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President Obama: Tiger Woods Is Still the Man

3/17/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama says it doesn't matter how many times Tiger Woods flopped in the hay with other women -- he's still gonna be one badass golfing machine.

Barak Obama and Tiger Woods: Click to View!

Obama told Fox News today while Tiger betrayed his family -- and has lots of unresolved issues -- "he's still going to be a terrific golfer."

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who has the facts? ME    

Nice to see the racists (who claim NOT to be racists) out in force tonight - I'd like to see you say that in public, and not in your Grandma's basement (Susan, Jeff). I suppose you would call yourselves "Christians" too? Jesus sure is proud.

1679 days ago


Glad to see the Obaminator thinks so highly of Tiger...2012 he will be able to golf 24/7 when he is unemployed and utlize his own "free healthcare" benefits. I am glad to see that there are a few people on here who aren't drinking the socialist-kool aid.

1679 days ago


One thing you gotta give Tiger Woods... when obama asked him to speak at a presidential inauguration event, at one of the historic sites, Tiger readily agreed. However, his speech consisted ENTIRELY of praise for the military men and women and the work they do for us. He did not say one word about obama and his "historic" election.

There has since been speculation that obama is now not viewing Tiger so favorably.

1679 days ago


I'm sure Obama really thinks Bush made Tiger do it! This guy is on his way to being our worst president ever! The slimy deals and wasteful spending going on in Washington is sick!

So today Obama filled out his NCAA bracket & talked to reporters about Tiger! Oh, and blamed Bush for anything that's going wrong! Awesome!

1679 days ago


The Afro Americans should not agree with the cheating of Tiger, although he is a great golf player.

1679 days ago

Garry Vicente    

I just want to comment your recent show. When showing the Blackhawks hockey team not only you had no idea how they were doing in the NHL but for my surprise one of your guys the one with the stupid rastas said that hockey is the sport nobody watches let me tell you rastaman millions watch hockey because it`s the fastest and the most exciting sport compared to football basket or the boring baseball and I am European where soccer is a religion and I still think Hockey is the best...o by the way I loved how Canada kicked your asses on the Olympics...show some respect for this sport, do you know who Alex Ovenchkin or Sydney Crosby are?? if you have them on your show you can gain some more viewers because I must say your show is really funny, anyway you guys keep going, Harvey is the Man.
P.S. the girls on the show are really cute and hot

1679 days ago


Let's just be honest here:

Of course Obama is for Tiger...he's black, isn't he? It doesn't matter whether he slept with 20 hookers or if he killed someone, if he's black, the blacks will support him.

Anyone who disagrees, you are just lying to yourself.

1679 days ago


Congratulations to Mr. Obama for his sensitivity to remind the people who is Tiger. No one can judge anyone , and marital problems should be solved by the couple.

1679 days ago


Brothers (President Obama and Horn-Dog Woods) under the skin??? I certainly hope not...and I'm sure Michelle Obama wouldn't be too pleased either!

1679 days ago


does anyone know when the Queen musical is comeing to the USA?

1679 days ago


Obama is such an idiot when speaking without his speech writer and teleprompter. Bush and Cheney were idiots too but I think Obama and Biden may be worse.

1679 days ago


Marina you are an idiot!!!

1679 days ago


I am an African from Kenya (where Obama's father is from)who has
lived in the States for 10 years and I say beware of Obama, American people.

This is the greatest country in the world. I should know I have also lived in Europe and Africa.

He is destroying the USA....

Black Americans stop making it about race and wake up...this coming from a Black Kenyan

PS. Tiger Woods is an idiot. He needs to get on his knees and beg forgiveness from Elin for as long as it takes.

1679 days ago


y u always twist the man's words

1679 days ago


To : Charles K

You are right , his wife is a gorilla !!! ( I am laughing so much )

1679 days ago
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