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Lady GaGa -- Who's That Girl?

3/14/2010 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Lady GaGa in her new video for "Telephone" (left) -- and Queen of Pop Madonna back around the time she was filming "Who's That Girl" in 1986 (right).

Lady Gaga and Madonna

Neither are natural blondes.

We're just sayin'.


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I watched Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video today... hopped in my car .... drove over to the steel mill and cooled off next to the blast furnace. DAMN!!! "The Lady" is HOTT!!! Whew.... too fine.....

1649 days ago

White Trash    

Why do so many people act like Lady GaGa is the next best thing since sliced bread? She's had a few catchy songs, but she is by no means the musical genius that people are trying make her out to be. She herself said her lyrics are shallow - and they are. Not to mention she's not original - she tries to copy Grace Jones' wild outfits and tries to outdo Madonna's shock factor. It's getting old. Everything is "look at me! look at me" with her. She's SO overhyped.

1649 days ago


Well . . . one of them is a man.

1649 days ago


Neither is blonde...but one is female.

1649 days ago


That was the first thing I noticed after watching that video... Wait, didn't everyone accuse christina aguilera for style stealing / having "hair" like lady gaga? Well? Just sayin' -- Anyone who thinks anything that Gaga does is original is out of their mind... What about Bjork? What about the avant garde / alternative fashion scene in general?

1649 days ago


I think Lady Gaga is more talented and prettier than Madonna. And I think her music is better!

1649 days ago


There's nothing original or good about any of the female OR male music acts in the music industry today. Gaga is evidence of that. The only reason Gaga or any other act is "popular" is because 400,000 people (out of how many millions?) purchase their crap. Their 400,000 beats the other person's 399,000 so that's what's considered hot. No wonder the music industry is dead.

1648 days ago


Well am just wondering when is somebody in the t.v. entertainment business going to reveal what is really going on in tha indusry tha it involves lady gaga beyonce jayz and many others and if u still dont know what am talking about let me brake it un poquito mas for u my friend it is so occult it is sick how they f***n manipulate and brainwash our children to this satanic secret society.

1639 days ago


Lady GaGa Bizarre Freak or Marketing Genius?

1634 days ago


TMZ get it together - the image of Madonna is from her True Blue music video NOT Who's That Girl movie. The only similarity to Who's That Girl is the short blonde hair but the blue frilly dress is a dead give away. C'mon now, surely there's at least 1 true Madonna fan on your staff who could have told you this.

Honestly any young, white, female singer who cuts their hair short and dyes it blonde knows their opening themselves up for a plethora of "OMG she's copying Madonna" comments. This is no surprise.

1648 days ago


Win a pair of tickets to any Lady Gaga "Monster Ball" tour stop from! Check it out...good luck!

1644 days ago


Gaga rips off everyone! From her songs, her music, her quotes, and concerts- they are all rips offs of Madonna and many other artists. She's the most unoriginal singer out there. She will never be a true icon like Madonna or even Prince and Michael were.

1621 days ago


i think she looks like Debby from Adams family value

1616 days ago


I think that they are both gross acting.

1608 days ago


Hahaha. Some of you people commenting are so unbelievably stupid... Both are extremely talented in multiple ways, and both are very different. Sure there are some similarities, but artists influence each other. In 2010, it's hard to do something that someone hasn't already done. If you're going to insult them, then why don't you try to get signed with a record label and be completely original. And then - if and when you succeed at that - you can say whatever you would like about them. Otherwise, shut up.

1553 days ago
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