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Corey Haim -- Vicodin, Valium, Soma Found

3/11/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the 4 pill bottles found in the apartment where Corey Haim collapsed yesterday included the generic versions of Vicodin and Valium ... and the same doctor prescribed all 4 powerful meds just days before Haim died.

Law enforcement sources tell us the pill bottles retrieved in the apartment of Haim's mother are hydrocodone (Vicodin), diazepam (Valium), haloperidol (an antipsychotic med) and Soma (a muscle relaxer).

We're told all 4 meds were prescribed by a prominent Los Angeles psychiatrist. Sources say all 4 meds were prescribed the same day -- several days before Haim died.

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No Avatar


The same story with Brittany Murphy, with Corey, with Heath. I can go on and on. Story is getting old - had flu like symptoms and then find a score of prescribed medications. Just fill up hugh containers of these pills, call all Hollywood over and say have a ball. Knock yourself out - no knock yourself dead so we don't have to hear anymore of these same old stories.

1625 days ago


Soma Is a NASTY little Drug. It'll kill you over time w/o abuse!

1625 days ago

Sam Rackham    

At 1st my reaction was "another messed-up has been child star OD'd" but now that I read this story I believe the doctor who prescribed several drugs at one time may very well be at fault and perhaps at the very least should no longer be allowed to practice.

1625 days ago


Let him rest in peace for Christ's sake! He was a funny actor who is gone too soon and who will be missed!

1625 days ago

big pete    

looking at that picture of Seal.. man that is one UGLEEEE.Mo- Fo.... Hiedi the cricket lover.........

1625 days ago


that doctor knew about his past history with drugs so I think the doctor is partly to blame

1625 days ago


to the docs out there. stop putting people into permanent sleep. ie death. those combinations are lethal together. when are people going to listen. wake up folks u have to be in charge of your bodies. anyone who give u anything that will put u to rest.. like pain pills, and muscle relaxers, then add a pinch of neruo transmitter, sleeping pills. ok lets not forget after all of this, guess what u get death. i mean doesnt everyone you know who has a problem that needs to be fixed need anti physicotic

1625 days ago


The doctor should definitely be held accountable. It was not a secret that Corey Haim had a drug problem #1 and #2 any reputable doctor knows that a combination like that could wind up to be deadly. Hence, he is now dead. There can't be a justifiable reason why he needed to be given ALL of those prescriptions at the same time. Bottom line is money talks, so give the doc enough money and he'll give you whatever you want. What does he care if you abuse it, as long as it pays his bills and greed.
What a shame! RIP Corey!!!!

1625 days ago

The Punisher    


1625 days ago


It is a shame so many famous hollywood stars are dying at a young age because of misuse of pills and alcohol. Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, etc. etc. what a waste may they REST IN PEACE

1625 days ago


Some people here are not that knowledgeable on doctors prescribing medicine. First of all, people who are addicted to drugs will go from doctor to doctor. So it's not the same doctor prescribing and over prescribing (at times). Also, take into fact that when the doctor puts on the bottle how to take the medicine, it's up to the patient to do what the doctor says. The doctor can't sit there at the persons home and baby sit them.

Also, all 4 drugs mentioned in the article are all for different ailments.

1625 days ago


A psychiatrist should not have been prescribing the Soma or the Vicodin. If he saw Corey as his psychiatrist then those two meds are clearly outside of his scope of practice.

1625 days ago

Irish Rebel    

They should make all these meds over the counter. Let the druggies knock themselves off. and the people that can control it will take them responsibly. Not all these Dr.s Fault

1625 days ago


Oh my god. I made millions by acting. Not hard work, not long hours, just acting and my life sucked so bad since I became rich ive decided to turn to drugs and overdose so the people who do work all day and actually get sore from 12 hours of lifting get harassed if they eat a few vicodin every now and then. This is a perfect example of some spoiled Hollywood guy that NEVER worked a real job ruining it for the other 99.9% of Americans who actually do something useful with their lives.

1625 days ago


Many Doctors are drugs pushers. They don't make money if they can't prescribe something to you to keep you coming back.

Oh you are depressed take Zoloft you will feel better. The question is not do you exercise and eat healthy. Are you intellectually and spirtually stimulated. Lets try that and see how you feel.

Many of these people should never be prescribed these drugs in the first place so to place the blame on them in my opinion is stupid. Addicts don't control the drugs the Doctors do and they should only give them to those that need them. And the amount that need them in my opinion is about maybe 1 out of 100 that receive them.

It's about money and the drug companies don't care if there drugs help people. They only care if it is profitable.

1625 days ago
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