey Feldman and he loved Michael and to dress like him in his honor was very sweet. Your all just jealous and should look at yourselves in the mirror(doubt you'd see such a pretty reflection looking back at you!)

1654 days ago


some of you people are ridiculous seriously you dont think feldman is upset he is probably the worst out of everybody they were friends forever they been through everythign together. just because they get into a fight doesnt mean they dont love each other as brothers. feldman is probably a mess and doesnt know what to do right now

1654 days ago


Just sad in all aspects. RIP

1654 days ago


Feldman and Haim mended their friendship months for all of you idiots who are taking cheap shots at him, get your facts straight. Feldmans just lost his best friend, give him a break.

1654 days ago


Why is this a "tragic loss?" People die every second of the day. He wasn't a toddler (that always seems sad) and he wasn't abused or beaten or murdered. He had success, he had family, and he died. If we are lucky it will be the same for us. 38, 68, 88, whatever. He wasn't contributing anything of larger value, so why is it tragic? He doesn't leave orphaned children? He was going nowhere and who cares? And Celebrity Rehab is a vile abhorrent concept.

1654 days ago

david pomarenski    

im so saddened by corey haims death i grew up watching both corey haim and corey feldman.i hope that ppl dont have alot of nasty things to say about.respect the familues privacy pls.R.I.P Corey

1654 days ago


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And yes, I have lived with an addict for many years, so I do understand. I'm sure he thought what he was doing was right, thinking it would get Corey to help, but belittling someone and making them feel stupid and inferior is not the way to do it.

1654 days ago


will you all please stop with the MJ gear jokes. He dressed like that at MJ'S funeral out of respect. He and Haim were close friends and he has to be hurting.

My prayers are with feldman and haim's family

1654 days ago


Long live the GOONIES!

1654 days ago

chicken head    

Feldman was ALWAYS jealous of him- bet those were tears of joy!

1654 days ago


It seems that big pharma has got celebrities wrapped around their bank accounts and stocks. For 5 celebrities that drop off the face of this earth because of drug overdose or misuse there's another 10 just starting to do the same thing. Pharma doesn't seem to worried that their "prescribed drugs" are killing everyone. The more celebrities and non celebrities that get hooked on them the more money pharma makes. I bet there singing and dancing, "Were in the money!"

1654 days ago


I'm so sorry to hear about another young person to die. Prayers to his mom.

But to the other Corey...Feldman...GO AWAY. YOU SUCK!

1654 days ago


How sick that fame whore Drew Pinsky is now saying he tried to get Corey on Celeb Rehab but he refused. Who would want the whole world seeing your struggles, other than Drew’s fellow fame whores that get paid to go on that show for a ridiculous 2 week period. Besides, Corey said he was doing well now anyways and we don't know anything different until tox reports come back. And why is Drew releasing this confidential information that he approached Corey Haim to do his show?

1654 days ago


I feel for Feldman. Don't forget he was in Stand By Me. One of the best movies ever. Uh oh River Phoenix was in that one.

1654 days ago
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