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Ah-nold Is My Daddy!

3/14/2010 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Schwarzenegger -- son of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- hit up a yoga class yesterday with his mother, Maria Shriver.


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Cappy Lills Kid    

Leave the kid alone --- geez

1684 days ago

tom branan    

Wish posting of items could be more commpact.

1684 days ago

Lisa Hawkins    

Pretty funny all the LOSERS and IDIOTS that walk around with their pants UNDER their asses. Obviously these fools don't know that "sagging" got its start in the PRISON SYSTEM as a way for inmates to ADVERTISE that their butts were OPEN for ANAL SEX! All these people walking around "sagging" are just like the criminal loser population......closet homosexuals. After all, they are the ones advertising they're "available" to the whole world!

1684 days ago


haters on here. This kid has an inheritance greater than all the jealous haters (and their families) put together, and you're commenting about his pants? No wonder America is broke and a guy like Arnie comes in and makes hundreds of millions of $'s in personal net worth. How is YOUR life working? Maybe a bit better if you worked more, posted less, and looked at your own life. I just LOVE the jealous types (and before you ask, I'm retired (and BEFORE 40!) so suck it! Now, off to bed you go, and rest up, those Walmart shelves won't stock themselves you know. LOL!!!

1684 days ago


You know what looks dumber than a kid with his pants hanging too low? Comments from the jealous losers that aren't retired like this kid's super rich dad... LOL! Arnie's money wasn't printed especially for him... it was EARNED FROM YOU! Go read a book, bankrupt, embarrassing Americans! Another 20 years and YOU'LL be picking fruit for the Mexicans! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

1684 days ago

Lisa Hawkins    

@"Love the working class: WOW, "retired before 40" good for you. I retired at 38 from the Army, did my time as an Apache Pilot, did 3 tours of the Middle East. Working on my SECOND retirement as a trainer for the up and coming pilots at Ft. Rucker. I fail to see what "ARNIES" money has to do with his kid (and many others), walking around like idiots with their pants hanging below their asses, or why anyone would ASSume that posters are JEALOUS of this kid who obviously can't dress himself. Perhaps a nannie needs to be acquired to assist this child in the appropriate manner of clothing ones self. You obviously have a ton of time to waste on these sites just as those you deem below you have. Grow up and get a life, you're NOT as important as you think you are!

1684 days ago


Er uh my pants fell on there own er uh.

1684 days ago


Guys, his pants just have a white upper lining. I have the same kinda pair.

1684 days ago


Pull up your shorts

1683 days ago


Those are clearly a pair of blue shorts over black and white briefs not jeans with a "white upper lining" whatever that means. More importantly, who gives a @#&% if they are sagging? His underwear isn't sagging, just his shorts, but not indecently or obscenely so. Who are you people taking issue with this, are you Amish or time travelers from the 1950's when men wore their pants (literally) above the navel? I don't think I want to live in a world where everyone dresses like Fred Mertz, the neighbor on "I Love Lucy". Styles change and this is how many people under the age of 30 dress today, I assume you actually go out in public once in a while to confirm this.
He's attractive and in good shape, and so is his family in my opinion. I wonder how many of you make an effort to spend time with your family being healthy and making time for one another. This is a picture of the modern American family, accept it.

1683 days ago
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